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A night on the Beach

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A night on the beach

I arrived alone in Maui, early afternoon in mid February. The air was warm and moist; there was a light breeze, which blew the bottom of my long white silk skirt, just enough to show that I was not wearing underwear. I was wearing a silk blouse without a bra, the breeze felt so good blowing over me with nothing between me and the outside world was the silk blowing against my hot nude body.

I was looking forward to this trip for months; I have not had a real vacation in years. I have planned two weeks of nothing but relaxing in the sun next to the big blue ocean. Maybe visit some of the small towns, paint a little bit, but just enjoying the white sanding beaches…. But what was about to happen to me on this trip, would total take my breath away, and my life would never be the same again.

After getting settled into my room and ordering room service, I look forward to a nice long hot bath to start my vacation, so I began to run me a steamy hot bubble bath, with candles lit all over the room. After pouring me some white wine and with sounds of love in the air, I slipped my soft body down into the hot steamy water, it felt so good, the bubbles the water flowing against me like they were making love to me some how, I moved the water moved, I would take a breath and steam would flow from the top, the candles flickering and the music outside. Taking the large sponge and running over my body, I let the water make passion love to my body over and over again.

After the long hot bath and my body feeling so relaxed, in more ways then one. Laying my nude body on those satin sheets, almost wanted me to cum again. Fall asleep and dreaming of the possible events that may happen during my time here. I awoke totally fulfilled, at least I thought I was. I dressed in a soft blue cotton dress with nothing underneath except me, and I grabbed a big hat and my paints and headed for the beach. I thought I would sit on the beach and paint the beautiful blue endless water, and remembering last night.

I found a quiet spot at the end of the beach away from everyone else; at least I thought I was alone… As I set up to paint the day away feeling the clam and piece and quiet of the islands. And a few hours into the day, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, I saw a wonderful, beautiful man setting up to sit about 50 yards away from was I was. At first it bother me at he setup so close, because I just wanted to be alone. But after looking at him and the tan muscles, his long legs, nice ass, his well-built manhood, oh lord, I looked to such a long time, and then I moved I eyes to his well-built chest, hmmmmm. As my eyes moved to see this beautiful mans face, our eyes meet, I think at the moment looking into his eyes that the way he looked into my eyes and I just melted all the way down to my wet hot pussy, I was so wet at the very moment and so turned on that I began to sweat with desire. So for several hours of the day we both could not keep our eyes off of each other. You could feel the heat in the air from just the two of us and the lust that we were sending each other. He was just wearing little tiny shorts not covering much, which I liked, and I was just wearing my little blue dress. I was getting so bothered by just watching him rubbing oil ALL over his massive body, I found myself slowing running my fingers over my legs and doing this I would rise my dress up to my woman hood, and licking my lips with desire for his lips against mine. His tongue entering my mouth slowly and with so much passion, as I was imaging this in my mine, my hands where traveling up and down my body slowing, I moved my hands down the slowly entering my fingers up inside of me feeling the heat and the wetness between my legs, while doing this I was licking my fingers on the other hand and slowly running my fingers over my very hard nipples. My eyes opened and looked over at him and he was watching and enjoying the beautiful site he was watching, I looked at him and gave him a little smile and just continue the thought of him touching me.

After letting him watch me bring myself to a full and complete orgasm, I picked up my things and walked over to him and leaned over and whispered in his ear, Thank you and kissed him lightly and smiled and walked away smiling, not knowing anything about him.

I went to my room to change of my very sweaty clothes and into something more comfortable for dinner. After these afternoon events, I was finding myself with a very strong appreciate for something creamy.

The next day I causal looked for my mystery man, just in the back to of my mine, hoping that we would meet and arouse each other again. I was wearing a short black sundress with lace panties, feeling and needing him again, but this time I wanted to possibly touch his wonderful formed body and feel it next to mine.

Not quite such way this man had this hold on me and not knowing anything about him….. I wanted him in anyway I could have him, I guess there was, no there is something in his eyes when he looked at me. It was like we both knew what each other was feeling and wanting.

About a year ago I decided that I would live my life alone. Because I was tried of giving my heart fully and letting someone in and not getting anything in return, I was very good at doing this. But this man grabbed my heart and me in the moment he looked at me. It was like he knew what I was feeling and wanted to make up for all the bad that I had been though in my life and make it better. I for whatever reason I wanted to let him.

At the very moment I saw him across the hotel, I felt like I was in high school, all I could do is smile. He walked over and with no words took my hand into his and smiled back, and I knew. I was willing and wanted him right then and there, and he knew it. So, without saying a word he swept me off my feet and took me out of the hotel and he walked out on to the beach.

He laid me down so very slowly and laid next to me, he took my breath away. He learn over me with such gentleness and kissed me so very slowly, and letting his hands glide across my body and it tremble with passion. His kisses were full of want and desire for each other and me. He then started kissing slowly down my body, starting with my ears, my neck, slowly kissed down my arms to my fingers and then putting my fingers in his mouth and making loving to them with his mouth. He moved back up to my neck, kissing and licking me with such desire. And every once in a while stopping and looking into my eyes and knowing what I was thinking at that very moment. He started to slowly take off my little black dress. He started by removing my shoulder strips from my shoulders. And kissing each inch as he went.

He final removed the dress from my breast exposing they to the fresh air and to him, He looked at my breasts like they took his breath away, and then smiled. He slowly kissed them so very tender and fully wanting them….and he showed that in everything he did and how he touched my wanting body.

After removing my little dress, all that was left was my lace thong panties and they were not covering much. You could tell he that it wasn’t going to long to remove them… and it didn’t. After ripping them off with his teeth, he lower himself down between my legs and kissing me in every possible place. Once he found himself at the heart of my woman hood, we both felt the fire between us, and let ourselves go. He was so gentle with me and so very passionate, licking me and making love to me with his fingers, after being me to a full climax, he reversed himself on me so we both could enjoy each other fully. With him laying on his back now, I climbed on to his body the opposite way and lower myself down on to him and lower my mouth on his wonderful manhood, and he continue to making love to me with his tongue and fingers. I could not believe how wonderful he tasted in my mouth; I had no doubt that he wouldn’t taste fanatic anyway. It was so over whelming I could have kissed and licked him all day. It just felt right, the way we touched, kissed, needed and wanted each other. Neither one of us wanted it to end… after bring each other almost to the place of fulfillment, we looked at each other and he entered his massive manhood into me and it was magic, we made such a perfect fit with one another, that at that very moment, we became one. And we made love with so much passionate for each other; it was like we were the only two people on the earth at that very moment in time. We laid there making love and kissing each other until the sun went down and we watched the sunset across the beautiful water.

After fully bring each other to a full climax several times, he invited me back to his room for the night.

He picked me up off the sandy beach and into his well-formed arms and pressed me into his body like he never wanted to let me go and carried me back to his hotel room. Neither one of us wanted this night to never end. When we entered his room, he looked at me with such want and desire it made me melt in his arms. He laid me on the bed with such tenderness and then laid next to me, pressing our bodies together and curled up with each other as one, we fell into a sleep of fulfillment.

He picked me up off the sandy beach and into his well-formed arms and pressed me into his body like he never wanted to let me go and carried me back to his hotel room. Neither one of us wanted this night to never end. When we entered his room, he looked at me with such want and desire it made me melt in his arms. He laid me on the bed with such tenderness and then laid next to me, pressing our bodies together and curled up with each other as one, we fell into a sleep of fulfillment.

I was the first one to wakeup and smile as I looked at the very handsome and sexy man that I was laying next too. He was smiling in his sleep and I knew why, and that made me smile.

Thinking about the events of last night, made me want him in side me again. But first, I wanted to do something to him, I wanted to taste him in my mouth again. So, as he slept I moved down his wonderful body, with my hands and mouth kissing every inch very slowly, trying not to wake him. I didn’t want him wakeup until he was in my mouth, so I was very careful to kiss him softly with passion. As I slowly moved down, I could tell that he was thinking he was dreaming, because he was starting to moan with a smile.

When I finally stopped at his wonderful massive manhood, I was very impressed. It not only looked great, felt great, tasted wonderful, he also smelled great too. I could have stayed there all day enjoying myself. I slowly lowered my mouth over the top of his penis and just tasted the in tip and I was hooked, and he let out a little moan. As my lips slowly went down his manhood, I could fill him grow with desire, my tongue wrapped it self around him like it was made for it. I filled my mouth with him, taking all of him down my throat, over and over again. Not quiet sure if I had woke him by this time, because I was enjoying myself so much, licking, sucking and kissing him. I did hear him moan and he moved with passion for time to time, so I think he thinks that this is just a dream and I was ok with that, I just didn’t want to stop.

I moved my tongue down to his balls and starting to lick and stuck them while my hands continued to touch him. I flicked my tongue back and forth and he seemed to like that. I moved down to his ass, OH GOD what an ass his has… So with my hands all over his manhood and my tongue now at his ass, I began to go to work on it. Flicking my tongue just on the outside and running my tongue between his balls and asshole, he seemed to like this. I slowly took one finger and slowly started to rubbing my finger on his asshole to the point of it wanting and opening up to my invite. My mouth moved back up to his manhood, so with my mouth going up and down on his manhood and my finger pleasing his ass slowly, he gave his full body to me, I brought his totally body to a full and complete orgasm. I welcomed his cum in my mouth with full pleasure, and it tasted like nothing I have ever tasted in my life, and I wanted more. After sucking every ounce of cum out of his massive manhood, I looked up and he was asleep and had the biggest smile on his face, which made me feel complete. I cuddle up next to him once again and fell back to asleep once again in his arms.

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