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A fantasy night...

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A fantasy night?

One night the wife and I decided to get bold and visit a swingers club that we?d heard a lot about. We didn?t go with the people that told us about it as we didn?t want to feel obligated to stay and play if we weren?t comfortable. So after taking the kids to their grandma?s for the night, as we told her that we wanted to have a night alone out of town, we drove to the club.

We were given a tour of the club after paying the 1 night membership dues, which was a lot less then the normal monthly rate. The club owner, a couple that stated that they were both very bi, but made it a practice not to normally play during the club?s ?working hours?, but only at special closed events. We were also told that they kept a clean club, as you could tell by the many bowls of condoms and trash cans with red trash bags in them all around the rooms. The owners were dressed in very modest attire as they didn?t want to be too flashy as they were working. They told us that each of their staff wore the same outfits, so that if we had any other questions after the tour, we would know who to go to as they also wasn?t allowed to ?play?.

They showed us first the ?open pit? room, which we found couples playing with each other mostly only performing oral on each other. Most if not all, where for the most part still partially dressed in this room. The owners described it as an area to socialize as there was area within the ?open pit? that had tables so people could eat and drink. There were some there just watching others play, while it also seemed like a room in which other couples could find future play partners.

The next room that they showed us was called the ?couples only room?. We were told that this room was reserved for only couples to play, whether it be husband and wife or a full swap. No bi activity was allowed in this room, for the people that hadn?t decided that bi was there thing. In this room, we saw couples fucking or sucking, in just about every position you could think of.

The next room was a called ?BI? and we were told that any and all bi people were allowed in here but that also straight people could also be in there. In it we saw girl on girl, guy on guy, and some girls with strap-on cocks? doing guys. We were told that in here, both singles and couples could play in here and that the there were special braclets to indicate if the a person was bi or not.

Next was a room called ?WILD?. We question the name of this room and was told that this room really didn?t have many rules applied to it like the others did. In this room there was several swings, what appeared to be bondage items such as whips, and chains, as well as many various sized dildos and other toys. On this night nobody had made it to this room. However the owners had said that some times couple come in this room to ?borrow? toys such as the strap-on harnesses and dildos, to use in other rooms.

We were then showed were the locker rooms were and where our locker for the night was. The lockers where quite large despite the fact that when we came into the club, it didn?t look like many people were wearing much clothing at all. However we soon found out that this club had shower facilities and for those that wanted to spend the night after playing, there were special rooms for just sleeping which had full size beds in them. These rooms weren?t very big, so playing in there wasn?t normally done. Also the sleeping rooms normally were booked in advance as there weren?t too many of them. With that the owners let us decide which if any room we wanted to play in and left us alone in the locker room.

Well the wife is a bi to a point, meaning she will play with whom she feels comfortable with. I would say that I was a closet bi as I like to have the wife use her strap-on on me from time to time. The wife is got a little weight on her, but after 2 kids, it?s not that easy to lose it as you get older. She is still very hot with huge 38DD (at least) tits that have a nipples that when aroused stick out very far. I?m average build, but with a small pot belly starting to form. I?ve got 6? which I consider to be average thickness. We decide to strip down and wander around naked like most of the others were doing outside the ?open pit? room. We started out by going room to room, looking at what the others were doing. Also checking the ?completion? out, as you always want to think that you aren?t fat, don?t have enough tits, or have a too short of a cock, compared to the rest of the room. We happened to come across a couple that we?d noticed that had been watching us during the tour of the ?BI? room. They came up and introduced themselves as John and Betty. John was 38 and Betty was 33. Both were about the same build as the wife and I, so that made things comfortable. Both were wearing the bracelets that we were told about. They asked us what we thought of the club and if anyone in the club we might be interested in playing with. Well unknown to me, but the wife and already spotted this couple and she told them that if they were interested in giving us a ?better tour? she appreciate it. Betty said that she thought that the wife was bi and took off a bracelet that she had on, she had two on just in case of meeting new people, and put it on the wife. John asked me if I?d like a bracelet, and the wife told him that she wasn?t sure if she was ready for me to have one or not. John said that was fine with me, but if either of us changed our mine, that he?d be happy to help in any way we?d like.

We went to the ?open pit? room for a brief ?get to know you chat? and found out that we shared many things in common as well as experiences. We agreed to follow them to the ?BI? room and we found the room to be slightly empty. Wife laid on the floor and Betty started to lick and finger the wife?s pussy. John put his cock into my wife?s mouth and she started to suck him. John had what I?d call a 6-7? cock, but wasn?t very thick compared to me. Betty grabbed my cock and was stroking it for all it?s worth as she started to make my wife cum. John pulled out of the wife?s mouth and asked if she wanted him to fuck her. Without saying a word, got into doggy postion. John put on a rubber and got behind her. Betty asked me if I?d like for her to use a strap-on on me before I fucked her. I told her yes, but it would have to be something that I could handle. So she took me to the room with the toys and got 2 sizes and the lube. She asked me how I wanted it and I got next to the wife on all 4?s. Betty lubed her ?cock? up and spread my checks apart. She had put the one on that I picked with appeared to be about the same as her husband. After a few minutes, she had gotten in about half way and she told me that this was exciting her and pushed in all the way. I groaned, with her pressing against me and she started to fuck my ass slowly. She looked over at her husband who was starting to really pound my wife?s pussy and you could tell that she enjoyed it a lot. Betty asked if I thought that I could take that pounding as I was moaning a lot as well. I guess that I must have said yes, cause the next thing I knew, my ass was being fucked good. Well, John had stopped fucking my wife and they were watching me. He told my wife, that it looked like I was ready to cum and asked her if he could suck me. John got under me during a slow down and started to suck as Betty started to fuck me again. That was too much as I started to cum and cum hard.

After we?d finished, we put the toys aside and notice that there were others in the room now and that I?d had been given a round of applause. John even put a bracelet on me and told me that if I was ready I could repay the favor if I?d like, or?and he left it at that. We got a drink and talked at a table. While at the table, I got bold and started to stroke John?s cock. I then said that I need to go to the bathroom and that I?d forgot were it was. John offered to show me. As we walked, John asked if there was a reason why I started to stroke him. I asked him if he might be able to handle me as I knew that I?d be able to handle him after his wife had just fucked me with a toy his size. John told me that he?d be happy to let me fuck him or for him to fuck me. I pushed him into the ?BI? room and told him that he?d have to be quick, so we wouldn?t be missed. He asked what I?d prefer and I just got on all 4?s. He lubed up his rubber and pushed into me. I could take him easy as I?d already been fucked. Another guy was there and noticed my bracelet and put his cock near my mouth. John new this guy and told him that we?d have to be quick. With that he started to pump me nice and steady. I looked at the other guy who was stroking himself and told him not to cum in me. I then had a cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth. John told me that if I wanted him to finish quickly, he?d have to fuck me harder. I then started to suck the other guy more and stopped just long enough to tell him to FUCK ME! Well my ass started to get pounded and the guy who?s cock was in my mouth must have thought that I wanted him to also fuck me, started to shove the cock in deeper. I heard one say that he was cumming and then the other guy must have been also as the next thing I knew was that my mouth was being filled with cum. They both stopped and gave me a towel. The guy who?s cock that I?d sucked told me sorry, but I told him not to worry. I then looked around and saw both my wife and Betty. They had been watching as they wondered why were took so long to go to the bathroom. I asked my wife if what she saw was ok and she told me that she had her suspicions long ago. Just next time, let her be in the room with me.

With that said, John told me that maybe she?d like to see me do him as he wanted to see her get fucked by Betty. But that is another story?.

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