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A day at the office

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I live in a small town in the midwest where I manage a small construction supply bussiness. Now we do ok but when the weather turns bad construction slows way down, and I mean way down along with our bussiness. So at those times to keep the overhead down in such a small bussiness it is standard for me to send all the help home and just man the office by myself. This is boring as hell after a day or two but will go on for a week or so at a time. My wife and I had been over at our friends house the night before having dinner with the families and talking about our days. Now I only mention this because his wife was not working at the time when she made the joke that if your that bored maybe I should come by and visit you.

So here I was the help long gone for the day, all my reports done, and me just waiting for the clock to tick away to the appointed closing time. Then a car drives into the lot and its her. She says I told you I would come by to keep you company. So I offered her a seat in the customer area where we sat and made small talk a bit. She is a beautiful woman long dark brown hair, 36c brown breast with nice little nipples that stand up so hard at the slightest touch, lovely long legs that go up to a nice tight ass and well trimmed pussy. This all came rushing at me again as she told me "you were right this is boring maybe we should just go fuck to liven things up". Now we had played before but always as a group, but we had talked that we all trusted each other enough to play alone. Now my mind began racing as she stood up, then let her coat fall to the floor. As she pranced past me in a lovely little halter top with a leather skirt so short the cow could have given up the leather for it and not missed it. As her high heels clicked across the floor to my office it was all I could do to sit and watch those lovely legs walk away.

In a flash I joined her in my office to see her drop her skirt on the floor. She approached me and whispered "this should liven up your day" To which I had to agree as she took hold of my crotch to massage my member thru my pants. As she sank to her knees in front of me My hands made their way up her bare skin over her breasts removing her top while on the way. Swiftly she opened my pant and took the to the floor, as she took my now hardening penis with her soft gentle hands, and placed it into her mouth.

Her hot warm mouth was so inviting i not only got so hard I believe i could have drove nails with it, but had to slow her down to make sure this party wouldn't end to soon. As there was no way to resit running my hands thru thos e long dark locks of hers it was a simpple matter to control her with a tug of the mane (something I found she enjoys at one of our previous encouters) At this she looked up at me with her big doe eyes to ask "what you didn't like that" I had to tell her that it was getting to enjoyable.

She then stood up and turned around, as she bent over her hand traced a path up her legs drawing my attention to her voluptous curves. "Maybe you would like some of this" I said not a word just scattered the contents of the desktop on the floor. This made room for me to pick her up and place her sweet ass on the warm rich wood of the desk top. My world was now on my knees at the entrance to her honey pot. With both my hands grntly massaging that tight little ass I leaned in to barely kiss the hood of her clit.

As I heard the breath rush from her lips I was confident that this was the right track. When I backed away she seemed confused till my tongue started to gently trace a path up her inner thigh she shuddered as if electrified. My progression was slow as with a slight touch my line then followed the lips of her flower. When this elicited a moan it was time to make a broad flat stoke across those lips with my tongue. Her hands found there way to my head to pull me in, so slowly I wormed my tongue around and into her as deepiy as it would reach. Then with a little flicker back out again, as her body relaxed a bit I tongued her cunt hard. That sent her gasping for air now she was ready for me to alternete between sucking her lovely bud and burying my tongue inside her. In no time I felt her legs clamp at my ears as her heels dug into my back. As I glanced up from my minstrations her head rolled back and loud moan escaped her lips as her body shuddered, when she came back to earth she thanked me for "a wonderful ride".

She pushed my head away telling me it was time for that cock of mine to be inside her. I need no further instuctions when she turned to bend over the desk. I slowly slid my member into her tight wet box. Halfway down she made it clear she would not wait by thrust her hips back to meet me. It was heaven as we pounded away together. Her breath was coming quickly she was doing everything to get all she could. It would obviously not be long to her next orgasm.

We stopped as she pulled me out of her instructing me to lay on the floor. As there would be no argument from me she said her knees get weak when she comes hard. With her now mounted on my stiff little friend, she rode it up and down for only a short while, till her sweet little box tightened up like a vice and her voice began to growl. As she shuddered once again I found myself soaked with her juices.

It was time I wanted her so bad now all else did not matter. I returned her to sit on the desk. Her arms wrapped around my neck as those beatifully sculpted ankles still bound by those sexy high heels locked behind my back. I leaned in to kiss her neck as my penis once again entered heaven. This time as we stroked slowly in unison she would moan quietly into my ear. This drove the pace up as well as me insane. Shortly it was all I could take. I turned to her and thrust my tongue down her throat, her arms tightened pulling me to her. That was it my balls had begun to tighten I was about to cum. As this had not been to planned no condom was available I told her It was cumming. Her answer to this was to pull her ankles in and moan into my ear "i want to feel your cum inside me this time" Whatever the lady want there was no way I could argue. She screamed and came again as the first waves hit the walls of her tunnel of love. As she settled she said I knew you came hard but I have never felt anyone cum so hard inside me before. I thanked her as the phone rang we got dressed while I tlaked to the customer we dressed. When I ws done we kissed briefly, and I thanked her for a great day at the office.

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