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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "A Birthday To Remember (mmf, Bisex)".


A birthday to remember (MMF, Bisex)

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I am happily married to a gorgeous, sexy wife. We have a great sex life. I was the epitome of a happy heterosexual. Never had any "curious" thoughts.

I work in a high stress, although well paying job and use exercise to burn off some of that stress. A new salesman started with us and, as he was new to the city, I took him under my wing. "John" is a very fit, muscled black man in his late 30's. I asked him to join me after work for a workout at my gym as he hadn't found one yet.

As we were getting changed before our workout, chit chatting about nothing in particular, John dropped his trousers, his back to me, to reveal a tight pair of boxer/briefs covering muscular thighs and ass. I couldn't help but notice as I glanced at him. It was when he turned around and faced me that I got a real eyeful. He had the most amazing "bulge" I had ever seen! We're talking big here folks!

I tried not to be too obvious but I thought what the hell is inside those boxers. I soon found out as he slid them down to the floor. He had the longest, thickest cock I had ever seen. Porn star big! His flaccid cock was longer and thicker than my hard cock!

Here's the kicker...my own cock started to stir when I saw that monster! WTF? I quickly turned away so he wouldn't notice and pulled on my shorts but I couldn't get the sight out of my mind. As a confirmed "hetero" this was a little confusing and somewhat exciting.

We finished up our workout with me stealing glances at his package throughout, battling to keep my own cock at bay by thinking of anything but HIS cock! I couldn't get this whole episode out of my mind as I drove home.

Being a Friday night my wife and I popped a cork and shared a bottle of wine. Darned if another cork didn't pop out and we enjoyed a 2nd bottle. We were talking about our days and, feeling a nice buzz, I told my wife about my encounter at the gym with John. She was intrigued and said she wanted to meet him.

I set up drinks after work the following week and my wife met us after work. We were having a great time. Lori was obviously somewhat taken by John's good looks and friendly manner. They seemed to really hit it off. I excused myself to use the boy's room and we left shortly after that.

The following Friday was my birthday. Lori said she had a surprise for me, it would be waiting for me when I got home. I arrived to be greeted by my wife in her sexiest "fuck me" LBD! She gave me a sensual, wet kiss and led me by the hand up the stairs. She wasn't wearing any panties and walked with her butt pushed upwards so I could see her shaved pussy in all it's glory! AND that it was moist and glistening!!

Into the bedroom we went. She peeled off the black dress and damn did she look fine and hot and horny! Next came my clothes. I was rock hard! She maneuvered us onto the bed into a 69er position (one of my faves) but with my head and her ass/pussy angled towards the closet. Odd, but I didn't care.

I began to lick, tongue her clit and pussy, alternatively fucking her with my tongue! Hot!! She was doing what she always did, expertly working my cock. I was so into this whole scene, eyes closed, that I didn't hear the closet door open. I was jarred out of my "zone" when I felt something touch my forehead. I opened my eyes to see John, very naked and very hard standing a foot away from me!! I started to say "what the fuck"...Lori just said "Happy Birthday honey"!!!

Seems she had had a "conversation" with John while I was in the bathroom at the bar. Darned if she didn't find out that he was bi! John said he noticed me checking him out at the gym. Damn! He also agreed to be my birthday surprise!

After my heart was back in my chest I decided to relax and try to go with the flow. John's cock was immense...at least 10" in length! He inched closer so that his cock head was right above my eyes, a few inches away. He asked if I wanted to touch it and I reached out and touched my 1st "other" cock. It was hard as steel and I could barely get my fingers around it!

He leaned in further and started to rub the head around Lori's pussy, up and down the slit to the clit, covering his cock in her juices. Lori was in ecstasy! As he was doing this his shaft and shaved balls were just above my mouth. I did what any red-blooded heterosexual man would do...I took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked it!! LOL

By now Lori was bucking and kicking and moaning..."fuck me"! John looked at me and asked "is it ok"? I nodded and he SLOWLY began to enter her. What a sight to behold!! I took a few minutes of gently inserting and pulling back until he could get about 7" into her. By now her pussy had relaxed and she was enjoying the biggest cock she had ever taken! After a few minutes of fucking her to several orgasms, he pulled out of her and put his cock head on my mouth! Without hesitation I opened up and let his cock into my mouth. Wow! Wow! Wow! So fucking hot! I could taste my wife's juices but something else...my 1st taste of precum!! Believe me when I say that John was essentially leaking precum into my mouth!

After a few minutes he returned to Lori and fucked her to another orgasm! He then announced "I'm close". He pulled out and Lori and I preceded to work him orally! Oh my fucking god! You must remember that this was my very 1st introduction to the forbidden fruit of bisex! I have never been so horny in my life! My cock was harder and seemed an inch longer than it had ever been! Precum was oozing out of the slit and down the head!!

John started to moan and his hips began to buck! His cock got even thicker that before!! We both grabbed the shaft and tongued the head, mouths open to receive! I, literally, felt his cum pulsing up his huge shaft before it exploded in our faces!! Peter North had nothing on this guy! I counted 10 spurts/ropes of cum blast out of him and on to us! After the 1st few Lori put her mouth over the tip of his cock and swallowed as much as she could.

John looked down at my swollen member and decided to "give a brother a hand" or in this case a mouth! He expertly sucked my cock, another 1st, until I shot the biggest load of my life into his mouth! He took it all and even shared some with Lori! My head was spinning trying to take this all in!!

We cleaned ourselves up, popped a bottle of wine and talked about what had just taken place. It was surreal! The night continued, more wine, another 3 way session until we all collapsed on the king-sized bed! The next morning Lori and I woke John up with a 2 on 1 blow job!!

Holy fuck! What a birthday!! This was only the beginning of an ongoing relationship with John. But that is for another story!!


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