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A Very Special Night

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While visiting some friends in Florida that we met a few years ago, my thoughts were that maybe this couple were into the swingers lifestyle as my husband and I wee starting to experiment with. We decided to explore this lifestyle to maybe fullfil some fantisies that we have talked about mainly while we were making love. We are very open about everything and have discussed out sexual fantises quit often. As most couples, talking about these things is very arousing and stimulating while having sex. At least it is for me. I find myself often wondering what it would be like to have a beautiful woman caressing my naked body and bringing me to orgasisms as she preforms oral sex on me. Sometimes as my husband is teasing me with his tongue around my clit, I imagine another man has taken my husbands place and is licking me and this just enhances the excitement. I often imaging what it would be like to have my husbands cock inside my pussy as I give a blow job to one of his friends. My husband has told me that he would love to watch me suck another mans cock while he ate my pussy or fucked me doggie-style. This really gets me wet and excited. I picture myself on my hads and knees being pounded from behind as I lick and suck on another mans hard throbbing dick. I also like to imagine being tied up to the bed, my arms and legs streched out and bound to the bed post, blindfolded so there is complete darkness. As I lay there helplessly, I feel the warm gentle caress of a hand touching my neck and shoulders. Then without warning the soft touch of yet another hand massaging my feet and ankles. The touch of these soft gentle hands are not familar to me. I know they don't belong to my husband so who's hands are caressing my naked body? I try to focus on the sensual feeling of being touched by someone other than my husband and know that who ever it may be, they have very soft and gentle hands. Then the warm feeling of oil or lotion is being poured onto my breast and stomach area. While still being caressed at my neck, shoulders, feet and ankles, there must be more than two people exploring my body. The hands that were massaging my feet and ankles, has now made there way to my calves and knees. Oil is now being pourd over my thighs and down to my feet. Someone is also spreading the oil overmy erect nipples and carressing my tits as though they were kneading dough. My thoughts racing, who is this rubbing there hands all over my body? It feels like a womans hands because they are soft and ever so gentle, yet not too gentle. Could it be another man? This was driving me crazy, I asked my husband who I expected was in the room, who is in the room with us touching my naked body? He would not tell me, he said, "just relax and enjoy, you will not be hurt." As these hands caressed and rubbed me down with oil I felt a warm hard cock press up against my left hand that was tied to the bed post. Startled I clinched my hand then decided to grab hold of it and explore its hardness. This was not my husbands dick. After 2 years, you know someones body even if you can't see. It was hard and warm like my husbands but, it felt different. It was slightly rounder and maybe longer than his. It was not his, I just knew it. I took this cock in my hand and rubbed it and held it as it throbbed in my hand. I explored it trying to figure out who it belonged to, not that it really mattered at this point. It was something different and some what exciting not knowing who's cock was in my hand. And who else was rubbing me down with oil. Someone was standing next to me with there cock in my hand and it was exciting. Then I felt someone climbing on the bed to the right of me. I turned my head although I couldn't see, but felt another hard stiff cock rub against my lips. This was diffenitly my husbands cock. It was very familar to me, I knew it had to be his. It was clean shaven and was just the right size and shape that I have enjoyed for the last 12 years. I let my tonque and lips explore his cock as he guided it into my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum as the head of his cock entered my opened lips. By now my juices were flowing, the hands that were rubbing oil on my legs were now teasing my wet pussy, and my swollen clit. My husband then removed his cock from my mouth and turned my head to my left. In a split second the hard cock that was in my hand was now touching my lips, WOW. this was amazing, a strange cock was resting on my lips and waiting for me to suck on it. I slowl let my tongue explore the head of this cock and tasted the juices that wee around the head of his cock. It was a taste that I don't mind too much, I can handle the pre-cum, I just can't handle a hot juicey load of cum in my mouth. But, I will lick the pre-cum off of his throbbing cock. I explored every inch of this delicous prick that was before my face. My tongue licked and slithered along his shaft until it reached his balls. I licked and sucked on his balls for awhile then ran my tongue back up to the head of his dick. I opened my mouth wide as he guided his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked on this cock like thee was no tomorrow. Having another mans cock in my mouth while my husband was right there watching really made me excited, not to mention the hands that were still rubbing and caressing my oily body. Then all of a sudden, the hands that were caressing me stopped. The strange cock that I had in my mouth slowly was pulled out. What was going on? I could hear movement but had no idea what was going on. I felt someone get on the bed by mu legs. I could sense that someone was by my feet and positioning themselves between my out streached legs. I felt the harmth of a tongue kissing my feet and could feel what seemed like hair tickling my legs. Who was this, was it , OH YES, IT WAS. It was a woman with long hair inbetween my legs, licking and kissing my feet, toes, and calves. Or maybe a man with long hair? It was not my husband, that was for sure. I could feel the hair touch my legs as this person eased they way towards my dripping wet pussy. Tongue and lips wee heading up my reight inner thigh. I could feel the warm breathe of this person that was teasing my pussy with therer tongue. "OH MY GOD", it feels wonderful. The feeling was so good I could only moan and try to move my self closer to those teasing lips and tongue of this person. My husband whispered in my right ear, "how are you doing my love"? All I could say at this point is "great, just great". He then asked, if I wanted to be eaten be another person besides him."YES" I screamed, "eat my pussy who ever you are, eat me". Just then, this person stuck there tongue intomy pussy and was eaten me as I felt my husbands cock next to my face. He was rubbing the tip of his cock on my lips, but wouldn't get close enough for me to take it in my mouth. He was teasing me with his hard cock. Then from my right side, I felt the wetness of another cock on my right. I wanted to be fucked by someone now. I wanted a hard cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy. My thoughts must have overwhelmed me because I screamed out "FUCK ME, SOMEBODY FUCK ME". My husband responded by saying, "you want to be fucked?" All I could say was, "YES, I WANT TO BE FUCKED RIGHT NOW, FUCK ME." Well bodies started moving all over the place, I could feel naked bodies climbing over me and untieing my hands and legs. My husband said, " I will release you, but, you have to keep your blindfold on". I agreed, I really wanted to know who else was in the room with us. I knew it was my husband and another man, But who or what was the other person? As my hands and legs were being untied, my hand rubbed against the person on my left. This was definitly not a man, I felt the softness of a pair of tits. This startled me but, aroused me at the same time. This was the person that was eating me just seconds ago.By now I am completely untied but still blinfolded. I reached over and began caressing the soft breasts of this strange woman. Slowly and gently I began to trace her nipples with my tongue, I could hear her begin to moan, but still couldn't figure out who she was. It was strange touching , much less licking another woman's breasts, considering I had only done it in my fantasies in the past. But it was an incredible feeling. I could hear the men positioning themselves on the bed, one on each side of me. I felt someone turning me over on my back again. Someone began to suck and lick my tits, but I knew it wasn't my husband. It must be the other man in the room, or was it the woman? Finally, my husband decided to honor my request and FUCK ME. I could feel the head of his dick slowly enter into my hot flowing pussy. He would only put the head in at first, more or less just to tease me. I've told him before that beyond anything we do in bed, that penetration is the best part. There's nothing like that initial feeling of that hot, thick, throbbing cock sliding into you. He pushed slowly first in order to open me up...MY GOD that's an awesome feeling. But wait, this is not my husband's cock that was slowly entering my wet pussy, it was the other man's cock that was getting ready to fuck me. While he was taking his time, I noticed that the woman who was in there with us has gotten on my left side and my husband was on my right. They wee sucking my tits and licking them while the stranger picked up the pace fucking me. I could feel their hand moving over every inch of my body. It was wonderful and strange, all at the same time. It was hard to keep from cumming with a strangers cock inside of me, but I wasn;t ready for this to be over with yet. He began to pull out of me so I knew that something else was in store for me. He flipped me over till I was on my hands and knees, Little did I know that I was face to face with my husbands cock. I could feel it against my lips so I took it in my mouth and began to suck on it slowly, drawing it upward to simulate a tight pussy. I felt my husband grab a hold of the sides of my head firmly but gently. The woman crawled under me and lie there fingering my clit while sucking my tits. From behind, I could feel the other mand entering my dripping pussy. He began to pound inside of me like a wild beast. With all this sucking and fucking going on at both ends, I felt like I was being turned inside out. I was totally loving it!! I could tell that my husband was about to cum. Then all of a sudden, the man that was fucking me from behind began to shoot has hot load of cum into my pussy. It seemed like it just kept cuming and cuming. It must have hit the right spot, because just after he finished, I could feel my whole body shake in a convulsing orgasm. It felt like a bolt of lightning hit me. My body arched and the orgasm kept going and goind. This must have really done it for the woman and my husband, because no sooner than I climaxed, I could hear the two of them start fucking, I couldn't see, but I could hear their bodies slapping together and sounds that seemed like only animals could make. By now I could feel the strangers cum running out of me. I was finally told that I could take off the blindfole. When I was able to focus, I was shocked to see who was there with us. It was the couple from Florida. We all laid there for a little while just basking in what had just happened. Let's just say, that next time they ask us to meet them, there won't be a doubt in my mind. This was truley a night to remember.

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