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A True Story

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Well now this is a true tail. It happened to me about ten years ago, but it is a true story. If you are looking for the 30 year old mom that has the knock out body with the big tits that are as firm as an 18 year old air brushed Playboy centerfold, well you will not find it in this story. Nor will you find the 8 inch cocks which are really thick. If you want to read about those, you can stop now and flick to one of the other “fantasies” you can find on this web site. But this is all real and it all happened to me.

I live in a rural area far away form any adult book stores or theaters. So when I have a reason to travel to the big city I will take advantage of some opportunities for visits to these types of establishments if I am traveling alone. Well such was the case on this trip. There are two of these places I like to stop at in one of the medium size cities I have to pass as I head south. I have always heard how on occasion you may be able to watch a couple put on a show in the bookstore/theater, so I always go to that establishment first. This place is located next to a bar & you can park in front or back. I went in the front, paid for a ticket to the theater walked back & waited for them to press the button which unlocked the door. The buzzer went off and I entered. After letting my eye adjust, I saw there were just a few men in the back, a couple of them jacking off. I took a seat & waited to see if any couples came in. The movie was bad & no couple arrived, so I decided to give up the ghost and try the other adult book store.

Now this place is a bit different. It is located right downtown near the river. It has the usual, i.e. a book store portion, two mini-theaters and a larger area of private booths. The booths are the first big difference. You pay a flat rate on entering the establishment and then you are free to roam the back rooms. Each booth has its own video going, so if you don’t like one, you just get up and go to another. Oh, one other thing. The place is primarily set up for gays. The book store part is about 90% gay or bi. The two theaters always carry one gay video & one straight video, always dedicated to the same room. The booths are about ½ & ½. Well I do not consider myself gay at all. Or not even bi, but it is a sad but true fact that most guys can give better head than women. A lot of times I just like going in to the theaters and watching the guys suck each other off. This time was no different. There was a little action in the gay theater so I stopped and watch for a little bit but it was hard to see & they were more interested in having people participate than they were putting on a show. So I moved to the booths.

I found a good boy girl film and sat down to watch a little of it. I neglected to lock the door and pretty soon a guy opened the door. He saw that the booth was occupied and they shut it right away. A few seconds later he came back and asks if he could come in. I motioned that he could, so he came in close the door & flicked the lock on. We watched the movie for a while & he asked what I liked. I told him I did not suck. He asks if I liked getting sucked, which I said that I did. He looked clean & not to rough so I thought what the heck, I really wanted to get off. I dropped my jeans & he started to play with me. Now a foot note hear; I have found a number of gay guys really get off sucking on married men. And I figure, what the heck, lets not let that talent go to waist.

I guess at this point I should describe myself. I’m 5’ 8” and about 30 pounds over weight at an age of 48. (Hey I told you would find real bodies in this story) I am a bit on the hairy side but no facial hair. I have a 6’ cock, which from what I can get off the internet is about the world wide average. It is thicker than most of that size. And I am cut. I don’t consider myself either a great Romeo or the best looking guy around. But I do try and keep myself in somewhat of good condition by jogging a few times a week. Now as I said, I don’t consider myself bi. I like women, I like eating pussy & I most of all like to fuck. But I did not have my first sex with a woman until I was 19, but that’s another story.

So this guy goes down on me and gives me a darn good bj. As I say, guys give better bj’s for the most part. They not only know the right way to place their tongue but they also will play with your balls at the same time. After a while I start to cum. I give him warning & he starts to suck harder. This is one of those guys that like to take his cum in the mouth. I let her go & he takes it but does not swallow but spits it out. Hey, it was a good bj & I got my rocks off. He gets up & leaves & I pull up my draws & leave the booth myself. I head down to the mini theaters and look at them. There is some action in the gay one but again they don’t want an audience, so I move into the straight theater. Not much going on in that one either & the movie had this gal with big silicon tits going at it with two guys. I really don’t like the looks or for that matter the feel of silicon so I go back to the booths to find a good movie before I start for home.

I find a good one that shows some nice clear close ups of some cock & pussy action when I hear a women’s voice. Now that is something you just don’t hear very often in a gay book store! I watch my movie & hear her voice again. Well at this point I get up & go check this out. A few guys are walking the halls but no women to be seen. So I start to open the doors of some of the booths as I walk by. The second one I open there she is! Well, I should say there they are! They are not watching the movie but standing up. She has her arms around his neck & they are kissing. Oh, I guess I should tell you she was nude from the waist up. As I open the door she breaks off the kiss & looks at me, then goes back to kissing him, all with a big smile on her face. So what do I do? I say sorry & I close the door and go back to my booth. Really, it’s not everyday you open a door & find a half nude girl kissing a guy & I am not the fastest thinker in the world. So there I am, back in my booth watching a not bad porn flick & thinking “if they didn’t want to be watched they would have had the door locked. So up I get & back to their booth.

So this time I open the door to the booth they were in & Bingo! They are still there! She is still nude from the waist up & he is still standing, but now he has his jeans dropped & she is giving him a blow job. When the door opened she stopped sucking turned with a big smile on her face looked at me & got right back to work on his cock. There I am watching with the door wide open. This time I did not say I was sorry and close the door, but instead I just shut it enough so that I could just see her and watch the action. This would have had the door opened by about three inches. As I was watching she would stop every so often and just take a look at me to see if I was still watching or not, always with a smile on her face. After a while he started to push the door open a little & I looked up at him and he signaled me to come into the booth. Hey what is a fellow to do? So I went in, turned & closed the door & pulled the latch to lock it.

Now that all sounds pretty simple, but at this point my hands were shacking so much I was having trouble with the latch. Other then as a kid at scout camp I had never watched anyone get a bj before. And hear it was, happening right in front of me. OK I take that back, when in New York City about 20 years ago I went into a Adult Bookstore/Theater & they had a life sex show I watched. This was a guy & a girl act & they did most everything you would expect at a place like that but it lacked any real lust if you know what I mean. Back to the story; I am now in a small “one person” video viewing booth which is about four feet by four feet with a bench the length of the booth against the wall on one side, a solid wall on the right side if you are facing the TV monitor, a TV monitor of poor quality in front of the bench & build into the wall & a door on the left side which pretty much goes up to the bench. Not a lot of room for three adults.

At this point maybe I should describe the other two players in the drama. He looked to be in his mid thirties dark hair, caucasian, about my height maybe a little taller, nice build, clean & looked like he took care of himself. His cock was average length & not as thick as mine & cut. I really can’t say much more about him. It was dark & it took a little time for my eyes to adjust & I was not really all that interested in him anyway. She on the other hand I can give you a much better disruption. She was very petite. & I would have to describe her as cute. She looked all of about 19 but she could have been a little older. She had a blond pageboy hairstyle & a perpetual look of a girl who had a bit of spunk about her. I would say she was about 5’ 4” and definitely was less than 100 lbs. She was a bit to skinny for good health to my way of thinking. Later during the event when I was able to see more and start to feel a bit, you could see every vertebra in her back along with the shape of their back side. Now she did have some of the most interesting set of tits I have seen & being a sometime nudist I have seen a lot of tits. She was clean shaven & had one small tattoo of a multi pointed stare around her belle button. As you would expect with a girl as thin as she was, her boobs were very small, less than a hand full. But there shape was what was interesting. There were all sag. She just did not have much to sag but what was there was all sagging. Now myself I like big saggy tits. Big because I am a boob guy & saggy because you can do more with saggy ones, anyway, the point is I have never seen any set quite like hers. Once in a western mountain hot springs I saw a gal from the east coast who had very long saggy tits. They were just a little larger than the core of a toilet paper roll and about six inches long. Looked really cool when she bent over and they hung straight down. Would have loved to play with them, but that never happened. I had best get on with my tale.

After I closed the door it tock a little while for my eyes to adjust to the low light. The only light source was that coming from the TV. Now earlier I had said she was nude from the waist up. This is not quite true. She had pulled up her blouse over her shoulders & it was resting around her neck & on to her back. She wore no bra. So the three of us are in this booth, he is standing with his back to the bench, she is on her knees giving him a bj from the side & I am standing with my back to the TV monitor facing him. As eyes adjusted & I could see better, right in front of me was her back with the blouse covering most of it. I looked at the guy and ask if it was alright to rub her back. He replied that he thought so & to give it a try. So I started to explore her back & pulled up her blouse higher toward her head. This is when I discovered just who skinny she was as I could fell every bone in her back. Needless to say at this point I was as hard as I was ever going to get but at the same time just exploring her back with my left hand. The fellow at this point reached over and started to unbuckle my belt. Well this was a gay bookstore & when in Rome do as the Romans, so I figure he wanted to give me a blow job. I was not looking for any guy to guy action but I was a guest and I did not want to be uninvited, so I undid jeans, opened the fly and dropped the jeans & under ware to my knees. And what a nice surprise I had! Before I was completely standing upright again she had already had one hand completely around my hard cock and had started sucking it. She had a very soft touch and gave a decent bj. And for the next 5 minuets of so while she kept one hand around each of our cocks, she went back and forth between us sucking about three of four sucks before switching. As for me I was continually playing with what ever part of her body I could reach. Mostly this was her right tit. I reached over to play with the other one but his hand was already there. Now these were really small tits remember but because they were floppy there was enough to have a lot of fun with.

After some time I thought her blouse was getting in the way so I started to pull it over her head. She stopped the bj and helped take it off. Than back to the bj’s. Well darn it, that work, so I slowly started to feel as far down her back and under her shorts as I could reach. She stopped again and took off her shorts and panties. And than again back the bj’s. This did not last long, however. He than sat down on the bench and turn her toward me. She than sat down on his lap. I don’t think his cock was in her, but I think he was just playing with her pussy. Anyway in her sitting position she continued to suck my cock while I played with both tits.

This went on for a short time before I lifted her up a little so I could suck on her tits. This she let me do but backed away when I tried to kiss her. So I did not pursue that activity. After a while I asked the guy if he wanted to switch positions. I thought it would be fun to finger her clit & lips for a while. This is when I got my second big surprise of the night! We did the switch all right but instead of her sitting on my lap & me playing with her clit, she grabs my stiff cock and loads it right into her cunt and with her back to me sit down. I just was not expecting this, nor was I expecting a dry pussy. There was a little discomfort at first but as she pumped up and down she quickly lubed up. At this point she stopped giving head and the guy just backed up to the door and watched.

Well she just kept pumping away and I just sat there holding her and enjoying myself. But that is not the best position for a girl to last a long time at, even a young one. Her legs started to cramp and I suggested we change positions with her facing me. So in a standing position I stood with my legs against the bench while she faced me with her feet standing on the bench and bent knee enough for me to be fully inside her. She had her arms around my neck & I was holding her tight to me. This time I did all of the pumping. I pumped hard & it did not take me very long to cum. I let her know I was about to climax and she pulled off real quick. She & he wanted to watch me cum against the wall. Well this I did but I am afraid I was a disappointment to the both of them. Remember I was 48 at the time & had also got off less than an hour ago. And before that I had let the first one ripe about two hours before that one, so the most that came out was a bit of a drizzle.

Well at that point we started to put on our clothing. Didn’t take me long to get things pulled up nor for him either. I held her shots & panties as she put her blouse on. She said in a giggly voice she had never done it before in such a small place. I suggested we get a motel room and do it right, but neither of the two responded. Out the door we went and down the hall. We all stayed in the bookstore for a while but they were avoiding me & I was not going to be pushy so I ended up leaving.

But wow, my first 3-sum! It didn’t last that long but it was cool. I never saw them again, never knew there names. I don’t think they knew each other very well. I think she was really getting off on having sex not so much enjoying sex, at least for that time. J.E.B ----------------------------------------------------------

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