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A Texas size fantasy

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I'm sitting in a nice cafe having lunch. Traveling on my job takes me lots of places. Today I'm in some town in Texas I've never heard of. After 2 weeks of travel I'm bored, lonely and....horney. I can't help it, I haven't been with Hubby in weeks and I feel a real need to release some tension. I packed a big toy for myself and I'm thinking about using it when I get back to my hotel room, but now I focus on my salad. But sex keeps entering my mind. I cross my legs...I'm in a short skirt and the movement brings the hem waaaay up my thigh. My legs seem to always attract men's attention...Hubby says they are very sexy. I like showing them off. While eating I find myself kicking my crossed leg a little...the motion puts a litle pressure on my "sweet spot" that feels especially urgent today. I start kicking a little harder, trying to intensify the feeling....I know what I'm doing...I've done this before...on many dinners Hubby and I have stimulated ourself or each other to orgasm while in restaurants. But today the leg kick isn't enough. I discretely uncross my legs, but allow my knees to stay parted...I drop a big cloth napkin in my lap to cover my left hand which is pulling my hem up so I can stroke my kitty. I'm glad I decided to wear hose with garters today and not panties. Covering myself with my napkin I pull the hem up high. My left hand slips underneath and soon I have two fingers stroking my kitty. God, I'm wet...and aroused. Everytime I hit my button a small wave of pleasure goes over me. Accidently I let out an Ohhhhh...softly, but audible for several tables around. A few people look but don't see anything and go back to their meal. Feeling daring, I decide to see if I can bring myself to climax and no one notice. I start again...I'm on fire! A shudder escapes...another one...but no one has noticed yet. I go further, rubbing harder. I did not notice that the napkin had slipped and was on the floor. I decided to play a game that hubby and I liked. In other places he or I would get off while looking and other people and talk about f***ing them. I would pick a good looking man and tell hubby what I want to do with him while hubby (or me) brings me to manual bliss. So I decided to look around to get my erotic fix. I see a rugged cowboy type sitting across the room. He is intent on his burger. I imagine him coming over and introducing himself. His hand is warm and strong. He is straight and tall. He has peircing eyes. I get lost in imagining taking off his shirt and pressing my bare breasts against that hairy chest. In my mind I reach down and unbuckle his Texas size belt. Down go the pants and a Texas size cock springs out. My hands and mouth are drawn to it like a moth to a flame! At this point I'm almost in a swoon...but no one has noticed what I'm doing. I climax when I sit down on my imaginary friends lap and feel that lodgepole slide into me. When it subsides I feel eyes on imaginary friend, well the real guy, is looking at me and stroking himself through his jeans. I look down and see my napkin has slipped off and he is staring at my kitty! My wet and still pulsing kitty. I cover myself. He stands is obvious he has become aroused, and he comes to my table and introduces himself. The handshake was warm and strong. I'm feeling that tingle arleady again. What the heck I say, I have the afternoon off! Let's see where this goes....I say "Howdy Tex! Where can a traveling girl find a good time in this town?" You stare into my eyes...I melt a little, and you say "I know a nice place...."

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