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A Supernatural Twist

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A couple weeks ago I had a rotten day at work, and I had forgotten I promised my wife that we would go out and spend the night in Atlanta. It was supposed to be a night of good food, romance music and some deeply needed time together, but instead turned into a night that changed our relationship forever.

My name is Asher and my wife is Misha, we?ve been married over 20 years. We met in high school and have been best friends, parents and lovers since the mid 80?s. We have managed to keep in reasonably good shape, I being 6? tall with broad athletic build and Misha being 5?-2? with beautiful curvy body and 36d breasts.

When I walked into the bedroom I could hear the stereo in the bathroom blaring Kenny Chesney?s Old Blue Chair cd. It was at that point I remembered we were supposed to go out tonight. Before I went into the bathroom to kiss Misha I stopped in the sitting room and made myself a stiff drink.

As I entered the bathroom I could see into Misha?s closet and she had on a pair of sexy black sheer panties and a matching bra. The panties were the boy short style and really hugged the curves of her ass. As I kissed her I could smell her perfume lingering around her neck, she smelled delicious and looked even better as she slid on her black skirt and silk blouse.

She asked me how my day was when she saw the drink in my hand. ?Great? I tried to convince her, but she knew better. ?We can put this off until another night if you want to? she said.

I smiled at her and said ?No I think we deserve a night off, plus I?ll feel better after a couple more of these? as I took another sip of my drink.

We arrived at The Georgian Terrace about 8:00 just in time to check in and make the reservations at The Livingston Restaurant. As we walked through the lobby of the restaurant I saw quite a large party at the bar on the other side of the room. The party was pretty lively and probably had 200 people in attendance and as we were being sat at the table Misha asked the waiter ?Is that a party or is the bar just busy tonight?? The waiter replied ?No ma?am, it?s a movie production companies party to celebrate the last day of production for a new science fiction movie?. So as we sat at out booth we were speculating about which movie star we may recognize.

We ordered drinks and appetizers and enjoyed trying to spot a star in the crowd, but it became quite obvious the food service would be slow tonight considering the party was in full swing. So as we watched the craziness of the party we or I should say I had my way with the Crown and Cokes that the waiter seemed to have and endless supply of. Misha?s eyes were fixed onto the party as the not knowing who was there was about to drive her crazy.

With so many beautiful, rich and not to mention sexy people in the next room our conversation seemed to be centered on sex and fantasies. The problem I was having was as we sat at the table engaged in conversation, eating and drinking Crown the more intoxicated I became. I also hadn?t realized it was almost 11:00 and we had been there for almost 3 hours. The waiter told us to stick around because the main stars were going to show up in about an hour and that we could possibly meet them.

I suggested to Misha we go up to the room and let me wash my face and gather myself a little before the main party started. But as I expected she was not willing to leave the table for someone else to claim but thought I could go up by myself and be back by 12:00. Reluctantly I left her alone at the table and stumbled up to the room to clean up.

I washed my face and sat in the chair by the a/c conditioner vent and tried to sober up a little. I sat back in the chair and was thinking about Misha and how I needed to get back to her. But as you would think I dozed off.

I was started when I felt Misha running her hands up my thigh and rubbing my crotch. I woke up and realized what I did and started to apologize. Misha started kissing me in mid sentence with a definite passion and heat. I opened my eyes and cleared the cob webs from my head so I could see what time it was, ?3:00 Oh Shit!? I thought ?I?ve been asleep 4 hours?.

Misha immediately calmed me down by saying ? Its ok baby, I have a surprise for you. As she stood up I could see she apparently had a good time as her clothes were wrinkled and her lipstick had been smudged.

?What type of surprise?? I asked her.

She proceeded to tell me what happen after I left. Apparently not but a few minutes after I had left the stars of the movie came in and joined the party and the shocking thing was the main star happened to be Jensen Ackles. Jensen happens to be Misha?s all time favorite actor and fantasy from the show Supernatural, and I can see by the look in her eyes and the heat of her body this had an obvious effect on her.

As she sits in my lap I can feel her grinding her ass onto my lap, which was starting to have an effect on me as well. She said after 30 minutes of catching a glimps or two of Jensen he broke away from the party into the restaurant to make a phone call. As he was talking Misha was sitting about 10 feet from him and trying to contain herself from attacking him on the spot. But as luck was on her side when Jensen finished the call he made eye contact with Misha and walked over to introduce himself. ?Hi, I?m Jensen Ackles? he said.

To which Misha responds ?I know and I can?t believe you are standing here talking with me?.

?Well? says Jensen ?Why don?t you stand with me and we can go to the party and dance.

? Of course Misha accepted as she knew I would have approved to a dance if I had been there.

She quickly explained to me how they danced off and on for several songs and they talked between dances. Then a slower song came on and Jensen asked Misha to dance, to which Misha accepted. As they dance arm in arm she could feel him pulling her closer, close enough to feel his breath on her neck and his manhood against her belly. She also explained how with each dance they became closer and more daring until they were finally kissing on the dance floor and agreed they would need to move their party to a more intimate location.

It was at this point Misha told Jensen about her being married to which he replied ?I know I?ve had an eye on your wedding ring all night?.

Misha explained what had happened to me and that I was upstairs and I would be ok with them coming to the room and starting the party there with all 3 of us. Jensen seemed to like this idea as he immediately escorted her to the elevator and asked ?which floor?.

As I took this in I was looking around for him but didn?t see him, Misha explained ?he?s gone to get me some ice from down the hall and to give us enough time to be sure this is ok. And she added ?this is ok isn?t it??

?Sure it is, if it?s what you want and it won?t divide us in any way? I replied.

All she could say was ?Great!? as she kissed me.

Misha walked to the door and opened it to let Jensen in, and kissed him as a sign to let him know everything was cool. As they made their way into the room there was little talking and a lot of clothes being removed. I gave them some space to get to know each other a little better.

Misha and Jensen started in the bed with only her panties and bra as well as just his briefs. It was very obvious they were both well beyond excited as Misha?s panties were soaking wet as they clung to her pussy and Jensen?s briefs could not hold his dick inside them any longer. Misha made the first move by kissing down his neck, across his chest and down his belly, until she reached his throbbing cock and tight briefs. As she pulled his underwear down she took him into her mouth and slowly sucked, licked and kissed him to full attention. Misha teased him with her mouth for 2-3 minutes before I heard her say she needed him in her, now!

As they rolled over Misha removed her bra as Jensen slide her panties off her trembling legs. As Jensen raised his head back towards Misha?s he stop for a quick taste of her. Knowing as wet as she was I knew what treat he was in for a very sweet taste that is very slick on your tongue and begs you to drink in more and more. After a minute Misha pulled Jensen?s hair as I knew she was filling his mouth with her first sweet cum of the night. As he pulled himself up on top of her he said ? I?ll be having more of that later?.

Misha has never had another inside her besides myself and I could see the lust in her eyes as she spread her legs and pulled Jensen?s ass towards her willing sex. As his cock made first contact I saw her close her eyes and thrust her hips to meet him. As wet as she was and has hard as Jensen was he slid right in to the hilt in one smooth move. After a few seconds they were comfortably adjusted he started moving his cock in and out of her quickly picking up the speed. As Misha was enjoying his cock she raised her legs so he could get it all in as deep as possible. In this position he was touching her G-spot and she started a long orgasm that quickly triggered Jensen off. As he filled her with his cum I heard Misha start to cum again.

After a couple minute of cooling off Misha said ? It?s time for another round with my husband? Which was Jensen?s queue to make room for me. He rolled off and watched intently as I pulled Misha to the edge of the bed, and kiss her like there was no tomorrow.

I stood up and started to raise her legs up when I told her ?Baby that was the hottest thing I?ve ever seen? and as the last word came out of my mouth I slide my cock into the wetness that they had left for me. She was very hot, very wet and pulling me into her, it was like she had been dreaming of this for so long and now here it is she wasn?t wasting any time, she wanted me in her? now!

I started fucking her with the passion that I could see in her eyes and hear in her voice as she was telling me to fucker her harder. I came after just a couple minutes but this was long enough for Misha as she had been in a constant state of orgasm since I had started to fuck her.

As I slowed down to catch my breath I could see Jensen was hard again and looked like he wanted to assume the position again, but Misha had other ideas. She asked me to clean myself off and lay down in front of her as she flipped over onto her knees, Jensen understood where this was going so he knelt behind her and slowly entered her from behind. As I lay in front of her she started sucking my cock back to attention. I could feel every thrust Jensen made into her pussy as it would slide my cock a little farther down her throat with every thrust. I could hear Misha moaning around my cock as she was being well fucked from behind. Jensen was holding her hips and driving his dick into as hard as he could, I could see by the look on his face he was really enjoying the way Misha was letting him fuck her. I think he was also excited to watch her sucking my cock so deep into her mouth, his eyes barely moved away from her oral display. Jensen lasted only a couple minutes more before he came with a deep long moan, this set Misha off as she started to cum again and let my cock slide out of her mouth and into her hands.

After it was over they had settled down and we were all laying in the bed a guy on each side of Misha. We were dozing in and out of a slumber when I felt the bed move; Jensen had gotten up to take a shower. As Misha and I were laying there she asked if I were ok, I responded ?Never better?.

We snuggled for a minute as Jensen was in the shower, and after a couple minutes Misha and I got up and headed to the bathroom ourselves. As I walked into the bathroom Jensen asked if I wanted him to leave the shower on, to which I replied yes. As I stepped into the shower Jensen commented to Misha as he felt bad because I had only cum 1 time, she agreed and said ?yes look he still has a hard on.

To which Jensen came into the shower with me and offered me some help with my problem. I asked him what he had in mind and with that he dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. Misha was watching this from the outside and decided to come in for a closer look. Misha and I sat on the bench in the shower and Jensen kneeled at our feet and worked his mouth on my cock. Misha?s eyes were glued to the cock sucking that Jensen was so good at and at the same time she was rubbing her clit again. As Jensen tried to get my dick deeper into his throat Misha grabbed his hair and was helping push his throat onto me. With only 2-3 tries she had my dick completely in Jensen?s throat, I could feel he beard stubble on my balls as he hit bottom. When this happened Misha and I both came at the same time her with her hand on her clit and me shooting my cum down Jensen?s throat.

We all took a couple minutes to cool off when Jensen said he needed to get to his hotel. After he dressed Misha escorted him to the door where they had one last kiss goodbye.

From that night on Misha and I had a changed relationship as we found a new way to please each other.

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