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A Stranger at the Beach

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My husband, Rick and I had decided not to let the summer go by again without enjoying a beach?anywhere, just to get away from the everyday hustle of our city lives. We decided to visit a tourist area at a beach that was about a three hour drive for us. Just far enough away from the city but not enough to have to spend the entire day in a car. We found a nice looking campground online and he called to make reservations.

When we arrived, we went right to work, setting up camp. We were slightly disappointed that the campground didn't have many trees in between the sites so really, no privacy for us. Rick said we should make the best of it and with a devilish grin said, "It's a good thing we are exhibitionists." After everything was set up we were so tired, we headed right into the tent and collapsed on the makeshift bed. When we woke the next morning we decided to head out to the beach where both of us love looking at all those hot bodies in bikinis.

We set up our chairs on the sand and had quite a time enjoying all of the eye candy the summer sun brought to us. Since a parking lot and a small two-lane road separated the beach from the boardwalk, we always set up closer to the parking lot in order to enjoy both the busy people walking about and those that were worshiping their sun gods. We noticed a rather attractive girl, probably in her late 20's getting out of her car. She seemed to be looking for someone on the beach and turned her attention to me. Since we've been in the lifestyle for years, we get a bit daring in public places, so I made eye contact with her and gave her a flirtatious smile. She took the bait and smiled right back. Then just like that, she turned, retrieved something out of her trunk and headed across the street and disappeared into the crowd. I turned to Rick and he was already smiling. "Did you see that?" I said with excitement. "I did. Have I told you I love being married to such a naughty girl?" he answered as he pinched one of my nipples through my bikini top. "You hungry yet? We didn't even take time to have breakfast this morning." He was right. We were in such a hurry to leave the camp area and get to the beach, I realized my stomach was growling and that's never a good thing in the sun. We grabbed our chairs and locked them in the car before heading across the street to all the little shops, opened-air markets and eateries.

The boardwalk offered many restaurants in which you can dine on their deck overlooking the ocean. Rick and I love going on the second floor of anything over there because it gives us the perfect opportunity to look down at all those beautiful bodies walking up and down the boardwalk and be the voyeurs we love to be without anyone even knowing!

The sun was getting hot and we took a chance on an upper level restaurant that offered a live guitarist out on the deck. We stopped at the bar on the way up and I ordered a white wine. By the time we were seated upstairs, the glass was empty and my head was already feeling a little buzz. I always seem to get brave when that happens.

She came out of the kitchen door with different clothing on, but there she was! The girl we'd seen out in the parking lot. And the item she grabbed out of her trunk must have been her apron. She was cute-dark hair, flipped up off of her shoulders with a long neck, if I had to guess, she was probably a perfect C cup, nipples erect poking through the shirt that read the name of the restaurant. Her eyes were a deep chocolate color with thick eyelashes and the fullest lips I have ever seen with just a touch of pink color applied to them. She had that perfect hour glass figure with a plump ass which Rick commented on later in the meal. She must have recognized us because as soon as she saw us, that perfect pouty mouth went into a wide knowing smile. Her name tag read, ?Krista? and as soon as she approached the table, she asked if we had enjoyed the sun and made it very apparent that she did, in fact, remember us!

We made some small talk about the area, she took our orders and maybe it was the wine but she was being quite flirtatious with me, in particular. She came to our table three times before the meals came out, just to make more small talk, told us she was a college student in her last year; she even made a point to tell us that she and her boyfriend split up because of her schedule and that she was a "swinging single" now. At first, I was just thinking this was her way to ensure a good tip but, after she personally dabbed at some creamy Italian dressing I had on my bathing suit top, my thoughts got a little more intense. Each time she left the table, Rick and I found ourselves giggling at the possibilities.

Right before we were ready to leave, I decided I?d had just enough alcohol induced courage and excused myself to go to the Ladies room. I picked a stall, went in and locked the door. I dug into my purse and found the only marker I had, which happened to be one of those bright orange highlighters, and wrote on the wall, "If your name is Krista, give us a call, we'd love to have you over for a drink tonight." And wrote our cell number underneath it.

We finished our day at the beach and went back to our campsite. The sun had set and the stars were just coming out. We just settling in by the fire and the phone rang. It was Krista!

I didn?t bother answering with the typical hello, but just hit the on button and spoke into the phone, ?You got our message, I see.? After a little giggle, she admitted she felt funny calling but knew the message on the wall was a new one because she had cleaning detail in there earlier that day.

We gave her directions to the campground and she arrived about an hour later, wearing her bikini top and a pair of short shorts. Rick offered her a glass of wine before excusing himself to take a walk to the restrooms. The two of us sat in front of the fire and made small talk which quickly turned into a sexual conversation. She told me how nice it must be to just have a man around when you start getting horny to be there at the right time and that was one thing she missed about her boyfriend.

I responded by telling her that we picked up on the phrase that she had used earlier in the day about her being a "swinging" single and that's what motivated me to write on the bathroom wall. I informed her that I love to share my husband and enjoyed watching him please another woman.

With that, she leaned over and put her hand on my thigh, gave it a little squeeze, looked me right in the eyes and said, "yes, but does HE like to share you?"

Motherload!! I placed my hand on top of hers, gave it a little rub and answered, ?We?re both very good at sharing. I bet if you leaned over here and kissed me, he?d pout if he knew he?d missed it. Besides, I?ve spent a lot of time today fantasizing about those lips of yours.? ?Well,? she said, ?we?re just going to have to put that fantasy to rest and make it a reality.? She leaned over, reaching up under my hair to grab a firm hold on the back of my head. Leaning in, she told me how sexy she found me before licking the outline of my top and bottom lips. My mouth slightly opened, I let my tongue come out to play with hers. She took her hand from my thigh, and began to rub my now erect nipples through the bathing suit top. ?You know, I?ve only had one other experience in my entire life with another woman and she kind of took the lead. I think maybe this time, I?d like that role.? Anyone could tell I agreed by the pitch of the moan that escaped my throat. ?Stand up.? She demanded. ?I want to know what it feels like to rub the length of my body against another woman?s.? As she stood, she unfastened the back of her bikini top and let it fall to the ground. She slipped the shoulder straps on my sundress down over my shoulders. Since I wasn?t wearing anything underneath, when the little dress fell to the ground, she stood back looking at my bare body. ?Your nipples are so hard,? as she took one of them between her thumb and index finger and pinched it between them. She grabbed my hips by the waist, and pulled me into her. I could feel the warmth radiating from between her legs as she ground her hips into me. Her tits were so full and round, I envied her.

She leaned in for another kiss, this time not being so gentle, she wasted no time shoving her tongue into my mouth. She stepped back abruptly and worked quickly to get her shorts off. She grabbed hold of me again and pulled me into her for another tongue lashing. As we stood there, both of us naked, grinding our bodies into one another, Rick was just returning with a smile on his face. ?I could see your silhouettes from the path. Don?t waste time on small talk, just dive right in ladies.? That seemed to break up the intensity Krista and I were feeling and we all giggled a little. ?Krista was just telling me that she?s only had one other experience with a somewhat dominating woman and now she wants to try it out.?

?Yes, I was just about to instruct you wife to have a seat in her chair so I could get started.? ?Mind if I take in the view?? Rick asked. ?Does watching two women excite you?? She asked. ?It does things to me that you can?t even imagine yet.? With a devious grin, she turned to me and told me to have a seat. When I sat down, she got down on the ground on her hands and knees, right out in front of the campfire! We played around a bit touching each other, but it didn?t take her long before she started licking my thighs and moved her way right between my legs. I could tell she wasn't super experienced but it didn't really matter, my husband and I were so excited about the whole ordeal nothing was going to take the wind out of our sails!

Rick disappeared inside the tent momentarily and when he reappeared, he held up his hand with a condom in it with that look on his face like, "can I?"

I gave an approving nod and he got down on his knees behind her.

Here I was, before long, with this beautiful girl between my legs and my husband behind her thrusting for all he was worth and me fondling any part of her that I could reach.

As if that wasn't enough, after this had gone on for a while, Rick started moving faster and moaning louder, she popped her head up and said, "I really love eating cum. When you're ready, rip that condom off, grab my hair and make me eat your cum."

Needless to say, after she left that night, Rick and I had amazingly wild sex and woke up the next morning both looking at each other as if to say, "did we both have the same dream last night?"

I've never had any kind of experience like that in my life but when I saw one of the sex stories here on SLS, this experience just popped into my head and I had to share it.

We actually kept in touch with Krista for a few years and even visited with her the following year for more of the same.

The last we heard from her, she was getting married and was three months pregnant!

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