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A Small Get Together Gets Hot

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Once in a while Tess and I managed to get with a few friends seeing that our relationship was risky at best was really saying too little. Well, we managed a weekend in Atlanta once and it was really nice to get out and almost feel as if we had nothing to worry about but people from our areas went to Atlanta too so we still had to be careful. One Friday we got to go and went to dinner and a movie together, just her and I. She was dressed casual and that meant no bra under her silk blouse and a nice almost not there at all thong under her very silky skirt. We met a couple that we knew there so that we could find at least one other couple we knew. Dana (the woman) and Aubry (the man) were really nice and we got along well. Dana was always talking to Tess about some of the tings we did together and she always got a sour look when Tess mentioned sucking a man all the way off and swallowing his juices. I could never do that she always moaned and protested that she never would. Well, we at the Unground Atlanta together, Tess, myself and Dana and SAubry. We head someone calling Aubry and we turned around and there were three more couples following us and came up. Now I suppose I should say that Dana and Aubry are black and we are at best white. This is only important because Tess has fantasies about men and women of other ethnic groups besides us. Well, we had been drinking some and all feeling food. We went into a club in which there were a very few other white couples, maybe three besides Tess and I. Dana found us a good place to sit and the drinks began coming. Dana looked at Tess and me and said, Now tell me Tess, don't you just suck Steve and swallow because he likes it and you just want to make him happy. Tess smiled and put her drink down. No, that is not it at all. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth and hitting the back of my throat and when he cums I have orgasms most of the time. She said this as if it was the most natural subject to talk about. The other couples just sat there opened mouthed. One lady spoke up, Well, I will suck but I will be damned if I will swallow that stuff. Tess was getting excited now I could tell and she kept going. But it feels so good and the taste is really something hard to tell about. The men at the table were quiet and the conversation kept going. Yu swallow girl said another lady sitting with a man that was smiling from ear to ear. No fuckin way will I put that thing in my mouth. Between my legs is great but that is it. You don't know what you are missing Tess teased massaging the growing bulge in my pants. No way Dana said again, I bet $50.00 you will not suck off Steve and swallow it right here. I told her, YOu may want to reconsider that, you will loose I told her. Bullshit she said again and put 50 on the table. Tess smiled and said, It seems too easy, sure you don't want to back out now/ No, I bet you will not do it here or anywhere alse. Tess had unzipped me and was taking out my hard cock and then she went donw into my lap, sucking me all the way into her mouth. Her moaning increased as she sucked me deeper into her mouth. I was doing all I could to not collapse right there on the spot. I know my eyes were rolling as she did her best to make it feel good which she always did. Then she stopped, He is ready to cum, anyone wanna watch close so you don't have any doubts. Dana moved over to where she could see Tess sucking me. Okay girl, finish it now. Tess went back donw and with a few expert licks and sucks was rewarded with a full load on cum in her mouth. Another woman that was across the table said, I don't belive it, let me see. Tess sat up, a mouth full of cum and opened it for all to see, then she closed it and swallowed as if she were testing a prime steak. The women all gringed but the men were all smiles. Damn that was hot they said. Tess was massaging my cock again and whispered, Do you mind if I have the others too? not if you want them dear. They are most likely hard as rocks already. She smiled and her blouse came open as she looked around the table. Any of you men want to let me do what your ladies will not do for you. One said, Like what. Tess looked at him, Give yu the best cock sucking you have ever had and I will swallow all the juices you have. Dana spoke up again, Now that is something I know you will not do, you are just being little miss hot cunt tonight aren't you? No, I will suck off all the men here, lets go out to Stev's van. We took our drinks and paid the bill and walked outside. I will park it around the side I said so we don't attract too much attention. Tess got in the back and by the time I had parked she was totally naked. I climbed in the back and opened the door on the side, Aubry was first in line. She is totally naked one woman said, what the fuck is that all about. Tess smiled, Well, when I get it in the mouth I get really hot and the pussy needs some too. Aubry was already in front of her with his hard cock out. Tess turned and took him in slowly making him writh in pleasure. Lay down she told him and he did as she took his cock into her throat and slowly made him moan and groan until his hips moved with her face, Tess in control. Then he tried to pull it out as he was going to cum. Tess grabbed his hips and held to him his cum filling her throat. Damn woman, that was really dope he said. Thanks Tess said. Who is next? Another of the men got in position in the van as we all watched Tess took his cock into her welcoming hole and began making love to it. He did not last as long but his load overflowed onto her chin as she tried to swallow all of it. Her pussy squirted an wonderful stream of juice as she also had an orgasm. Another cock replaced that one and she was now going faster and faster. Her passion building and burning in her. I could tell she would need cock in her pussy soon. After the next cock filler her throat I stepped into the van and got behind her, sliding into her soaking pussy. She made and animal noise and pushed against my hips...Oh yes she almost yelled as she saoked my hips...Then she grabbed her 5th cock and began again to emppety the balls of the owner. After an hour and a half she laid back and collected another 50 from Dana. We went back in the club and danced a while. One of the guys came up and asked Tess if she were still hungry at all, Yes I am she told him, go back to the table and he sat there as she went to his lap, sucking him off again...We were all sitting at the table and Dana said, Well, I never would have guessed that Tess was such a little cum slut. Tess slid over to her side and said with her arm around Dana's shoulder, I eat a lot of things huh Steve, and I can smell the scent of that hot pussy of yurs from here dear. No fucking way bitch are you going to get my cunt. Tess smiled. Oh, I will get it sooner or later, it is just a matter of time.

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