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A "Sandwich" for lunch

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another true tale from chipair. enjoy!

I was at work. I was sort of grumpy because my wife Maria had the day off but I wasn?t able to get the day off myself. It would have been fun to do something exciting with her. It was a beautiful spring day. The phone rang and I answered it. It was Maria giving me a call.

?Ron just called. He knew I had the day off and was wondering if I would like a sandwich for lunch. What do you think? Are you up for it??, Maria asked me.

Ron was half of a couple we knew and often played with. They were the first couple we had played with and we often got together with just Ron as well. We had been with him so many times that we had developed a very comfortable sexual relationship. I knew exactly what he meant by sandwich. He wanted to double penetrate Maria with me. I was all too happy to get together with him and double fuck Maria. My cock started to swell in my pants as I thought about it.

?Of course I?d love to meet you for lunch and have a nice sandwich.? I told Maria.

I knew the comment sounded totally innocent to my coworkers who were standing right by. Little did they know!

?I?ll call him back and let him know you?re up for it. Can you be here at around 1?? Maria asked.

?No problem.? I said and we said goodbye. I looked at the clock. It was only 11:30. It was going to be a long hour and a half. I stepped out to the corner store next door to grab a quick snack. I knew that I wouldn?t actually be eating anything over lunch but Maria?s pussy.

Finally the time came and I rushed home. I opened the door and wondered if Ron would already be there. I imagined if he was that Maria might already be sucking on his cock. Instead it turned out that I had arrived before him. Maria was beaming with anticipation and looked fantastic. She had dressed in a sundress that buttoned all the way up the front. She had left a bunch of buttons open at the bottom so I could see she was wearing stockings that I assumed were held up by a garter belt. As I closed the door she came into my arms and we shared a hot kiss. I felt her ass and could tell that she was indeed wearing a garter belt and appeared to not have any panties on either.

We both jumped a little when the front door buzzer went off letting us know that Ron had arrived. A minute latter he was at the door and inside as well. He gave Maria a big hug and kiss. I watched as he did the same thing I had done and as he grabbed her ass to feel for the telltale signs of the garter belt and no panties.

We knew that we didn?t have a ton of time and we also all knew what we were there for. We talked briefly as the three of us quickly ended up on our large couch. Maria was in the middle with a guy on each side. My cock was already rock hard and making my pants tent up in the front. Maria leaned over and started to kiss Ron while I kissed her neck. Maria had her hand in each of our laps rubbing the growing bulges in our pants.

While Maria was kissing Ron I started to undo the buttons on her sundress starting from the top. I went down button by button till I reached her waist. Her beautiful 36D breasts filled out the front clasp bra she was wearing. I undid the hook and pulled back the cups of the bra to expose her breasts. Almost right away Ron and I attacked! Each of us took a breast in our hands and brought our mouths down on a nipple. He sucked while I sucked as well. Maria let out a moan and started to squirm on the couch. We all knew how sensitive her breasts were. Ron and I also both loved her breasts. Each of us could play with them for hours.

As we both sucked and fondled her breasts Maria groaned more and more. I reached down with my other hand to feel Maria?s pussy. Ron must have read my mind cause he beat me to the punch. I found his hand had arrived just before mine and was feeling how juicy wet Maria was. I looked down and saw him put a couple of fingers inside of her and start to wiggle them around. I went back to sucking on Maria?s nipple while Ron finger fucked my wife. Maria?s moans stepped up a notch and I could tell she was very close to cumming. Finally she said, ?It?s almost too much. Please let me have some cock now.?

Ron stood up in front of Maria. I knelt down on the floor in front of her and started to finish unbuttoning her dress. There were only a few buttons left to go and soon I was pulling the dress to the side. Maria was wearing a very sexy white garter belt with patterned white stockings. Maria leaned forward and the dress fell away from her body. She also took the time to take her bra the rest of the way off so all she was wearing was the garter belt and stockings. I spread her legs and started to lick and kiss on the sensitive skin between the tops of her stockings and her pussy lips. I looked up to see her undoing Ron?s belt. As I slowly teased her with my tongue I watched as she unbuttoned Ron?s pants and lowered his zipper. She pulled down his pants and reached inside of his underwear for his cock. She pulled it out and pulled down his underwear more and started to lick the head of Ron?s cock. It was increadibly erotic to watch this while my head rested on the soft skin of Maria?s thighs.

When Maria first started to lick on Ron?s cock it was still a little soft. It was soon very hard. His cock was very different than mine. While my cock is about 7 inches long and of medium thickness Ron?s cock was shorter but very thick. I watched as Maria?s lips formed a wide O as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. Maria can deep throat my cock so she never had a problem taking Ron?s cock all the way into her mouth. I went back to licking Maria as I watched her suck and lick Ron. I decided to stop teasing her and lick her pussy some. I spread her lips and started to lick down at the opening of her pussy. She was soaked. I couldn?t believe how wet she was already. She tasted delicious and I licked up her juices. I then started to move further up towards her clit. I started to tease my tongue around her clit while she still sucked on Ron. Her groans were muffled because her mouth was full of cock.

My own cock was about to burst out of my pants. I was wearing a pair of jeans so it was almost uncomfortable how tight it was. I decided that I might as well start to get undressed myself. But first I wanted to drive Maria a little crazy. I licked and sucked Maria a little more till I could tell that she was just about to cum. She started to moan, ?oh, oh, OH, OH...?, and then I stopped and stood up. She let out of moan of frustration and went back to work on Ron?s cock. I watched her as I pulled off my shirt and then shoes and socks. I could tell that Ron was getting a fantastic blow job that day. Maria seemed to be in a very horny sexy mood that day. I wanted to feel her lips on my cock as well. I pulled off my pants and underwear and moved over to stand next to Ron.

Maria saw me standing there with my hard cock and looked up at me and smiled with her mouth still full of cock. She then sucked Ron all the way into her mouth and then pulled her lips slowly up till she was swirling her tongue around the head. Then she licked her hand to get it nice and wet and started to give Ron?s cock a hand job. She looked over at me and said, ?Oh yummy, another cock to suck?? She grabbed my cock with her other hand and started to suck me. I almost came right there. She looked so sexy with a cock in each hand.

Maria started to suck us both. We had done this many times and Maria knew exactly what to do. She would go from one cock to the other. She would have a cock in each hand and whatever cock she wasn?t sucking she would be slowly stroking. Sometimes I didn?t know what felt better. Her sucking me or her giving me a hand job while I looked over and saw Ron?s cock in her mouth. Every once in awhile Ron and I would move our cocks closer together and Maria would take both of us into her mouth at the same time. Ron and I loved the feeling of her tongue running over the heads of both of our cocks while they rubbed against each other in her mouth.

After a good while of this Maria finally took my cock out of her mouth, stoked both of our cocks in her hands and said, ?I?ve got to get a cock inside of me now!?

We arranged ourselves on the couch. Maria on her hands and knees with me behind her and Ron in front. I watched as Maria leaned over and took Ron?s cock in her mouth one more time. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at the entrance of her pussy. She was so juicy wet that I plunged into her in one stroke. As soon as I was all the way inside of her Maria started to cum. She had a hard time sucking Ron as she let out a series of moans and groans. Maria is very multiorgasmic and I knew that she would be cumming almost constantly from that point. I started to stroke in and out of her while trying not to cum myself. My cock was already coated with her juices and she was cumming over and over. Every time Maria would start to cum her pussy would squeeze my cock. Her pussy would pump my cock as wave after wave of her orgasms would wash over her. I could barely take it. I was very close and didn?t want to cum yet. I pulled out and Ron knew that it was time to turn Maria around.

Ron pulled his cock out of Maria?s mouth and said, ?Time to turn around.? Maria turned around and grabbed my very wet cock. She didn?t even hesitate as she took it in her mouth and started to lick and suck all of her cum off of it. I saw Ron line up and get ready to put his cock inside of Maria. I couldn?t see him penetrate her from the angle I was at but I could tell as soon as he was inside of her. Maria suddenly had a hard time concentrating on sucking me as Ron started to stroke in and out of her. I could hear the sounds of her juicy pussy as he started to slam into her harder and harder. Ron liked to fuck Maria hard and fast and was soon pounding her hard from behind. Maria started to cum again, over and over, as she tried to suck and lick me. I almost didn?t mind the fact that she was having trouble doing both at once as it gave me a chance to calm down myself. I loved looking at her face contorted in pleasure as the waves of her orgasms washed over her body.

We fucked and sucked like that for awhile and then Ron said, ?Time to turn around again.? I knew that he wanted to watch her lick her cum off of his cock as well. Maria groaned and turned around and we took up our positions again. I plunged into her juicy pussy again while she leaned forward and started to lick Ron?s cock. Her pussy felt a little stretched out from Ron?s wider cock. It always made me super horny and turned on when I put my cock inside of Maria and could tell a difference from another guy fucking her. I started to get a good rhythm and Maria quickly started to cum hard again. We kept this up for a few more minutes and Ron said, ?Turn around one more time.? As soon as he said that I could feel Maria cum again. She was probably thinking about getting Ron?s nice thick cock in her pussy one more time. She turned around and Ron plunged into her and she sucked my cock. This time it seemed like Ron tried to fuck her even harder and faster. Maria could barely suck me as she came over and over again. At one point I thought she was almost going to pass out from the pleasure.

After a really loud orgasm from Maria, Ron started to slow down. Maria was able to start sucking on my cock a little better and groaned as she took me deep in her mouth. Ron said, ?Did somebody say something about a sandwich?? I almost came right there.

I said, ?Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea. Perhaps we should move to the bedroom??

Maria started to cum. She knew exactly what we were talking about. We all knew. It was our way of saying that we wanted to double penetrate Maria.

Ron pulled out of her pussy and Maria stopped sucking me. We got up and walked to the bedroom. I think Maria?s knees were a little weak with anticipation.

Ron said, ?I would really like the ass this time. Would you mind??

I said, ?Sure no problem.? I really didn?t mind which hole I was in. They both had their advantages in my mind. I knew however that Ron loved to get his cock in Maria?s ass. It was a huge turn on for him.

Maria said, ?Alright, but please make sure you use a LOT of lube.?

We got things ready and I lay down on the bed. My cock was still hard as a rock and throbbing in anticipation. Maria crawled over to me and sat down on my cock. I lifted my knees and fucked her at a nice pace while Ron started to cover his cock with the lubricant. Maria once again started to cum. My cock and balls were already covered with Maria?s juices and cum. I grabbed her head and kissed her deeply while looking into her eyes. We whispered, ?I love you so much? to each other while Ron got ready.

I felt the bed shift as Ron got behind Maria. He started to put some lube around the opening of her ass. Maria held still while he got her ready. My cock was buried all the way in her juicy pussy. Suddenly Maria groaned and I felt Ron?s fingers inside of her ass, putting more lube inside of her. I could feel his fingers probing the inside of her ass on the other side of the thin membrane of skin. As he pulled his fingers out I could feel that as well. I held Maria with anticipation. Her breathing was deep with excitement. I stroked her back with my hands. Trying to help her relax.

We had to shift our legs a bit till Ron got the right angle. Then he leaned forward and I could feel the head of his thick cock pop past the opening of Maria?s ass. Maria let out a scream and started to cum immediately. I lay still just enjoying the feeling of Ron?s cock entering her and Maria?s pussy squeezing my cock. Ron didn?t move for a bit while Maria got used to it inside of her. Then he started to move forward again. As his cock entered her ass I could feel it moving down my cock making Maria?s pussy tighter and tighter. Maria was cumming the entire time now it seemed. When Ron was all the way inside of her Maria?s pussy felt like a vice. She was cumming so hard that it almost hurt my cock. It was like a fist was squeezing me. Even though I was still laying still I knew I would last long.

Ron started to move in and out. Fucking Maria?s ass with steady strokes. I tried to move as well. It was a lot harder for me but I managed to start to slowly move my cock a little back and forth. With both of us fucking her ass and pussy at the same time Maria was going nuts. She never stopped cumming. She felt tighter and wetter than I had ever felt her. Very quickly it seemed I started to feel like I was going to cum. I wanted to last longer and I tried to not move so much. But it didn?t help. I could feel Ron?s cock moving against my cock as he fucked Maria?s ass and Maria was cumming so hard and often, the feelings were just too intense. I started to build to a huge climax. Maria could tell that I was about to cum and I think that made her cum even harder. She started to squeeze my cock hard as she came again and it was all I could take. I exploded inside of her pussy. Filling it with a massive load of my cum. I knew that Ron could probably feel my cock filling Maria.

My cock was super sensitive at this point from cumming but there was no way I was going anywhere! I groaned in pain/pleasure as Ron continued to fuck Maria?s ass. The friction was almost too much but after a bit felt fantastic. I surprised myself by quickly getting very hard again. Just as I started to move a little bit again and the two of us were once again double fucking Maria, Ron started to pick up his pace. We could all tell that he was about to cum. Like she had done with me Maria started to cum hard again in anticipation. Ron gave a grunt, pushed in as far as he could go, and started to flood Maria?s ass with his cum. Ron was a heavy cummer and I could feel his cock spurting into Maria?s ass over and over again. Maria came harder than I ever remember her cumming while Ron came. She came so hard she passed out briefly. Just for a few seconds. I got a bit worried and woke her up by stroking her hair. She shook the cobwebs out of her head and had a huge smile on her face.

Ron slowly pulled out of her ass and went to the bathroom to clean up. I could feel his cum and my cum and Maria?s cum dripping all over me. Maria got off of me and rolled over onto her back. I had a huge puddle of cum on my lower belly. I laughed and got some tissues to clean up. I looked at Maria and she was about to fall asleep. She looked totally spent and content. Her face flushed with the afterglow of a seriously good fucking. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see my cum dripping out of her pussy and Ron?s cum dripping out of her ass. I thought she looked so beautiful and sexy and I thought about how much I loved her. I know that I?m a very lucky man to have a wife like Maria.

Then I remembered I had to get back to work! I looked at the clock and realized that we had been playing for just over an hour. What an intense hour it had been. I quickly washed up and ran out the door with Ron. We were both a little late getting back to work and both very hungry for the rest of the day. But I know that we both really enjoyed our sandwich for lunch that day!

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