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A Night Out (of Control) pt1

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I walk in a local bar and as I walk in I notice two very attractive ladies sitting at the end of the bar. I order a drink and give the ladies a smile to let them now that I notice them. After another drink I notice that they are sitting very close together, almost too close to just be friends. I notice one of them is looking at me and I am certainly looking back. She has this amazing dark red hair and seductive eyes like a cat on the prowl. She then leans over and whispers in her friends her and gives her ear lobe a little nibble. I can not help but notice. I then walk to the bathroom, for no reason but to get a better look at these two beautiful ladies. As I walk past I notice that the red head has her hand place on her friend?s thigh just above the hem of her skirt. She herself is wearing a tight little black dress that is exposing her enticing cleavage and clings tight to supple breast. She notices my eyes on her hand and then slides it a little further up her friend?s thigh. I walk in the bathroom, while there I splash some water on my face and adjust my pants, the view of those two has made my cock hard as steel. I then proceed out of the bathroom only to see the two gently kissing each other on the lips. The redhead sees me looking and then she slips her tongue into her friend?s mouth and slides her hand down across the other girls round ass and gives a little squeeze. My now hard cock feels like it is going to rip through my pants. I make my way back to my seat at the bar. I then ask the bartender to ask the ladies if I can by them a drink. He does and then as he is asking I see one of them smile at me and wave for me to come over. I then walk over; the hott red head in the tight black dress tells "Wouldn't you rather get out of here and have a drink at my place". I am a little surprised but do not hesitate, I tell the bartender to tally there drinks and mine, I pay the bill. The three of us head out the front door; I walk to the first cab and open the door for the ladies. One slides into the back seat but the redhead tells me that she wants me in the middle. I then slid in the middle and the cab is on his way. As the cab pulls away I can feel one lady touch my right thigh and then the other touch my left thigh. The redhead tells me that her name is Candace and her friend is Shauna. I tell her that they can call me Chuck, she laughs and says that rhythms with of our best skill. They then lean across and begin to kiss right in front of me while I watch their tongues playing with each others just darting and out of there mouths. I can feel both of there hands sliding up my thighs, my cock is jumping with excitement. I place one hand on both of there thigh and begin massaging as I slid my hands up. I then notice that neither one of them is wearing any panties and my hands are met by two very soft, smoothly shaven pussy. They are both already moist and warm. They both let out a soft sighs as my hand runs across there tight twats. Candace then grabs my head and kisses me deep in my mouth. While Shauna begins to undo my pants, I feel the cab swerve and I know the cabbie is seeing what I am feeling and is having a hard time driving. I then feel my rock hard rod jump out of my pants. Shauna grabs a hold of it and tells Candace "You have to see this, it is huge." Candace then places her knees on the seat and her head down on crotch. These two beauties have their hands and mouth on my cock and their asses pressed up against the windows. Candace is first to take my cock into her mouth, she slides all of my cock down her throat, she only gags when she feels my cock head touch the back of her throat. She is bobbing her head up and down my shaft while her fondles my balls and pushes her fiends head down making her take my cock deep into her throat. I then slid my hands along there backs and begin to hike up both of there skirts. There two rounds asses are exposed to the others passerby's. I then stretch my arms out so that I can feel my fingers slid across both of there tight assholes and then sliding one finger deep in to each of their pusses. I can feel them kissing across my cock as they take turns fucking my cock with there mouths and hands. I look up and see the cabbie has pulled the cab over and has adjusted the mirror so that he can watch the two ladies swallow my hard cock. I then tell Shauna to lean over the seat a give the cabbie the oral tip he deserves. She bends over the seat and begins taking the cabbies little dick in her mouth and sucking him so fucking hard. As she does that Candace climbs on my dick in the reverse cowboy. I try to slide my cock in her tight pussy but she says "NO, I want that cock in my ass". I can feel her tight asshole slid down on top of my cock head. It is very tight but with all of the spit and saliva on my cock it slides right in her ass. She is now riding up and down on my cock and then I notice that she also has her face buried in Shauna's twat. Shauna is sucking off the cabbie, while Candace is eating her twat as I am pumping my hard cock deep into her sweet asshole. I then hear the Cabbie moan out as he shoots his load deep down Shauna's mouth, the feeling of hot sperm running down her throat makes her cum all over Candace's face. I then feel Candace's ass pucker even tighter, she then lets out this orgasmic scream and I feel sweet juices squirt out her body and the feeling of her ass pulsing on my solid cock makes my dick explode all the way up in her ass. The three of us then collapse into the back seat. Candace then smiled a devilish grin and said ?Are you two now ready to go upstairs for round two?.

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