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My story is an adventure for New Years, This New Year we had some friends over.

A girl I work with who is bi, but she is more into women then men and is currently in a relationship with a woman. We have never had a relationship other than friendship until now, she had no idea we were a lifestyle couple.

Also there was a couple who we swing with monthly, although we had no plans to do anything that night.

Another couple who we are friends with outside the lifestyle was there along with 2 male friends of my husbands, also not involved in the lifestyle.

Also present was some in-laws. After the ball dropped the in-laws who have kids slowly departed, our kids took off to bed and the rest of us were just talking playing spades, and drinking.

Our basement is finished with a rec room, spare bedroom with a full size bed and a bunk bed, and a full bath.

Of course with all the drinking, no one was really drunk except hubby was tipsy.

The couple who we are friends with outside the lifestyle, were talking to my girlfriend and lover, they were curious about there relationship and did not realize until the ball dropped and saw us kiss that we were an item. The women of the couple admitted that she had been with a woman before and that it was exciting but she really likes men. Her husband was a little shocked he didn?t know, he asked her if she ever would do it again she said only with him for fun. He was excited.

Mean while the 2 male friends were chiming in that they know plenty of bi-females and that they have had 2 women before.

From there everyone started admitted what he or she have done, including me. We have been in the lifestyle for about 7 years active and 3 more talking about it.

You could feel the sexual arousal in the air. Everyone was looking with those eyes?s that say. I Want You. The idea of we should have an orgy popped up, my girlfriend and her lover were the first to say cool, which shocked me and they started to work on the wife of our non-swinging couple, before long everyone was naked and playing.

I started sucking off the two friends of my husbands; one was very well hung close to 10 inches, an at least 3 inches across,hubby say?s more like 12, the other a solid 7 1/2. They rotated each one of them fingering and stroking my wet pussy while licking me so softly, while I was sucking the other off.

Hubby meantime was playing with our lifestyle friends? wife pumping her pussy while her hubby was pumping her ass while the new couple?s husband was sucking her tits. She likes multiple men

Normally I am only into getting banged about 3 times then I am wore out, normally its 2 and out, hubby and one other male. I like being with another couple and eating her out after her partner has fucked her, and having the same done for me, after hubby has fucked me. This orgy really got me hot and horny. I was ready to get fucked??I DID!

Normally our lifestyle friends, her and I play, the guys watch then we pair off with each others partner?s and get fucked then we play a little more and then get fucked by our hobby?s and then finish by eating each other?s cum filled pussy out. I also love facials cum on my ass, tits etc. I do not do anal and no one other than hubby cums in my pussy.

So as time progressed I wanted cock, so I got banged by the 7 1/2 inch guy, I told him I wanted his load on my tits after a 10 minute fucking he obliged and to my surprise shot a load like I never seen before, I was shocked He kept shooting load after load , after load. I was covered as if someone poured a glass of cum syrup all over my nig 44d tits/

Hubby and other 2 guys, was hammering our lifestyle friend the wife of the couple, hubby loves her because she likes anal he had her in the ass.

The 3 girls who were playing with the strap-on proceeded to cum to me and started licking the load of cum off me, while they were doing that the other guy with 10 inch proceed to slide into my cum filled pussy an pound me and did he pound me. He asked the girls which one wanted to have his load, my friend and her lover both wanted it. He pulled out and shot cum all over their faces with a decent size load. Nothing like the other guy, they proceed to play with the cum between them, then to my surprise the 7 1/2 inch male was rock hard again. Really never went soft, he proceed to fuck the ever living shit out of our new life style friend, and again to my surprise he pulled out and let a never before seen load go all over her stomach and tits.

I and the other girls proceed to lick it off. By this time hubby and the other two guys were done each fucking the women of our lifestyle friends. They along with the girl came over and then it was a free for all.

The 7 1/2 inch guy fucked me a total of 3 times; he fucked a total of 7 times. Each time splashing an amazing same amount load. Hubby banged me once, the 10 inch guy got me twice, and the newly broken in couple?s hubby got me once.

This was my last though which is quickly drowned out by the loud groan coming from the man that has been between my legs. The 10 inch man?s body is on autopilot as his cock explodes inside you. A big grin fills your face as you observe the pleasure this man has extracted from your body. He liked my pussy he said it feels like its being sucked all around it with you pussy gripping it.

He pulls himself from your dripping thighs and says, that was wonderful. YES, you say, forgetting the rules no cum in your pussy. I t felt so erotic to feel him shot a load in your pussy washing the back walls of your an leaking out the sides as he pumped you to a orgasm.

You look up at your girlfriend. Her face is beautiful and flushed with the excitement of sex. She smiles down at you. You look at her breasts with rock hard nipples. Looking down the rest of her body, you take a deep breath and feel yourself getting even more turned on. She is wearing a strap on and she is moving towards you.

Although beautiful bodies surround you, hands are touching you all over and a cock is being jerked off right next to your face, you are completely mesmerized by the sight of your girl friends strap on. Oh God, you think to yourself, a woman you have known for years is about to fuck you silly with a big blue strap on.

Hi sweetie, she says as she grabs your legs and pushes them up towards your chest. I told you this would be fun, she coos. YES, you say. Do you want me to fuck you with my big blue friend, she asks, with the devil in her eye. PLEASE, you say.

10 thousand thoughts race through your head as her fingers press into you, getting you wet a ready. What will being fucked by a strap on feel like? Hell, what will being fucked by a woman feel like? How will she be pleasured? What else is in store for me?

You feel the tip of "big blue cock" pressing against you. Your body moves to get the angle just right and then you feel it enter. You groan, loud. The man jerking off next to your face begins to cum and you close your eyes as his load begins to turn your chin white.

Your girlfriend is doing a superior job of filling you. It is a different motion (from men), you think, as she bucks back and forth. The cock slides in an out of you with ease with all the cum around it. Not like a man at all, but very, very pleasurable. She now places her fingers on your clit and you gasp. Two new women are cleaning the cum off your neck and chin with their tongues - occasionally kissing you deeply.

Lost in everything going on around you, you notice that your girl friend's trusting motion with the wonderful big blue phallus has ceased. You look up from the kissing to see why. A very handsome man is behind her and he presses her forward and down onto you. She is still inside you but not able to move in this position. Her face is between your breasts and she begins licking and kissing your chest. Her body fells warm and soft against you skin.

Behind her the man with the 10 inch cock is pressing his cock into her wet pussy. You know the second he enters her - her moan and her strap on pressing deeper into you tell the story. He is really filling her you think to yourself oooohh I have felt that big long cock in me?filling me stretching me.

Your moan begins to sync up with hers as his driving cock is pressing into her and she, in turn, into you. This is over the top and you begin Cumming in between thrusts. You can feel him pounding her with every thrust. She starts moaning even more you can feel her cumming all over that cock that is pounding her. As she starts orgasm he fills her full and you orgasm as well. Cum is coming out of her as well as you and the 3 girls all come over, start licking him, your girl friend and you.

A new cock appears above you and a beautiful one at that. Directly over your face its two well shaved balls are lowering towards your mouth. The cock is right there in your friends face and she opens her mouth to accept it. You begin licking, sucking his balls and catching occasional glances of your friend's mouth wrapped around the cock in her mouth.

So much is going on and your mind is racing, trying to sort it all out. You feel almost not connected to your body at all. So much pleasure, so many cocks. Your body begins to shutter and you feel your friend becoming very ridged. She is about to cum again and so are you. So is everyone, your mind guesses. And with that, your mind gives in - no longer able to think straight you become sex.

With your last thought before the orgasm takes you, you promise yourself to only say YES and PLEASE for the rest of the night. You want to stay in this feeling all night.

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