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A Lot Of fun

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My wife Merrian and I had been married for 10 years. We had met in college and I just had to have her. She had long beautiful red hair and was built just like I liked. She was 4? 11?? and weighted only a hundred lbs. We were both virgins when we got married. Until then I got my finger wet a lot and she learned how to do hand jobs for me.

After we got married sex was the best. We learned together and from books. I will never forget my first blow job. Merrian was the one who wanted to do it and when I exploded in her mouth she climaxed with me. Every time we did she would cum when I did. She had multiple organisms. She could get very loud at times. Occasionally she enjoyed talking dirty and I did too. For fun sometimes when we were in public I would whisper I want to fuck you and her face would get flushed and she would say yes.

We both had our fanaticizes and would tell each other. Her favorite was stranger, stranger and mine was a threesome with another woman who we would both do. We were comfortable with ourselves and what we did.

One day I brought a mens magazine home and we both looked at the pictures and read some of the sexy stories and at the end of the magazine were swinger ads. We read them and were intrigued by the idea that couples would meet and swap partners. It tweaked our interest and we talked about it. After several months of talking and reading many ads we finally decided we might like to see what it was like.

I bought a local swingers magazine from our area. Actually we hoped to find someone we knew already. We also put an ad in ourselves with a picture of us both. Our ad described ourselves as new and with the wife being Bi-curious as Merrian wanted to help me with my fantasy, although nervous about what it might mean. About a month later we got a response and we were all excited as we opened the envelope.

A picture dropped out and Merrian said oh and I said what and Merrian said I know her. I said who. Merrian said we went to school together and were friends in high school. Her name is Dee and she moved away when she got married. We read the note that came with the picture and it asked, is that you Merrian, I hope so. We have never done this before, but are very interested and the note included a phone number and saying call me.

It suddenly got real and I asked her are you sure you want to do this and she said yes we have talked about it right, I said right. Merrian then said I am feeling like a very bad girl. I said you are sometimes and we both laughed. We could both be very bad at times. Merrian phoned her and they went out for lunch to talk.

When she got home she said it was great seeing her again, you will like her. She is a beautiful woman. Her and her husband Dan has been talking like us and thinks they want to try it like us. She invited us over this weekend for a pool party and barbecue. Her husband Dan has the same fantasy as you and we talked about it. We are both willing. I accepted. I said ok.

We arrived at their home in the afternoon and Dan met us at the door. He was a nice looking guy taller than me and as we walked in I could see him checking Merrian out knowing what was on his mind. Dee came out of the kitchen and I seen her for the first time and I said oh yes to myself as I looked her over. She was a blond with big boobs and a slim waist. We all had drinks and sat around talking. We spent the day drinking eating and just getting comfortable with each other, knowing well what was planned for the evening time after it got dark. It was to be a midnight naked swim and once in the pool the girls would trade places. The only light would be moonlight.

Evening arrived as it got darker the anticipation increased. I had my doubts, but thought it would be fun and no harm would be done. It felt strange thinking of Merrian giving it up to another guy, but she had told me she was willing if I was willing so here we were and it was nearly time.

Dan and Dee went to one end of the pool and got naked and Merrian and I at the other. All we could see was shadows of each other. I noticed as Dan got in the pool he was already up and at the ready. I was as well. It was a very exciting time for us all.

Merrian and I did some kissing and she reached down and stroked me and whispered you are sure ready, I laughed and said so is Dan, and she just said oh I am nervous. I said me too. Finally the time came and Merrian started her trip to the other end of the pool and Dee started toward me. The trade was complete. When Dee got to me I put my arm around her and we sat there quietly for a few minutes. Dee looked down at what she was about it get and whispered oh a big guy. I have about eight inches and big around.

She was in front of me facing the other end of the pool. I pressed up against her so she could feel my cock against her butt and she gasped and I said that is for you. She said yes I know. I could see Merrian and Dan at the other end and they were very close to each other. I seen her kiss him as her back was to me. I turned Dee around and we were face to face and I kissed her and pulled her in close. The kiss was warm and wet and she put her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder. I could feel her boobs against my chest and her nipples were hard.

I whispered to her you feel so good. She said you feel so hard and big you will fill me up. I put my hands under her butt and lifted her up and with her floating pulled her in and slipped my cock into her pussy and went deep. She moaned oh yes and I felt her shutter as I slowly fucked her. She was so hot. She kissed me passionately and pushed against my cock and said oh yes give it to me. I looked to the other end and Dan had lifted Merrian up on the edge of the pool and was down on her with her legs hanging over his shoulders. I heard moaning and then she climaxed on his face. She would get off many times before he was finished with her. I told Dee and she said he will like that, he loves making me cum.

I said cum for me and pushed in deep and she shuttered and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she grunted and gave it up to me. In the shadows I noticed Dan looked over at us and he knew I had just got his wife off. She whispered to me you are very good, Merrian said you were the best. I said turn around and before she did she disappeared under water for longer than a minute and sucked on me and took me deep. When she came back up she was gasping for breath and kissed me and said I just tasted myself and you. She turned around facing Merrian and Dan and I went back in and rode her some more.

She could see what Merrian was doing. They were both out of the water and Merrian was on top of Dan riding him hard. Although everything was in the shadows I watched my wife fucking Dan. She was having fun I could tell. I heard her cum again and again as she rode him. I was the only man she had cum with until now; it felt strange watching her giving it up to him.

I pulled Dee out of the pool and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees on the matt there and went into her from behind. She looked back at me and we made eye contact and I could see the pure lust on her face as I fucked her. She moaned and said yes fuck me. I did for a long time. She grunted several times and got off again.

I suddenly got very hard and big and said I am going to cum and she said wait and swung around and took me in her mouth and I exploded down her throat, pulling out still squirting on her face and down on her boobs. She looked up at me with my cum all over her face licking it off and said that was a Dee special.

I collapsed next to her on the edge of the pool and we both looked down at the other end. Dan had Merrian in front of him doggie and she was moaning and groaning as he gave it to her. Suddenly he went rigid and grunted several times and we knew he had just exploded in her pussy. The fell together on pool side and suddenly it go very quiet. We all got back in the pool to clean up and the two girls made the trip back, pausing in the middle to kiss each other several times. A preview of coming attractions I hoped.

We all sat in the living room changed. I think in some shock.

I asked Merrian if she was ok and she said yes it was fun and how about you watching me. I said it was strange but I am ok if you are with watching me. She said I am.

We spent the night and the next morning we all went out for breakfast. Everyone seemed to have recovered from the night before. Merrian and Dee were watching each other closely. Merrian had told me the night before that she was real nervous about having sex with Dee, but also excited.

We took a drive out into the country and had a picnic and walks. Merrian and Dee went off a lone for their walk and when they returned were both a little flushed obviously turned on some. Merrian told me that when they were alone they did a lot of kissing and had gotten turned on before they stopped. She said it was fun and she is so soft and sexy. Later we were going to do 2 separate threesomes for us guys.

I was to be first, lucky me. When evening arrived I went back to the bedroom and waited for the girls to join me. They arrived dressed for the part. They were wearing short gowns low cut and their butts showed just below the gown length. I thought wow I am a lucky man. They joined me on the bed one on each side of me. Merrian smiled and said hi bad boy are you going to be bad for us. Only as bad as you two are. Dee said well we want to be bad.

I kissed them both and I felt a hand on my cock and my bottoms came off and Merrian was the first to go down on me. Dee watched her sucking me and pushed her head away then she was sucking me. I thought my turn and pulled away and lowered my head and went down on Dee. She opened up for me and I moved between her legs. I looked up at Merrian and she was kissing Dee as I licked her. Merrian played with her boobs and finally sucked her nipples. Dee was hot with all the attention. I looked up again and said to Merrian want to join me down here. Merrian was turned on by what she was doing to Dee and I reached up and pulled her down. I licked Dee and pulled back and said to Merrian your turn. Merrian leaned forward and tasted her first pussy. Dee looked down watching her first woman licking her and gasped and shuttered at her tongue. I whispered to Merrian take over and rose up and moved behind her.

Merrian had her butt in the air and her head down and I slipped into her pussy and she grunted and buried her face in the pussy in front of her. Dee opened wide and Merrian really got into what she was doing to her. I made eye contact with Dee as I gave it to Merrian and she smiled at me. Merrian gave a muffled grunt and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and licking Dee she climaxed. Dee was thrusting forward and lost it and gave it up to Merrian, suddenly getting very wet she shuttered and came hard.

We were all lying there panting and I pulled out of Merrian and fell down next to them both. Merrian moved up and I watched them kissing and tasting each other as they came down. I made eye contact with Merrian and her face was all wet. Finally she said that was wild.

We all laid there together recovering and I kissed Dee and said do you want to do Merrian and she smiled and said yes that is why I am here. Merrian and Dee kissed several times and Dee pulled Merrian on top of her and pulled her up. Merrian looked down and lowered her pussy down onto Dee and Dee licked her first pussy. Merrian gasped watching Dee licking and sucking on her pussy and moaned oh yes good.

I moved around and went down on Dee as she licked Merrian. She was very wet and I was still hard and then slipped my cock into Dee. Her legs came up into the air and I went deep. So Merrian and I fucked Dee together me in her pussy and Merrian riding on her mouth and tongue. The room was filled with the smells and sounds of sex. Merrian held her face in place and grunting came in her mouth gushing and I lost it and exploded in her pussy at the same time. Dee moaned and with a muffled grunt got off with us both. It was the perfect fuck for us all. The room got quiet and we all fell apart. I had my fantasy and so had they.

I left the two girls on the bed and got dressed and as I was leaving they were holding each other and kissing. Dan would be next in a while. Dan was sitting in the living room as I entered and he looked up and said sounded like a wild time form here. I said yes we have two wild women on our hands. We had a beer together and allowed the ladies to recover. After a while Dee called out to Dan and he got up and headed for the bedroom.

I listen to them doing their threesome and hearing skin slapping against and moaning and the sounds of them fucking really turned me on. After a while it got quiet and a few minutes later the three of them joined me all looking like I just got fucked. It was clear we all had a good time with each other and as we were leaving Dee and Merrian kissed each other promising we would do it again soon. We get together with them every couple of months and Merrian and Dee have gotten very close. The last time they talked about buying a strap-on and both were excited about what that might be like.

Any way after we got home we talked and agreed we liked playing around some and would probably do it again.

The next week we got our second response to our ad and opened the letter. They were a young couple and it was their first time answering an ad. Their picture showed a very attractive couple. They were Don and Betty. They were both 22 and wanted to explore. Merrian and I are in our late thirties. Our oldest son is 22. I thought wow young stuff. Merrian said it would be like having sex with our son and his wife. We had to think about it. Finally we answered their letter saying we would like to meet them for a drink the next weekend. Our ad had clearly stated that Merrian was Bi-curious so they knew what we were looking for answering our ad.

Merrian was excited about having sex with her second woman as she had really had a great time with Dee. I was still surprised at her doing it. We met them at a local bar not too far from our house. The minute I seen Betty, all doubt disappeared for me. She was absolutely gorgeous. Don was over six feet tall and Betty was tall as well. She had big boobs and very long hair right out of a playboy centerfold. As I said earlier Merrian is only 4?11?.

I watched Merrian looking up at Don talking to him. He could look down her top and she noticed him checking her out and flushed a little knowing what was on his mind and hers. I focused on Betty and she made eye contact and I could tell she was nervous. Merrian was focused on Don and openly flirting with him. Betty watched her husband focused on Merrian and turned back to me. I asked her to dance and when we were on the dance floor she seemed to relax a little.

We had two dances one fast and one slow. I loved watching her boobs bounce during the fast dance and she noticed me watching them and flushed a little knowing what was on my mind. During the slow dance I could feel them pressed against my chest. She was so soft and smelled so good. When we got back to the table I wanted a smoke and headed outside and invited Don to join me. When we were outside I asked him what was on his mind. He said Merrian is beautiful and I knew what was on his mind. I said Betty too so he knew what was on my mind.

I asked do you and Betty want to come over to our place. He smiled and said definitely. I asked if Betty understood that Merrian would want to do her and you both. Don said that Betty knew and was willing although it would be her very first time doing anything with another woman. She is very nervous about doing anything with anyone as I have been her only man until now. She was a virgin when we got married and feels like one now thinking about doing what we are doing here. I said I will be very careful and slow with her. He said thanks. I asked are you sure you want to do this, it is a big step. He said yes Betty and I have been talking about wanting to do this for several months and we are ready, just nervous is all.

When we got to our place I made us drinks and turned the lights down low. We sat in the living room for a time chatting. Merrian and Betty were sitting close and Merrian leaned over and kissed her softly. When they parted both were a little flushed by the kiss. Merrian got up and moved over to Don sitting on his lap and I joined Betty on the couch. Merrian looked over to us and said you could show Betty the rest of the house, which meant she wanted to be alone with Don. I said good Idea and stood up and offered Betty my hand and she looked over to Don and he nodded a yes. Yes meaning he knew what I was about to be doing with Betty and what he and Merrian were going to do.

Betty got up and took my hand and we headed down the hallway towards our bedroom. I was really ready for this lovely young girl and she knew it. When we were alone I asked her are you ok? Betty made eye contact with me and smiled and said oh yes just a little nervous; Don and I want to do this. I am excited. I said good. I moved over to her and kissed her and her breathing increased some.

I said you are very beautiful and I would love to see you naked, will you undress for me I love watching a woman undressing. I felt it was a sigh of surrender when a woman was willing to take their clothes off for a man and expose themselves. She said Don likes it when I undress for him and unbuttoned her top. I turned my head as I heard sounds coming from the living room. Betty paused for a moment listening to what Don and Merrian were doing. They were already into it. She knew Don was fucking Merrian as we listened. I saw some lust creep into her eyes. I said to Betty Merrian is going to be a very bad girl for Don; she has been looking forward to this evening all week. Betty said me too. She continued removing her clothes as I stood there watching.

First her top came off and her bra. She was really big and her boobs dropped down and I thought wow right out of playboy center fold. I could see her nipples were already hard and asked turned on? She said yes. I said me too and she looked down at the bulge in my pants and blushed and said I can see. I removed my shirt and moved over to her and gave her a hug pressing against those wonderful boobs. She gasped at my touch. I kissed her and whispered I am going to really give it to you, do you want it. Tell me you want it. Tell me you want me to fuck you. She gasped at what I was saying to her and said I have never said that to anyone. I said you will have to ask me before I do. You do want me to right? She made eye contact and said yes.

I slipped my hand down and under her skirt and pressed a finger against her pussy and her panties were damp. I said just say Jim I want you to fuck me and I will. Be a bad girl for me. Don will never know just how bad you can be with a strange man you just met. Kiss me and whisper in my ear that you want me to fuck you. I pressed harder on her pussy and she shuttered at my touch and her legs opened slightly. I whispered I am going to slip it to you and fill you up and ride you hard. I am very hard for you now. I slipped a finger in her pussy and she was very wet and said oh that feels so good. I said my cock will feel even better when you tell me you want it.

I said just look me in the eye and say I want you to fuck me. She turned her head and kissed me and I probed her mouth with my tongue and she opened and her mouth and gave me her tongue. She was holding on to me tight and we made eye contact and she said I want you to fuck me. Her eyes were very bright and wide open as she asked me to fuck her. I said I am going to and I am going to make you cum for me. I slipped a finger in deep and she shuttered and climaxed on my finger crying out. I said now you are ready and said take the rest of your clothes off and stepped back to watch her. Her face was red and she was obviously turned on and soon was naked standing there with her head lowered. I removed my pants and shorts and my cock was standing tall and she looked down and gasped as she could see what I was about to give her. I seen her mouth silently oh big and I said you can handle it I will take you slow and easy and moved over to her and said now. I directed her to lie down and I moved in and she spread her legs open for me. I made eye contact with her as I slowly slipped into her She was so tight. I took her slow. I slowly moved in deeper and deeper until I was all the way in. She grunted and said oh you fill me up and shuttered and climaxed again holding on to me tight as she came. Se wildly was kissing me as she got off. I said good girl.

I began the ride as she was very wet and I was deep in her. I fucked her hard and fast and you could hear how wet she was. The room was filled with the odors and the sounds of sex with our skins slapping against each other. She held on to me panting and moaning oh yes fuck me. She was learning. I whispered in her ear I love it when you talk dirty to me. I said you are a great fuck; you are so tight and wet. I am going to fuck you a long time.

I slowed down to make it last. I rose my head up to listen to the sounds coming from the living room. Don was grunting as he gave it to Merrian. She was breathing hard and moaning oh yes, give it to me. Loud sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the room with the sounds of fucking going on.

I turned Betty over on her tummy and she raised her butt in the air knowing what I wanted and what she wanted. Most of the women I have had over the years have all told me that doggie was their favorite. So I climbed aboard sitting on her butt and slamming it to her. We were making a lot of noise and I was sure that Don would be able to her from the living room that I was fucking his wife. I wanted him to know she was giving it up to me. Betty grunted and had another cum loudly and I heard her say oh yes fuck me as she got off.

We all four were in the living room again all had that I just got fucked look. The time for the girls was rapidly approaching. Merrian was to be the teacher as she had been there before. The two girls were sitting on the carpet watching each other. Betty was flushed and her eyes wide open as Merrian moved over and sat next to her giving her a kiss. Betty watched as Merrian reached out and felt her up. She gasped at her touch. Merrian took her hand and Betty felt her first boob other than her own. While Betty felt Merrian up Merrian leaned in and gave her a nice warm kiss lingering longer and slipping her tongue into her mouth.

You could see that Betty liked Merrian kissing her and was getting turned on by the kisses. The two ladies sat there kissing and feeling each other up for a time. The kisses were getting passionate. Merrian pressed on Betty and she and Merrian stretched out next to each other still kissing. I watched as Merrian slid her hand up and under her skirt and Betty moaned as Merrian touched her pussy under her skirt.

Merrian moved her hand under her skirt and we heard her say oh you are very wet knowing she had just gotten her finger wet. As Merrian fingered Betty grabbed her hand and thrusting forward and opening her legs moaned. She fell back panting and making eye contact with Merrian as she continued to finger her. You could smell the odor and hear the sound of how wet she had become. Merrian Slid down and slid her skirt up and slid her panties down and off and went down on Betty. Merrian licked her second pussy. Betty gasped and spread wide and pulled her knees up giving Merrian full contact. Betty made grunting sounds and gasping for breath and looking down watching Merrian licking and sucking on her pussy lost it. Shuttering and thrusting upward Betty gave it up to Merrian and exploded on her face. Merrian rose up her face all wet and pulled her skirt up and her panties off and pulled Betty down to her pussy. Merrian was so hot. Betty only hesitated for a moment and then buried her head between her legs. Merrian looked down at this lovely girl licking her first pussy and you could see the lust on her face. Merrian held her face in place as she licked her and grunting several times exploded on her face leaving it very wet. Betty was so excited she climaxed again. She looked up and said that was incredible and Merrian said no you were.

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