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cuckolded, my story

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My wifes name is Kristine and she cuckolds me. We didn?t start out this way and I have to say, it was never an intentional road. It just presented itself and because of the personalities involved, it was a perfect kink. We got married 7 years ago but had known each other before then. And our marriage has been great. It is still very loving (though some may not understand our form of love) and we still have romance and still go on vacations together. Cuckolding is a part time reality and a full time fetish for us.

Kristine had always been a dominant personality from day one of our relationship. It never bothered me and in fact, I was turned on by her independence. She could have chosen anyone the way I saw it. And she chose me. So when she insisted on moving in with me after only two months, I didn?t even consider saying no. And when she moved in, she took over. Every room was re-arranged and cleaned. She wasn?t a bitch about it, she just went and did it. The place looked great, what did I care?

Six months later we were married. And for the next three years, we had a great marriage. Sure, she was very demanding in the home about how things got done but it didn?t bother me. I liked the structure, even if she was never really pleased. Sex was amazing more often than not. Kristine was always aggressive sexually so she was horny all the time.

We never discussed kinks much. We had toys and used them a lot but beyond that, never talked about bdsm or alternative stuff much. Just here and there in passing. What happened was really quite by accident. One night, Kristine and I had been partying pretty hard. With the right mix of booze, Kristine turns into a major bitch. This was one of those nights. She was ragging me about a lot of stuff but she was also horny and wanted to fuck. I wasn?t in the mood since I was being yelled at. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down. I was not erect. She flicked the head of my cock with her finger, looked up at me and said, ?your cock is small?. I was stunned. She said it again, staring at me. ?your cock is small?. Within five seconds I was hard. This did not go unnoticed.

Kristine stroked me and started to insult me, ?you know honey, this little thing doesn?t please me. That?s why I have to find real men to fuck me. You want to see a real man fuck me don?t you sissy?? I came. I?ve never cum that fast but it was unstoppable. I came hard. Kristine got this devilish look on her face, smiled and cleaned me up. Now, Kristine had never been with another man. We did everything together so it was pretty impossible she was fucking around. But there it was. She said the words.

For days I toiled over her words. Was she really fucking someone else? It fucked me up in the head and Kristine picked right up on it. As we sat down for dinner, she placed my dish down in front of me and said, ?I met him this afternoon again baby, he is so much better than you?. And she sits down, waits about thirty seconds and says, ?stand up?. I stand up, exposing the tent in my pants. She makes me stand there like that ?until your little cock goes down?. I stood in shame for over 10 minutes because my cock would not go down. She had already finished her dinner. I had a cold steak.

Kristine took to her domme role like a fish to water. She relished making me suffer and I felt helpless to stop it. I didn?t want to. She literally got wet humiliating me (I know this because she would show me). And in the privacy of our home, I was her ?sissy boy? and she was ?maam?. I took complete care of her and in return, she would taunt me and find unique ways to embarrass me.

But Kristine is demanding. She is not one to beat around things and when she sets her sights on something, there is really no stopping her. And Kristine was obsessed with the idea of getting some strange cock. She talked about it all the time, but it was clear she had not fucked around on me. Virtually every sex session for the next couple of months involved her talking about some guy she wanted to fuck.

Finally, one night I told her, ?you have a hall pass?. Her eyes lit up and she literally ran across the room to hug me. We had some amazing sex and there wasn?t any talk of another man. It was an awesome night. Actually it was an awesome week.

Then, the following weekend, as if it was nothing, Kristine announced she was going on a date. She got dressed up like a total slut (she does ?slutty? very well) and made me stand in the bathroom naked the entire time. It was embarrassing, because I knew what was going to happen. I was hard of course. Kristine said, ?I?ll tell you everything honey. Feel free to jerk it off if you need to?. And with that, my life as a cuckold began.

Kristine went on several dates with this man before announcing she was bringing him home. Kristine said it was always her intention to keep it at home, she just needed to be comfortable with him first. I just kept wondering who ?him? was. I had already been told he was a vastly superior lover with a much larger cock and the right kind of ?attitude?. But beyond that, I knew nothing.

Saturday came and it was the night ?he? was coming over. Kristine seemed really nervous and I kept telling her I was ok with this and accepted she needed it. She was gracious and thanked me but was still pacing a lot. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I went over and opened it. Standing before me was Kristine?s boss Joey. I turned back and looked at Kristine confused. She said, ?Honey, I think you know Joey, I think you need to let him in?. I just stood there stunned while Joey ? a guy we?ve had over for dinner and been at social events with ? walked in the door, straight over to my wife and grabbed her by the hair, kissing her like he owned her. I closed the door.

As I turned back to them, Joey pushed my wife to her knees and said, ?greet me properly Kristine?. Kristine unzipped his slacks and pulled out his cock. Yes, he was bigger than me, very large balls too. My wife kneeled before him and blew him like it was her first blowjob. She worked him for a good 5 minutes before he announced he was going to cum. Kristine held her head back and mouth open and took every drop. I was so fucking hard, I couldn?t see. I literally had to run into the bathroom and jerk off. By the time I came out, they were gone.

I didn?t see my wife until Sunday night.

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