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It had been over a year that have lived with Brandi and working with her at the bar where she got me the job after getting me out of a commercial laundry sweatshop, I had made enough money to buy a 6 yr. old Mustang and even with sharing expenses at her apt. was saving at lest $500 a week. There was also the benefit of our amazing sex life and as a now 36 year old fit woman I appreciated my limited time with the young exciting Brandi. But she had her own interests with other women and men but it was all cool.

Today I awoke naked in my bed at her apt. with an incredible champagne hangove. Slurping water at the sink, I recalled the night before. Brandi had arrived home on my night off about 2am with two bottles of chilled Dom and as I had a couple beers and shots under my belt and clearly so did she, it was party time. She wanted to walk the beach and we headed out with the bottles in an ice carrier and wandered down the beach in the bright full moonlight. Tiring soon we plopped at waters edge and then sharing the first bottle Brandi got to what she wanted. She wanted to know all about my time in prison at the hands of the crook lawyer I had worked for and "leave nothing out". I had resisted prior questions but with our relationship, and all she had done for like dropping my probation and getting me out of the sweatshop I started assisted with liberal amounts of chanpagne;

When I was turned in to the state prison to begin my 3 yr. stretch for embezzment and perjury it was a young 30 yr. old slim blonde girl with long hair and scared to death. With good reason as in short order I as stripped naked and subjected to my first cavity search, my blonde trusses reduced to collar length, and sent to a cell to await orientation into the rules of the facility. After a week of orientation I was assigned to another cell in the max wing due to overcrowding. HERE, BRANDI WANTED ALL OF THE DETAILS OF WHO, WHAT, HOW, ETC. For the first time in years, tears filled my eyes as I described my first week working in the kitchen when I was led by one of the trustees, a slight black woman, to the storeroom to get cans and was greeted by three other black girls who grabbed me, locked the door and in short order I was slapped, punched, shoved to the floor and my coverall top was shoved down and I was confronted with the naked hairy pussy of the largest and ordered, "eat it, bitch!" I struggled at never even seeing another womans sex close but the beat down continiued until I finally opened my mouth shoved into her crotch to taste her pungent lips on my face. "lick it you white whore!" I heard but couldn't. I then heard the others behind me and they rushed away and I was left on the floor, breasts exposed and my face smeared with her wetness. I stunbled back into the kitchen all seemed normal with the order to ladle eggs to the inmates! BRANDI WANTED TO KNOW HOW I FELT BUT I COULDN'T ANSWER The next night after lights out at 10pm I awoke to the sound of the cell door opening and the same four black women quietly came into my cell and started beating me. I was not a fighter, I had been a secretary! I tasted the blood in my mouth and the hands pulling my arms but recall vividly being forced to lick and suck each of their pussies, or as they ordered, "eat that cunt, whore!" And I did. When they were done with me, they stripped off my coveralls and dragged me to the cell door declaring that now I paid for them? From the punches, and being bent over to lick them all I was weak so when they walked out of my cell dragging my naked body to the door on my knees I was faced with a uniformed groin in front of my face. I heard the words, "suck it like you suck lawyers" and with tears streaming down my face and blood running from my nose I took the stiff black cock in front of me into my mouth wrapping my hands around its girth and fucked it into my mouth. Thankfully, it wasn't long before fingers entwined into my hair that cock erupted into my mouth and down my throat. The cell door closed and I collapsed naked on the floor. Gathering my coveralls I dressed and cried myself to sleep on the bunk.

This went on once a week for a month and the beating became less violent as I learned to just service them and at one point the leader "Big E" the large first black woman in the storeroom had me brought to room and as an initiation I had been instructed to enter her cell, strip naked and crawl to her bunk to just follow her commands as to where to put my mouth and tongue. Her minions stood watch and watched while I had anoint her ample ass with kisses and tongue her asshole until she sat on my face to grunt an orgasm. Two more weeks of that and was told I had been sold to the Chikas, an Hispanic gang that ran the laundry and my transfer was imminent. I was crying at that point telling Brandi but she wanted more. HOW DID IT FEEL? DID YOU GET ANY PLEASURE? I couldn't go on but Brandi was relentless with her questioning. We walked some more, opened the other bottle and plopping onto the sand I went on to how I became Leila's property after being sold.

to be continued.....

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