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Yea! Your Sex Takes Me To Paradise!

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Just like clockwork she checked in exactly one hour before our scheduled meet up time. I thought to myself "This girl is a professional or very courteous. I guess we will find out. I got there sooner than I had anticipated. Avoiding the early morning traffic by taking the wider streets right next to the highway. The gps told me that I had arrived so I parked where it told me to park. Checked for the parking restrictions and looked for the street number on the building. A minute later she texted me letting me know that she was ready and to let her know when I was getting close so that she could tell me where to park. When I replied that I was already there she showed up a few minutes later to let me in the iron clad gate. Great apartment building managed by an excellent company. I was already impressed. When I found her waiting by the gate. I could hardly believe that was her. She looked even better than her nude photos online lol . . . Dark black boots with high heels up to her knees, what seemed to me to be a miniskirt too short to bend over in lol . . . a cute blouse and beautiful face. Santa came early for me I guess hahaha. Full of tattoos, but oh so sweet. Who cares if she has tattoos it's the person that counts and she was definitely a knock out. We made small talk as we navigated through the maze of corridors to her sweet spot. Nice new building. Clean and comfortable. Ah I could hang out here hahahaa. I could sense that behind those tough girl tattoos was a sorta shy and innocent girl covering up something. So we sat on the sofa not wasting any time as she stood in front of me between my legs and revealed that under the miniskirts she was bare ass naked. What a great surprise. A freshly shaven smooth pussy with a pair of pussy lips just barely peaking out to see who is there lol . .. Bending over slowly to give me a better look, I could see that she was already wet and glistening. I appreciated what I saw so I carefully glided my hands softly over the curves of her body and around her perfectly proportioned meaty ass cheeks. Grabbing them for a good feel of what I was going to be working with soon. Pop one boot comes off so I do the same with my shoes. "Can you lick my pussy?" she asks. "Of course" I reply without stumbling over my few words in anticipation. Interesting . . . a pussy ring. Chrome and set in place claiming her clit before me. Ok, I'll work around it. With perfect skin complexion all over I think I only found one tiny dot birth mark. Just like some of the models I photographed in the past. Soon we were both completely naked and taking our time. I am sure she has little to no body fat and a small waist line I couldn't help but wrap my arms around to bring her close to me. While I was licking her pussy, she bent over from a standing position and began to suck my cock. "I love sucking cock!" she gasped. "I love my cock being sucked. I replied. At some point I remember squeezing my cock as hard as I could to inflate the mushroom head as large as it could go since it was one of her sexual fetishes. She enjoyed wrapping her mouth over and around it. We stayed there for some time then she finally sat down on the sofa to continue her mouth fuck. I watched in amazement how focused and intense her movements were. I combed her hair with the back of my fingers and grazed her naked body where ever I could reach. She then asked me to rub her clit with my cock so I did so without thinking. At first rubbing her clit with my cock head doggy style. Teasing it left to right. Catching some pussy juice along the way then front to back near her ass hole. Then back again and gyrating my plumb cock to her moaning for more. In an instant I pushed my cock head half way in to get a feel for what she would let me get away with. Then kept rubbing her clit area. She didn't complain or scream out condom so the next time I put my entire cock head inside what was now a very wet pussy. Amazing! If felt so good inside. "Fuck Me!" she said loudly. In a more commanding tone. How was I to say no. I told her that I was enjoying myself watching her arch her back up and down so I went in all the way at a very slow pace. Her body was like being on a trip of ecstasy I imagined. Her movements and voice alone were enough to make me ejaculate. A little too much so I had to resist and control my climax. I explained that to her since I know she ached for a good pounding. Grabbing her hips like holding on to a steering wheel. Ready for a fun ride. I pushed as far deep inside her as I could. Our bodies completely joined from head to toe then pulling it back out to the tip. She loved how deep I went and made sure I knew it. Over and over again we did that to the point where she asked if she could get on top to get an orgasm. Once in a while I gave her a good shake of a few pounding strokes while her pussy juices slurped in joy and welcoming. She quickly then turned around from being on all fours on the soft plush sofa to sitting back deep into the cushions. Pussy wide open for me. I dove right in and licked her clit again and again. Now she grabbed her own ass with her arms over her own legs and her feet almost to the wall. Feeding me her pussy in a very flexible yoga position. She then pulled me in to give me deep French kisses. I loved each and every one of them. We were very much into each other and not holding anything back. I thrusted my cock deep inside once again and did what I call a cock push-up where the only thing in contact between us was my cock and her pussy, then going back to the wonderful deep sensual kisses. After a while in controlling my excitement. I could feel the cum building up then lowering as I slowed the pace down. Now it was about to explode so I asked her what she would like to do with my explosion. "All over me." she said in a soft sexy voice. So I came all over her hard body stomach. Like running a race and winning first place lol. What a release. She quickly grabbed a towel from the restroom to clean each other off with then made our way to the floor on a nice soft thick blanket. She wanted to continue sucking on my cock and enjoyed my licking her pussy so we indulged in pleasing each other. Her head resting on my right leg and my tongue deep inside her pussy lips as we were on our sides. Once my cock was hard enough she asked again if she could ride it. "Yes." I replied now that the first ejaculation was released. I sat on her couch as she positioned herself to get the most stimulation from the slight curve of my fully erect cock deep inside her. She looked like she was on a fleshy merry-go-round enjoying her ride. Rubbing the sides of her pussy walls creating a self inflicted climax using my cock. I reached up for her girlish like breasts to give attention to her erect nipples. It didn't take long. She let me know that she was cumming and relaxed over me as if she just ran a marathon and needed caressing. We stayed there with her head and arms on the sofa seat as I hugged her in total peace and quiet. "I needed that. That is why I couldn't sleep last night." she explained to me. "Well you passed the verification phase!" I joked with her as we laughed. Next time I will bring a friend to keep her mouth and hands fully occupied as she made those suggestions in the heat of the moment. "Now I am ready for a nap." she admitted. Texting me at 4 in the morning, I knew she was tired so I got dressed, kissed her and left happily. On the drive home I heard a perfect song to go with our experience by Bruno Mars so I turned up the volume and sung along in my private concert: "Your Sex Takes Me To Paradise. Yea, your sex takes me to Paradise! And it shooooows! Yea! Yea! Yea! . . .

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