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My wife and I have been swinging since dating. Now together 40 years we pretty much stoped playing with others. As we got older my sex drive became out of control. Unfortunately I can’t fuck the way I use to. So I get my wife off with my mouth, toys and exchanging stories. One night while playing with each other I told I the thoughts of her telling me she wanted to fuck a couple of my friends when we were dating was driving me crazy. We both used this many times to get each other off. The orgasms we had were great . I jacked off hundreds of times to that. I fucked other girls when I was young with my friends and knew we were all good fucks. One night when we were having our pillow talk I told her about these events. She was very jealous, not about me fucking others but about it not being her. I came instantly. She asked me many questions and I answered all in detail. She told me she would still fuck two of them I’m still friend with. I told her they both probably think about fucking her but that we would never know,Until about a few months later. Now I know if I presented a plan I had to them both one would probably jump all over it. One friend maybe not because of our close back to my plan. My birthday was coming up and my wife wanted to take me to Atlantic city. My friend happened to be a big gambler and she asked him to get us a suite. When the big day comes we go to check in and she told me he was going to try to meet us later on for dinner. Now my wife is about 5 foot 145 and beautiful double d tits. To big to go braless but still gets many looks. My friend meets us at the restaurant and we have a nice dinner with a few drinks . We go and gamble a little and then hit the bar for more drinks . Now when my wife drinks she likes to talk . The talk sometimes gets very hot. Now my buddy knows a lot about us having talked to each other about sex our whole life. So we are all feeling pretty good and he says he’s going to leave us to celebrate the way he knows I like. He leaves and me and my wife head up to the room and get undressed. As we start to fool around I get a call from him and he says his car is giving him problems. I tell him to just come up and stay with us. My plan was to get him to stay anyway but I chickened out. So now I’m saying maybe this is ment to be. My wife said don’t worry I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. I’m thinking fuck that. Now my wife didn’t bring any clothes to sleep in so I told her to just put my shirt on .when he came up to the room we started drinking again only thist we all got fucked up so he passed out on the couch and we went to bed. I wispered to my wife he’s out cold and we could at least get ourselves off quietly. She was hesitant but I guess she was hot enough to go for it our play eventually turned out to be great after she came she said let’s go to sleep. I came also but I was still hot from fucking he with my best frien 15 feet or so away from us . We started playing again only this time while I was getting a blow job from her my friend got up to go to the bathroom. My wife likes to suck cock while she’s on her knees as it reminds her of the way we use to do her when we would swing back in the day. She would always talk about the few swing friends we had and how they would come up from behind and just fuck her. Those were the days. While my friend was in the bathroom I told her I think he say your ass while he defiantly say you sucking my first she was mortified. So we stopped till he got back on the couch. After a few minutes we were back at it. Only this time now he started out sleeping in his jeans and now he was in his underwear. I whisper in my wife’s ear guess who’s watching and is playing with himself. At this point my wife didn’t care. When she is on the brink cumming she will let any one fuck her. Now the person she fantasizes about for years is watching her in action. My wife cums and she is not done. She can cum all night long and now is the time she is going to get what she wants . My friends cock. I guess the drinking got to us all. My friend thinks we’re done and pretending to be asleep he turns over. Mt wife say your turn to watch. I’m hard as a rock , we shared many girls when we were younger but not my wife. I know he would have loved to fuck her when we were younger but now both of them in there late 50 is going to be better . As my wife became more of a slut every year. He will now see who has been getting the best sex. My wife gets out of bed with just a open dress shirt gos over to him and puts her hand is his shorts. She turns to me and says your right his cock is big. He’s in shock but how can resist a hand on a cock especially when secretly you always wanted to fuck her. He was very nervous at first but when he turned around and and started moaning we knew he was game. My wife first stuck her tongue down his throat as we talked about many times. It was a very hot show she was putting on but this was only the beginning. He started felling those big tits he only say in a bathing suit and now he’s playing with them. I think in the heat of the moment he forgot I was there. After sucking on them for maybe 10 minutes I hear my wife say stand up. She then drops to her knees and looks him in the eyes and tells him she has wanted to suck his cock since we all were kids. Puts it in her mouth and is grabbing his ass and going to town on it. He looks up and sees me watching and pulling in my rock hard cock. Now use to be about 8 in but over the years I lost about an inch maybe more. His cock was still about 8 1/2 in with a really big mushroom head that I later found out my wife loved. I put him at ease and told him she knows about all the girls we use to fuck together and she has wanted to be one of them. I also told him we have had many threesomes before with guys and girls. I told him I also wanted to tell him about them be didn’t want him to feel different about my wife. As my wife started sucking him again he came back to life . Now things started to feel right. We started talking to each other while he was getting his cock sucked by my wife of course about what we are going to do to her. And while jerking my cock now very close to them I told him I want to just watch for a while. We were all so fucking hot. He took my lead for the rest of the night. He said he was about to cum and I said enough. I told my wife to get on the be play with you pussy while we watch you for a while. That didn’t last long I told my buddy this is going to be the best pussy you ever tasted. As he went down on my wife I came as she did in like two minutes.i came all over her face and when she finished getting off he looked up and saw how I came all over her big tits. But now it’s time for the good stuff. He gets on his knees and puts his cock in her now soaked cunt . He was in heaven an so were we . He fucked her easy at first till she really started talking dirty to him and said just use my pussy the way you fuck your young girlfriends. He did for about 3 min said he was going to cum. She told him to pull out and cum on my cunt and I said to him do it. He did and she came again and he came with her . I said we’re not done I couldn’t take it any more I jumped right on that pussy and fucked her like I was 20 again. He watched for a while and I told he to put his cock in her mouth . She was now out of control getting what she wanted for years. I pulled out and had her suck the both of us yes she had two friends cocks in her mouth. When I said I was going to cum he pulled out and was jacking odd next to her face I wanted him to see her take my cum in her mouth. Now he got real excited and said he was about to cum . Now my wife never let anyone fuck her without a condom but tonight was different she didn’t even tell him to put one on and I know well he tells me he only fucks with condoms so this was a first for both of them an I didn’t mind at all. So as he is ready to cum I hold my wife’s mouth open and tell him to cum in it and boy did he cum . She took it all . The first time I saw her do that. It was unbelievable. I didn’t mind he is by best friend and we all enjoyed . We were all spent an silent. We said we will talk in the morning. More to cum ,from Brooklyncoup4u

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