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Wife describing to me our second swing party

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We decided to go to another swinger party at a hotel because a black guy named Tyler that we have been talking to was going, and wanted us to come meet him there! We had been sending pics back and forth, and he said he really wanted to fuck me! I wore a red mini skirt with a black lace tank top n black boots! We walked in and right away a black guy came up to us, but it was not Tyler who we were meeting there. This guy was hot and his name was Don! He said "I've never seen you here before, is this your first time"? We said no, but our first time at this one! He smiled and said "I would love to be your first tonight at this party"! I told him I was meeting Tyler, and he said "the night is young, maybe you can have both of us"!! I said hmmmm I would love you both at the same time!! He smiled and said wow that is hot! A few minutes later Tyler walked over and we had already had some drinks but he had a shot in his hand and leaned over and kissed my face and said Im sooo glad to finally meet u and cant wait to touch you and feel your sexy body!! Here is a shot to relax you, then kissed me again! We did our shot and was feeling very good!! Then you went and got another shot and glass of wine and told me you would be back in a while as you were going to check out the scenery. I was sooo ready to be fucked!! The music was on and Tyler took me out to dance and he was grinding me, kissing my neck and his hands were all over my ass and tits too!! I was dancing so close to him and kissed him!! All of a sudden I felt someone very close to my back and a pair of hands on my stomach. It was Don! Tyler said oh are you fucking him too?? Who is first?? I was soo turned on that I said both of you at the same time!! They were shocked but very excited. We danced some more and we were all sweaty but sooo turned on! I loved having them both touching me all over as we danced, I was getting soo wet that I almost came right there!! Tyler started kissing my neck again and I said Omg I need to feel your bbc inside me now!! Tyler took my hand and walked us into a room where there was a round bed!! It was soo hot!!! There were handcuffs on the bed too, which I knew would be on my wrists soon, but didnt care I was sooo horny!! As soon as we walked in Tyler was taking off my clothes and Don was taking his off. I could not help but to stare at his huge bbc that was sooo hard and sticking straight out, it had to be at least 10 inches!! He said do you like what you see? I said yes, I want to suck that bbc now!! He came over and laid on the bed. I got in front of him on my knees with my pussy and ass high in the air, while sucking his cock! It was sooo big!! I was licking and stroking it all over and then Tyler came over and started licking my pussy and even my ass hole. His tounge was sooo deep in my ass, I was moaning and trying to keep sucking Dons cock, but I was soooo turned on that I could not stay still! I was moaning as I was sucking and saying yes that feels sooo good and then would tell Don how much I love his bbc and how great it feels in my mouth!! Tyler then took me and laid me on my back and handcuffed me to the backboard . When I saw his cock, my eyes popped out!! It was even bigger than Dons!! Don started licking my pussy and Tyler was putting his cock in my mouth and all over my face. Then he would suck my tits and lick me all over!! I yelled fuck me, OMG please fuck me hard!!!! Don shoved his cock in my pussy, omg I almost cried it felt sooo good!!!! He was so deep, my pussy was pulsing!! He asked me how I like his cock, and I was screaming OMG, I love it!!! It feels so fucking good!! I kept moaning yes yes yes omg yes!!!! Your cock feels amazing!! Fuck me, fuck me, keep fucking me!!!! Your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy!!!! OMG!! Don told me he was going to fuck me whenever and where ever he wanted, and I begged him to please dont ever stop!! I will be your slut and do whatever you say!!! Tyler was touching me all over and kissing me, saying thats it baby, fuck him hard cause your going to fuck me next!! Don started going faster and harder I screamed Oooooo yessssss ahhhhhhhhhh Im going to cum!!!!! I came all over his bbc!!!! I was still handcuffed and Tyler shoved his cock in my mouth and started to cum deep down my throat and said I loved hearing you moan like that as you came, it made me cum!! His cock was so thick in my mouth and I could feel it pulse everytime he shot his cum in my mouth!!!! It was so amazing feeling his cock cum!!!! Don was still fucking me and as soon as he saw Tyler cum in my mouth he pulled out and came all over my face and tits!! I had cum everywhere!! Tyler took the handcuffs off me and put me on my knees and had me hold open my ass cheeks so his huge cock could go in my pussy!! He wanted to watch it going in and out my pussy!! He smacked my ass few times and I was soooo excited and so so wet! Don was on his knees in front of me and I was licking his bbc clean, sucking off his cum and mine from his cock! I was looking at him and telling him how good his cock tastes!!! I loved cleaning his cock so much!!! I felt so slutty!! Tyler was pounding my pussy sooo friggin hard it hurt, but the feeling of being a slut for these two black studs was better!! It was something I never felt before!! I was sooooooo into it and loved being fucked like this!! He smacked my ass again which turned me on even more. I started screaming FUCK ME FASTER!!!! Tyler was going as fast as he could and I was still sucking Dons cock! I started to cum again and this time it was actually pouring out my pussy!! I was lost in lust and cumming non stop!! I yelled OMG, fuck my ass please!!! I want that cock in every hole, I love it so much!!! Tyler used my pussy juice to lube my ass & slowly entered my ass!!! I pulled Don's cock out of my mouth and screamed OMG, I love your cock!!!! It feels so fucking good in my ass!!! OMG its so full!!!! Tyler then started fucking my ass faster and faster!!! I yelled OMG Im coming sooo hard!!!! Yes yes yes fuck me!!! Omg I love your big black cock!!!! I have never cum that much before ever!!! Don came down and started licking my cum from my pussy as Tyler was still fucking my ass, which was sooo hot!! Tyler pushed his cock deep and shot his cum deep in my ass and it was dripping down my pussy and Don was still licking it. He came up and started kissing me so I could taste my own cum and Tyler's cum too off his tounge, it was sooo hot!! Tyler grabbed my hair and told me to suck him clean, I was still on such a high, I just obeyed and sucked that beautiful black cock like a real slut!!! I loved the taste of my ass on his cock, and all of our juices mixed together, it was such a turn on!! I asked Don to please fuck my ass & then let me clean ur cock too!!! Tyler started jerking off and grabbed my hair and held me there and came all over my face and lips as I sucked his cock!!! It was amazing hearing him groan and explode like that!! Don said he was about to cum, so I begged him to cum on my face too!! He pulled out and I swallowed his cock as he held me tight and came so hard in my mouth as his body twitched. It was hot pleasing both of them like that!!! I loved it. We were all soaked and exhusted!! We all laid on the bed as they both kissed me and I said that was sooo fucking amazing and soooo hot! Tyler and Don got up and said they hope I come back!! We all got dressed and went back out and grabbed one more drink and I found you and we left!

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