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Wife cucked me with family3

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So I went off to bed. Susan spelt on the couch,, i smelled coffee brewing when I got up,, had a piss hard on so I relieved myself and heard Susan on the phone with someone,, I figured it was that damn Jill,, she had been the one that changed Susan,, or at least that’s what I thought,,, so I head in kitchen and pour me a cup of coffee and Susan slides her cup and says make mine too,, real smart ass like,, but I make hers first then mine … she says would u you ou like breakfast,, caught me off guard. I said sure babe,, she laughed and said I want my eggs scrambled,, light toast and sausage links!!!! I stood there a second and she barked now!!! So I got the pans out and started her breakfast.. she said we need to talk,, and that means I’ll do the talking and you listen,, when I’m done you can agree or disagree but it’s gonna be the way things are from now on,, and she proceeded to tell me from now on I’ll be her slave, her servant, in every aspect she wanted. And I’m no way could I ever refuse her.. if I did I was out,, then she explained how her and her buddy Jill had changed the house , cars, 401-k, my boat and even my damn vette into her name period,, I knew that fuckin Jill was trouble,, but she had more help,, she said her dad and mom told her about the land I had in the mountains,, and the 2 savings accounts I’d had since I was a kid. Those had over 200,000 grand in them,, I couldn’t beleive it,, she barked don’t burn my eggs,,,, I was just havin a hard time taking it all in,,I ask her. How did you get mom and dad to help,, she said well me and your mom have compared you and your dad for years,, how much more of a man he was ,, how she handled all the money,, how she used his big fat faux to control him,,, she said your mom used to bring men home and make your dad watch her being fucked,, she said he’d sit in a chair and jack off. That big dick going to waste,,, so one Friday nite she had his boss from the mill in the back room and she made your dad suck his dick and get him hard,, well that got your dad a supervisor job and you a god father,,, bullshit I said,,, she looked at me and said Mike your dad does what your mom says. Am I right? I said yes, well so will you,, if not , I’ll love out sell the house and you can start over,,,,yes or no she asked? I stammered well,,, yes or no!!!!! Ok,ok. She smiled and said good. I think you’re gonna like our new arrangement!!!! Now eat and go get dressed we re goin to your parents for burgers this afternoon!!! We ate, I cleaned up the kitchen,, showered. , packed a cooler hot out towels ,, and she hollared ,, come in here!!! She was standing butt naked in front of the mirror,, she handed me a razor and said get me trimmed up. I wanna look good in my new bathing suite,, Susan had a beautiful pussy. A clit like a thumb and her pussy lips hung as well,, I gently shaved and trimmed. She did thank me and said I could lick her clit as a reward,, and I jumped at the chance,, but she stopped me and said that’s enough ,, I’ll have someone do that later,, so we loaded up her keep and took off across town,, mom And dad had a 10 acre plot of land out in the country. Very private and a big pool. We pulled up and there was jills car,, my heart sank,, I hate that bitch,, there were 2 other cars I didn’t recognize,, I got the cooler out and carried it around back Susan went in the house,, I got in back and. Dad and that damn Brian and 2 of dads buds from work were out there already swilling beer and playin cornhole,, great. ,,, about that time Susan , Jill and mom come out all wearin thongs,,, even mom. Geez. Have they turned her into a whore too. Or did she them? They all grab a lounge and start the cackling and turn up music. ,, soon there all 3 up dirty dancing. And flirting up the other guys. Rubbing there asses and tits on them. , then I see mom grab one of dads friends crotch. And he grabs hers back,, dad just smiles. And Susan and Jill are humping on Brian. Next thing you know mom pulls off her thong and bends over table and the guy shoved his dick right in her pussy. I’ve never really seen moms pussy but I’ll say the thong couldn’t cover the big patch of hair,,, and her asshole was hairy too,, the guy had a dick not to much bigger than mine. Man he went to town fuckin her. And she was loud too,,, dad was cheering her on ,, mom yanked his trunks down and took his dick in her mouth,,, the guy fuckin her let out a scream and filled her hairy pussy with his load of cum,,, he backed up and dads other friend took his place,,bam. Right in that full cunt ,, he was getting sloppy seconds and dad was still getting sucked. I looked over and Brian had Susan bent over ramming his huge black dick in her as she ate Jill’s shaved pussy making her scream and cream,,there I stood lookin like ned. With a hard dick ,, the second guy fucking mom came in her too. He pulled out and dad spread her cunt to show all the cum,, then he shoved his big dick in mom and ducked the hell out of her,, she was hollaring and her oussy was farting and making squishing noises and ol pop rammed it home and dumped a gallon of cum in her. ,, when he pulled out her pussy let a 10 second fart,, man that’s when I knew the deal. Susan was standing beside me and grabbed my arm and Brian had the other. , they pushed me down and let mom come over ,,, she squatted over my face and grunted and pushed a gallon of cum in my mouth,, she squatted on down and ground her used up fat old pussy in my face till I choked and sucked all the cum out of her. It took about 20 min and she came 2 more times. The whole time Susan and Jill were laughing. Sayin. Mikie. It’s only just begun!!!!!!

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