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Why I Have a Husband and a Boyfriend - A Hotwife Perspective

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Why I Have a Husband and a Boyfriend (hotwife, cuckold)

When I tell people I date other men because my husband can?t get hard enough to fuck me anymore, they often seem to think this means I don?t have sex with Hubby anymore. After all, what can he do for me now that I get my pussy filled elsewhere? Contrary to what others may think, my husband and I share a variety of sexual activities that I really enjoy.

My husband's body is pretty average. He's several years older than me, about 30 pounds overweight, and is nobody's stud muffin. But the important thing my husband gives me is the pleasure of owning him and having him worship me. When he was younger, he was actually very hot, and I did everything to please him. Now, he's just my little Hubby, my cucky. I have taken the dominant role in our marriage, and we have never been happier.

My husband makes my little cock - I?ve made it clear to him that it belongs to me now - available for my pleasure whenever I want it. I rarely let him try to fuck me. He usually can?t get hard enough or last long enough to really fuck me, and he almost never pleases me that way. But I love to play with my cute little penis or to make him jerk off for me while I pleasure myself with my magic wand. Our sessions almost always include plenty of pussy licking. I have instructed him on how I like it, so he has become very good at it.

Occasionally I encourage Hubby to try to fuck me, mostly so I can taunt him for his limp dick. I know it sounds mean, but he really gets off on the humiliation. It just depends on my mood - and what Hubby wants doesn?t factor into it at all. Usually, I just like to suck and play with my little cock and make sure Hubby knows I own it. I play with it as long as I like, and then I stop and make him eat my pussy.

I always come first, and I almost always come last. If Hubby doesn't come, I usually give him permission to take care of it himself later. I wouldn't want my cute little cock to lack attention. But Hubby is always required to get my permission before he comes. Even if I?m not there, he has to call or text me for permission before he masturbates. Usually I let him, but not always. Sometimes, I give him permission to take himself to the edge, but not to come. It?s all about keeping him submissive and eager to please me. I know some hotwives cage their hubbies, but I haven?t done that yet. Maybe I will someday but, right now, I think it?s hot to control him through sheer force of will. My husband is completely obedient, so he calls me for permission to even play with my little cock, much less to come. I think a chastity cage seems redundant and might actually make him less obedient.

Hubby really enjoys it when I mock or taunt him, daring him to ?try to fuck me.? I always imply he can?t get the job done, and that really seems to excite him. Sometimes, he actually gets hard and fucks me hard enough to make me cum. I like that, but I always make sure he doesn't get the impression we are doing it for him. I always tell him his cock isn?t hard enough or big enough to really please me anymore, but I want a reminder of why I have a boyfriend. I usually push him off me before he comes - especially if I?ve had an orgasm - and order him to jerk off for me. That seems to drive him over the edge. Of course, after he comes - sometimes on my pussy, but usually on my tits, feet or stomach - I make him lick it all up while I tell him what a pathetic lover his is. Then I make him go down on me until I cum. He is in heaven and I get such a rush from the sense of power and control it gives me.

My boyfriends tend to be the complete opposite of my husband. I look for a guy with a nice butt, nice abs and a really hard cock. For me, size is less important than how hard it is. And I want him to be able to fuck me well and fuck me often. My boyfriends are usually several years younger than me. You might think it's tough to get hot young guys interested in a forty-something woman with just an average body, but you would be wrong. Young guys just want to fuck! They really don't care what a woman looks like if she's openly interested in having sex with them.

If I want a new guy to fuck me, he almost always does. And, once he fucks me, I can almost always get him to be my casual boyfriend - to fuck me once or twice a month for as long as I want. How? By keeping it simple and making it worth his while. When I am with a boyfriend, I like to focus on his pleasure. Of course, I am happy if a boyfriend likes to lick pussy, but I don't expect it. I would never criticize a boyfriend's oral efforts, though few of them are as skilled at it as my husband. Fortunately, my boyfriends usually just want to fuck. That's good, because that's exactly what I want from them.

I let my boyfriends come wherever they want to - in my pussy, on my tummy, on my tits. If they would rather come in my mouth then that?s what we do. Some guys get a kick out of spewing it on my face and, even though I don?t ?like? it, I love how slutty it makes me feel. When I was single, I would have felt cheated if a lover didn't give me an orgasm on a date. As a married woman, I don?t really worry about it. I want to be fucked hard, deep and repeatedly for as long as he can keep going. I put all of my energy into being the best piece of ass my boyfriend has ever had. That's another secret to making a hot young guy be your boyfriend. As an older, married woman, I have the experience and freedom to please him like no young, single girl can or will. It?s amazing how uninhibited I can be with my boyfriend when I know my adoring husband is waiting at home to give me as many orgasms as I want.


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