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What a story

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This story was told to me by a man who had chatted with me seversl times but to far to visit.

We met up with Ian, who was a 56-year-old man with a 7" cock. He is an accountant for a major corporation, married, but obviously interested in some extra-marital experience. We met in the restaurant-lounge (bar) of the Holliday Inn, and talked for about 30 minutes to make sure we all were on the same page. We were sitting around a small round table and there was a group performing that was quite loud and required us to lean in to hear our conversation.

Ian was quite plesant, and was plesantly surprised when my wife slid her hand up his leg and caressed his cock about 5 minutes into our introductory conversation. I knew what she was doing, and it was somewhat funny to be engaging Ian in conversation while I knew (D) was stroking his cock. He was quite the actor, showing no signs of the activity beneath the table.

D is quite forward, and took the liberty of unzipping Ian's fly and inserting her hand into his trousers, where she found his rigid cock. So while D was stroking Ian's cock, we were all maintaining the semblence of a normal conversation. Of course it was not time at all before Ian was exploring between D's legs for her pussy, and the two of them were quite engrossed in genital exploration while I pretended to maintain the semblence of a normal conversation.

When the conversation turned to whether or not Ian might be interested in accompanying us to our room, he was quite quick in responding in the affirmative. Of course at that moment, his cock was quite hard and totally in the grasp of D's hand, so it took a few moments for him to be able to remove himself from the table and get thing put back together enough to exit the dining room.

When the 3 of us arrived at our room, there was a moment of awkardness, as we figured out how this might proceed. D made everything easy, by unzipping Ian's pants and pulling his cock out for everyone's approval. Ian has a nice 6" cut cock, which was quite thick. D ushered Ian to the edge of the bed, where he sat, and she proceeded to suck his cock.

In our correspondence, Ian had indicated that he was quite comfortable with sucking my cock, so I undressed completely, and began stroking my cock while watching D suck Ian. When I became erect, I moved my cock in the proximity of Ian's mouth, and when he felt it touch his cheek, he opened his eyes and took a few seconds to survey the situation. Then he grasped my cock with his right hand and slid it into his mouth.

So everyone was getting their genitalia sucked, except D. She was giving, but not getting, and after about 5 minutes of mutual sucking, we disengaged, and Ian undressed, making for an equal playing field, wherein we were all totally naked. At this point, we all moved fully onto the bed.

What followed was quite enjoyable. Instead of immediately embarking on an orgastic immersion into sexual debachery . . . we just talked. We exchanged stories of our sexual experiences, while D was stroking Ian's penis, and Ian was caressing D's pussy, and D was stroking my penis. It was a very enjoyable conversation.

Of course conversation goes only so far, and soon Ian was atop D and fucking her in a slow rythmic fashion, and I became the spectator, jacking my cock as I watched them fuck. Ian was obviously pleasing D, and her verbal outbursts encouraged him to pump deeper and more forcefully.

You cannot imagine how sensous it is to watch your wife getting fucked by another man and enjoying every moment of it. Ian was a good choice, and proved to be a good lover for D, and I let them fuck to completion with no interference.

After they had both cum, we joined in a grand cluster hug, with legs intertwined, and sliding on the fresh issue of Ian's cum that lubricated our movements as we embraced and enjoyed the release of sexual tension we had all just experienced.

After a few minutes, Ian moved his hand to my penis, which was still quite errect and unspent. He methodically jacked me until I indicated I was about to cum by my guttural grunts. To my surprise, he took my penis in his mouth and I exploded in the willing envelopment of his mouth. He sucked until I had nothing left, and when I was spent, he slid his tongue down along my shaft and lower until he was licking my balls.

At this point, I was totally engrossed in my own pleasure, and it was not until later that I noticed that D had begun sucking Ian's resurected penis. It was quite erotic to watch my wife suck Ian's cock as he continued to suck mine.

Soon, Ian became engrossed in his own enjoyment, and he abandoned my cock to place his attention on D's sucking his cock. D sucked him to completion for a second time, and though I was jacking my cock as I watched, I was not able to cum a second time . . . that is until Ian began to eat D's pussy, and I watched her pulse and tense with a multi-wave climax, and watching her cum by virtue of Ian's tongue, released in me a second climax of indescribable porportions.

At that point we were all spent, and D proceeded to pour us all a glass of wine. For the next 30 minutes we all lay naked on the bed, sharing small talk, and several times D placed Ian's limp cock in her mouth and gave it a brief sucking, only to continue our conversation, as though she was not sucking another man's cock.

You cannot imagine how sensous it is to watch your wife suck another man's cock. It is quite amazing how jealousy plays no part in that.

So, all-in-all, I guess my report is that everything worked out just as we had hoped . . . maybe even better.

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