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Whale Watching

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Inappropriate behavior When I opened my email and saw I had received a message from my Master with this title, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up?I immediately knew I was in trouble.

?Your behavior during the last few days has been reprehensible and will not be tolerated. ? He went on to detail a list of violations. ?Before going to the business dinner last night. I had looked at then menu and told you what you would be ordering. The menu item description did not include carrots as part of the meal. Yet when they were served on your plate, you ate them without my permission.?

The list continued. ?Twice during diner, you crossed your legs, which you are aware is a non-no. You left three sips of wine in your glass, wasting my money.? I could tell his temper was flaring as he wrote this.

?At home, your behavior has been just as bad. You failed to leave the toilet seat up for me after using the bathroom on Wednesday, meaning, I had to lift it. Two of my shirts you hung in my closet had wrinkles. When I brought that girl home last night, the pillows on my bed were not straight, which was embarrassing. And when you served her and I breakfast in bed this morning, the toast was cold. The water in the shower you turned on for me this morning was nowhere near hot enough.?

He continued.

?You asked to use the Internet yesterday, and I was nice enough to give you permission to do so-for 15 minutes. I checked the bill- you were on for 17 minutes. I left the television on a specific channel, and it was different when I got home, which mean you watched television without asking me firs if it was okay to do so. And to top it off, I told you to run five miles yesterday and the pedometer on the GPS on your phone showed you only went 4.7 None of these behaviors are acceptable...?

?I don?t know who you think you are lately but apparently you need a little reminder that I am in control. I am the boss. You do what I say and you exist to serve, service and please me.?

?Meet me at Casino Exclusive at 4 p.m , room 2332 to receive your punishment. I will be whale watching.?

I thought about a rebuttal, as I had one to many of his complaints, but I knew better then to argue. I simply replied ?Yes, Sir.? and went back to work, wondering what whale watching was?knowing that I would soon find out. Being that we live in the desert, I assumed he meant something to do with fat people.

I arrived at Casino Exclusive at 3:50 p.m. I waited downstairs at the bank of the elevators, knowing it was not acceptable to arrive early. At 3:56 p.m., I got on a an elevator to the 23rd floor. Unfortunately, some little tourist kid had pushed every floor, and the ride took longer then I thought. ?Hurry, hurry.? I prayed silently, glancing at my watch, as a pit in my stomach grew. My knees were trembling.

When I knocked on the room of the door, it was 4:02 p.m. I hoped he wouldn?t notice my lateness, but the blazing angry look in his eye as he opened the door clearly indicated he had noticed.

I entered the large modern suite to see a rather good looking man sitting on the couch, waiting for my arrival. I was secretly pleased..usually punishments involved men who I would never have an even remote attraction to physically.

?I thought you said you had her under control.? He said angrily to my Master. ?If you can?t even get her to listen to you and show up on time, how is she going to take care of business tonight? She had better not embarrass me, is all I can say.? ?Don?t worry,? My Master retorted. ?I will take care of it. Calm down and let her suck your dick as you give me the details on tonight.? ?Fine.? He grumbled, taking out his cock. I silently dropped to my knee, took my shirt and bra off as I know is required, and began sucking him off.

?As you know,? the Man continued, ?I am the casino host at this property and it is getting harder and harder to attract the whales- the big gamblers. We want those customers to stay and gamble on our property, but meal comps and free rooms are a dime a dozen. We have to keep these customers happy by providing unique services. That is where this stupid cunt comes in,? he says, pushing my head down deeper on his cock.

?I have three whales here tonight that each confided in me they love coming to Vegas to fulfill their needs. Each gambles in excess of a million dollars per visit, so I want those needs met.?

As I continued sucking his cock, he kept talking. ?The whales will be here for two hours each. There will be 30 minutes in between each whale to get the room and her cleaned up.? referring to me as he grabbed my hair and yanked it.

?No problem.? My Master said.

?The amount of payment will depend on the guest?s satisfaction reported after their experience.? the man said. I was excited at the thought I might be getting paid for a change, though I knew that money would not be mine alone.

?The first whale is a woman here with her lady partner. They love to receive oral, but not to give it. Both women are to be pleased orally. Once they are satisfied, they will put on their strap- ons. They want to double penetrate another woman, they are looking forward to both fucking a woman hard at the same time.?

The man grabbed my hair again, harder, and jerked my head off his cock. ?You can finish that later. My guests will be arriving shortly.? He stood up and left. My Master showed me where he would be watching the action, a small alcove where he can see the action, but barely be seen himself. ?Don?t fuck this up.? He said angrily. ?You owe me and better make it up to me. Get undressed.?

?Yes, Master.? I said. I stripped down to my bra and panties and waited on the bed for the whales to arrive. The two women were in their early 50?s both plump and unkempt. They wore expensive clothes, but did little to keep up their appearances. Both had a staunch body odor, comprised of beer, cigarette smell, and sweat.

My Master was not bothered by this in the least. He introduced the ladies to me and told them to make themselves at home on the bed and their oral pleasures would begin. He then disappeared.

The ladies each got into the bed and were naked. Their scent permeated the room. I tried plugging my nose and breathing through my mouth but as I approached the pussy of the first one she grabbed my head and pushed it into her friend?s hairy clit. She instructed to suck the libs of her labia, and squish my tongue deep inside her pussy. It tasted worse than it smelled. For the next twenty minutes, I followed her commands as I licked up and down, all around her vagina. Small black coarse pubic hairs kept getting caught in my throat, but I knew better then to stop. Finally the first woman seemed satisfied.

I went to start on the second one. ?Not my pussy.? she said. Great, I though, thinking I had gotten off relatively easy. The woman repositioned herself on all fours, with her legs spread. Her friend giggled and said, ?She wants you to tongue her ass.? Having no choice in the matter, I positioned myself appropriately and began licking her anus. Her friend pushed my head inward and told me to go deeper. The woman I was licking began queifing over and over, obviously pleased with the feeling of my tongue licking her asshole. I soon felt something enter my own ass?..a large strapped on dildo began penetrating with not nearly enough lube used. As the pounding of my ass continued, it took everything in me not to yell out in pain. I knew if I did, this pain would be nothing compared to the punishment, so I remained silent, screaming inside.

The woman I had been rimming stopped and put on her own strap on. She slid below me and entered me. They high fived each other, encouraging the other to ?bang the little slut, cunt, whore? and anything else they could think to call me.

Finally, the women slid out and collapsed on one another. One of them kicked me in the back with her foot, intentionally causing me to fall off the bed, as they laid there and embraced their enjoyable moment. My Master motioned for me to crawl out of the room. I sat in the closet, balled up on the floor naked, until I heard them leave.

?Not bad.? my Master proclaimed. ?Hurry up and body shower before the next whale arrives.? When I got out of the shower, the casino host was sitting back in the chair, seeming less angry. He gave me a small red apple as a reward and a bottle of room temperature water.

?Whale number two is a 74 year old man. He is raising his grandson, and has suspicions the 18 year old boy is gay. This is unacceptable to him. The grandfather is convinced if he gets the boy laid, he will turn straight.? The casino hosts cell phone rang, and he quickly got up and left, still on the call.

A knock on the door came moments later, with grandfather arriving. Grandson in tow. Looking at him, it was clear?he was likely gay. The boy was not even 125 pounds, tall and lanky. Awkward and very pale skinned with acne all over his face. ?Fix this boy.? He spat at me, as old people do, and disappeared with my Master.

I took the boys hand and walked him over to the bed. It was obvious he wanted nothing to do with me. I took off my shirt and slid his hand under my bra?he cringed, but his cold, clammy hands felt my breasts. It was if they were being touched with stone. I took his hand and placed it in my pants, under the black lace thong I had on, but he touched me as if he was touching a scary that he thought was going to hurt him. I leaned down and unzipped his pants, taking out his tiny white penis. He seemed frightened. I tried sucking on it, but there was virtually no reaction, other than his screaming that he hated this, he hated me, and I was disgusting him.

It occurred to me while many men I knew had gotten pleasure via violating me, I felt no pleasure, but sadness to do this to the boy. I tried putting a condom, but his golf sized pencil dick was too limp to even get the tip secured. Finally, I went and found some anal beads I was sometimes required to wear and showed him how to insert them in my ass. He seemed to be interested in that for a moment ?I can?t do this. You are a girl!? he screamed and ran out of the room. I sat here naked on the bed, waiting to be chastised for failing, but the Grandfather instead thanked me for trying, saying he would return some day and fuck me on his grandson?s behalf.

My Master didn?t say a word, as we waited for the Casino Host to return. The Host seemed pleased so far with my efforts, which caused my Master to relax a bit. He handed me some gr*pes and a banana, which I quickly digested.

?The final whale is an interesting large group of men.? He explained. They are married, so do not want to fuck you or have oral sex.? I was surprised, perplexed with what they wanted. You will lie down on the bed, spread eagle. The men will eat and drink and as they feel like it, come and touch you anywhere they want. They will then jerk off on your body. If it lands on your breasts or vagina area, they will scoop it up and wipe it on your face so the areas will be clear for the others to touch. Do not wipe the cum off- this is a sign of disrespect.? My Master shot me a look as if to say, ?And you know what happens when you disrespect.?

I stripped down naked and laid on the bed with my legs spread eagle as I had been directed. They tied my legs and feet to chairs on the side of the bed so I could not move. Both men looked at me. The Casino Host asked if my Master thought I should be blind folded. ?No,? my Master said, ?She is here to learn to respect and I want her to have this visual memory to help her remember to improve her behavior and put her in her place.?

The Casino host propped the door open and left. My Master disappeared and soon two men appeared. Before I knew it, there were easily a dozen of them, at least. They spoke no English, so I had no idea what was being said. They came in the room and looked at me, but no one touched me, instead went on and continued drinking and eating. Soon, two men appeared and sat one on each side of me. They began squeezing my nipples and my breasts and pulling my labia- hard, as they laughed. I knew I was not to make eye contact or shut my eyes, so I simply looked down. Their hands wandered, one jammed two fingers in my vagina, and the other leaning me over and fingering my ass?.apparently these men had not heard of or did not care to use lubrication. Soon they had dropped their pants, and as the casino host accurately described, came on me. The first landed on my stomach, the second on my arm. I laid still and did not move. They said something unknown in another language, laughed and left the room. A never ending parade of men came in and repeated the same thing, squirting their semen on different parts of me, like a dog marking his territory on a tree. Some straddled over me to make their cum land on my neck. As some came back for seconds and two men even for thirds, the ejaculation landed on my breasts. They grabbed it with their hands and wiped in a round circle on my face and laughed. One knew enough English to say ?lick? and squeezed my mouth open as I licked the remnants off his hand. Finally, when it seemed like every inch of my body was layered in semen, the men left and the room was quiet.

My Master re-entered the room and asked if these punishments had taught me to learn from my mistakes. ?Yes, Sir.? I answered, watching him pull the large temporary blanket off the bed, revealing a freshly made bed. There was a knock at the door.

?The girl from last night is here early. Guess you don?t have time to shower. Sorry.? ?though he didn?t look particularly sorry. He threw the temporary blanket and all of my clothes in a closet. He handed me a water the rest of the gr*pes, and a bowl to apparently use in case I needed it.

?Be happy? he said, ?You won?t have to make us breakfast.? He laughed and told me I better be silent in there or else.

I lay down in the closet, naked, covered in cum. I listened to them laugh and smelled room service. Finally I drifted off to bed. I woke having to urinate, but scared the rustling in the closet would cause noise, so I held it in. I fell back to sleep when I woke up to my Master kicking me in the back with medium force. ?Get in the shower. Make it fast.? I forgot where I was for a moment, but quickly recalled the ?whale watching? from the night before. The layers of semen had dried into my skin and I had to scrub them off. I tried to hurry, not wanting to get in any trouble again.

I got out of the shower and walked into the main room, wearing only a towel. The host was there again. ?Decent work.? He commented. ?And now you can finish what you started.? He whipped his cock out. My towel dropped and I sucked him off, this time to completion. After I swallowed his load, he inspected his penis and seemed pleased there were no remnants of semen left on him. He took a large wad of money out and handed it to my Master, and left. My Master handed me $20 and told me I could buy myself something, but that I better be home in one hour to get my chores done for the day. ?I hope you learned your lesson.? He repeated again. ?But if not, it turns out, I like whale watching.? Somehow I knew this wouldn?t be the last time.

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