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Vegas baby

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My wife and I took a needed Vegas vacation. We ended up at Treasure Island watching the pirate show on a couch in the bar. We were both a little tipsy and openly touching and feeling. A man in mid forties sat on the couch opposite us. I went to the bar to order drinks and asked the bartender for a long pour margarita. He asked, "for your wife?" I said, "no I just met this lady yesterday at a craps table. I'm hoping to get laid tonight." That's a line I've used many times to get a stronger than normal drink. When I got back to the couch my wife was people watching as usual and I snuggled up next to her. She had half her drink finished just as the show started. We had to turn on the couch to see the show. I told her to open her legs a little so the man across from us could get u peek up her skirt. She resisted at first because she wasn't wearing panties. I finally convinced her and she parted her legs. I saw them man on the couch looking up her skirt and told my wife. She saw him too and wanted to close her legs. I told her if she did we were leaving. I started rubbing her tit and sliding my thumb over her nipple over her shirt. This made her legs open a little more and pushed her skirt up higher. I knew the man had a clear shot at her wet bare pussy. I had to pee and excused myself. When I came back he was sitting on the couch next to her talking. I sat beside my wife and got into the conversation. His name was Paul. He was married in from Dow City Iowa for a convention. My wife said he'd just sat down before I got there and they were talking about the pirate show. I introduced myself and said I was here to gamble and play. I introduced my wife as Lori Ann a girl I met last night at a club and she was in town for a bachelorette party for her friend. The pirate show was in full swing so it was loud and distracting. We went back to watching it. I rubbed my wife's thigh with my hand. My pinky rubbing her wet pussy. Paul was watching our show not the pirates. After the show Paul asked us to join him for a drink. My wife went to the ladies room. I told him I was really just wanting to fuck this chick but I'd try to hook him up if he wanted some too. He said he was game. When my wife came back I said Paul was staying at TI and I never saw the suites here so I was taking him up on his offer to show me. My wife's eyes got huge. She said she would wait for me at the bar. I told her do what she wanted but I was probably leaving this hotel after the tour. Paul was ready to go and wanted to hit the head before we left. Alone, I told my wife to come. She refused. I told her we will just feel things out see how it goes and can leave at any time. It must have been that drink because my wife said she'd do it. Then grabbed my arm and said she was really horny and wet and might be willing to put on a show for Paul if he wanted to watch us fuck. My dick got rock hard. We all made it to the room. It was a great suite. My wife looked around. Paul got everyone beers from the wet bar. She was looking out the window and I wrapped my hands around her and started playing with her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. I opened her shirt exposing her breasts. I could see them in the reflection in the window. I could also see Paul standing with his beer in his hand watching. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans. My wife closed her eyes and put her head back on my shoulder. I reached down and pulled her skirt up exposing her completely to Paul. She turned and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I pulled her over to the couch and had her straddling my legs. Skirt up around her waist. She was grinding on my hard cock and I was sucking her nipples. Paul came closer and was still rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. My wife got off my lap and pulled down my shorts and boxer briefs. My cock was leaking Precum. She wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking my dick. I wrapped her hair in my hands and started to thrust my dick in her mouth while pushing her head down. I pulled her head up by her hair and said fuck me now. She got back on me and slid my hard cock in her dripping pussy. Paul had his pants off and was stroking his cock. She turned and told him to watch only. She just wanted to fuck me. He said he's fine with that because he's married but said he wanted to jack off while watching. She rode me like a wild woman. She kept an eye on Paul's dick moving in and out of his fist. That made her ride me harder. Then she squirted all over my dick and rode me through a huge orgasm. Once the spasms stopped she was slowly grinding in my dick. Then she froze. She whispered in my ear that Paul was licking her ass hole and the back of her pussy. I said I know because I felt his tongue lick my balls. She smiled. She got off my dick and was in a sex frenzy. Paul asked if he could put the tip in her. She told him only if he would lick some of her cum off my dick. I was in shock. He said he'd do anything. He was already on his knees and took my dick in his hands. He said he never did anything like this before so sorry if its not very good. His mouth went down on my shaft 4 or 5 times then said ok your turn to hold up your end. She stood up bent at the waist and said just the tip as she swallowed my dick. I saw him moving slowly. I was picturing his head slipping past her lips. Then it was her that pushed back on him and took the entire thing. She was rotating her hips and was giving me an amazing blow job. Paul grabbed her hips and started fucking her with wild abandon. It took him a couple minutes then he was buried deep and filling my wife's pussy with his cum. When he backed away she turned around and put her pussy by my face. She said eat me then I'll fuck u. I've never seen her like this. My reserved shy wife was now sex crazed. I was eating her well fucked and lubed pussy. I could taste Paul's cum. Then she squatted down and pulled me in her. She motioned Paul over but he said he was done. She said bull shit get your fucking dick over here now so I can suck it. It was still limp but he complied. She was bucking her hips and came again. Paul looked at me and said I was lucky because I found a fiend. After her orgasm we went to the bed. She got on all fours and said I don't care who it is but I need to get fucked hard. Paul's dick was still soft so I jumped behind her and was fucking her hard. I had my thumb in her ass and could feel my cock moving in her. She pulled on Paul's limp dick and started sucking it. I dumped a huge load in her watching her blow him. She had cum running down her legs. Paul said he was sorry he couldn't get hard again. I said probably for the best she had to get back to her girlfriends. We cleaned up and left. We went back to our hotel where my wife passed out leaving me with another hard on to take care of myself. The next day she said she didn't know what got into her last night. She said there must have been something slipped in that drink. I said ya right or it was pretending to be strangers hooking up for a crazy Vegas night. She said maybe but that's Vegas baby.

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