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Vacation to India

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M decided to take an exotic vacation since no one planned to be home for the holidays and since he was divorced, he did not want to hang out in a cold empty home.

Consequently, he booked a tour to Delhi, India which would take him too many different locations round northern India via a personal guide and driver. The journey would begin on the western edge of India in a place called Varanasi after a day?s rest in Delhi.

Upon meeting the driver/guide whose name was Chitt in Varanasi, he settled into a discussion as to what Chitt recommended as the highlights to see and the one that was most important to M was the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Chitt was a short very dark skinned man but of good wit and charm. Much was discussed in the course of the introductory conversation but Chitt let out that he enjoyed whiskey now and then. M decided to remember this tidbit as a means to provide Chitt with a tip in drinks.

This is what makes the story unique. When M reached the Taj Mahal area, the grounds were teeming with people from all over the world. Nonetheless, the majority were the native population and most were impeccably well dressed.

A very beautiful Indian couple in their 30?s approached Chitt and asked if M would pose with them in front of one of the reflecting pools of the Taj Mahal. Chitt asked M if he would permit himself to be photographed with them for good luck since they had had their first child six months ago. He also told M that they did speak English fairly well if M wanted to talk with them. M consented to their request and they placed M between them as if he were family.

Once the pictures were over, M spoke to them and wanted to know why they picked him to be with them in the photograph and this was not the first time it happened to him while in India. They explained it is part of their culture to want to be like his outward appearance. M was blond, tall, muscular from years of competitive sports, and obviously well to do since he was at the Taj Mahal. For them, it would be a great honor to show the photographs to family when they returned as well as good luck.

M invited them to sit and talk further, Rushika sat to M?s right and asked M many questions about his life and why was he here alone. M could not take his eyes off the caramel color of the woman and learning that her name means desirable only made him feel desire for her. Her exposed tummy was firm and the Sari was in gold and white which only accented her long dark eyes and hair. Her facial make up was perfect and her smile was intoxicating. Her perfect blend of accent and stumbling in English was enchanting.

Bandhu, her husband, sat on the opposite side of M listening to the conversation and saying little but smiling and acknowledging comments made by his wife. He was dressed in all white that was in pristine fashion. Occassionally, Rushika would speak to Bandhu in Hindi but it always seemed like it was comments or questions regarding M just by their facial reactions and quick smiles to M. It also appeared to M that Rushika was the power in the couple by how the two interacted.

On several occasions, Rushika touched M?s forearm as she spoke and M thought nothing of it. He continued to speak to them both about casual conversation items. It was a warm day and finally Rushika asked Bandhu to get her some water.

Once Bandhu left and during a moment of laughter due to a comment, Rushika placed her arms around M?s bicep and pulled him closer to her. M could feel her right full breast against his arm and was a little embarrassed but now wondering why she did it. But before M could query or do something about it, Bandhu had dutifully returned.

Bandhu almost immediately said to his wife, ?Rushika we have to leave because we have a luncheon with my family.? M thought that Bandhu had seen what Rushika had done and believed that Bandhu was upset and wanted them away from M. M was disappointed that they were leaving because they were the first people that he had met on his trip that could speak good enough English to converse with and enjoy.

As Rushika and Bandhu walked a little bit away from M, they met Chitt as he was returning to meet M. M could not quite hear what was being discussed by Bandhu and Chitt. Rushika was looking down and not entering into the conversation but had a slight smile on her face. M thought that Bandhu was discussing M's bad behavior since Bandhu was dominating the conversation with Chitt.

Later that night in the hotel, M met Chitt for a round of drinks in the bar. M wanted to repay his host for his kindness of the journey so far but more importantly, he wanted to know about the conversation that ended the day at the Taj Mahal between he and Bandhu.

The bar keep put one shot of whiskey on the table and a Kingfisher for M. Chitt gulped the shot down before M had his first swallow of cold beer.

?Wow Chitt, you must be thirsty,? said M. Chitt only smiled and did his usual head bobble which M never could figure out if he was saying yes or no.

?Bar keep, give my friend another.?

This went on for several minutes and Chitt had downed 4 shots. M was about half finished with his beer when Chitt looked at M and stated, ?You need to finish your beer. I have to take you to a new site tonight and we need to be there by 22:00.?

M asked, ?Tonight? I am tired and are you sure you can drive? I do not remember anything on the guide list for us to go to in Agra tonight. Besides that, I want to ask you about Bandhu?s conversation as they left?

Chitt quickly replied, ?This is a special night for you because you are going to see a part of Rajasthan that Americans rarely ever see. That conversation at the moment is not important but we must hurry?

M had no clue what Chitt was talking about because he knew that Rajasthan was far from where they were at the moment. Chitt took the wheel and M hung on because it seemed like Chitt was trying to make time but in the traffic of Agra, time make up is not an easy thing.

They arrived at the Oberoi Amarvilas. Perhaps the most expensive hotel in Agra and certainly the most beautiful. Chitt wrote down a room number and told M to go there now. He explained that it had been arranged for another guide to take M to this new destination in Agra. M said nothing but thanks and asked how long the site would be open since it was late.

Chitt only laughed and said, ?They will see you get back to our hotel.?

M walked through the lobby and to the elevators marveling at the luxury of this hotel. It has to be expensive to stay here no doubt was all he could think of as he pushed the button to take him to the second floor.

Upon reaching the second floor, he walked to the numbered door on the paper given to him by Chitt and when the door opened, he was greeted by the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

She had a very sheer veil that extended from her hands, that were intertwined above her head,to her knees. The veil was just a bit heavier around the face and obscured the face but the rest of the body was clear to his eyes.

The nipples were dark while imposed on a perfect set of tits. The stomach was flat but contoured to make that hourglass only found on a well-toned athlete. A very light patch of dark pubic hair was visible and it was trimmed very short. M was stunned as one hand reached around his head and pulled him into the room.

He could smell a familiar scent and his memory raced back in time to the afternoon when he had noticed this same smell when Rushika had pulled him into him earlier that day.

He stammered, ?Rushika??

?Yes, I am yours,? was the reply as she dropped her veil and exposed the perfection of a woman to him.

M was bewildered and hesitated but Rushika quickly explained to him that she came from a wealthy and very powerful family in Rajasthan. She was educated in the US and loved having sex with white men but her family would not allow her to marry one so when she returned, she was to marry Bandhu. She had told Bandhu of her exploits and wanton desires so in order for him to have her in marriage, he had to agree to let her fulfill her desires if they should come about.

?Today when I saw you, my wishes were to be filled,? she explained. ?So I had Bandhu approach your driver to have a picture of us together. I thought once we started talking that you were noticing me as a woman you wanted to have. Do you want me? Are you willing to do what I need you to do to have me??

By this time, M had a raging hard on and Rushika could see that was the case. She slowly placed her hand on his cock and murmured, ?Hmmm, I think you like me and think you will be my toy.?

M was breathing heavy because she was perfect and he knew that she could ask of him anything at this moment so he replied to her, ?Rushika, what do you want from me?? As he said this, he bent down and took her mouth onto his. Her lips were full and passionate.

She kissed him deeply and then pulled him closer to the bed and placed him sitting on the edge She knelt between his legs.

?Would you like to see your cock in my mouth M?? As she said this, she was staring with her dark black eyes into M?s and seeing that M was powerless to resist.

M could only say, ?Please Rushika, I want to feel you sucking my cock. What do you want from me??

?I am from a powerful family and want to keep my husband always aware of this so I want him to sit in that chair over there and watch me pleasure myself with you. The last thing that has to be done is he is to eat your cum from pussy and you must watch him do it. Will you do that for me??

M was so weak from desire that he could only say yes. So Rushika called down to the lobby and told Bandhu to hurry up to the room.

By the time Bandhu walked through the door, Rushika had undressed M and had him lying on his back in the bed. She told Bandhu to sit on the chair and take his cock out of his pants. It was now time for him to see what she had learned living in the United States during college.

She took M?s very hard, long, and thick cock into her lips. Slowly and ever slowly, she moved her head down savoring each inch till she had reached M?s base. As she held his cock deep into her throat for several seconds, she looked into M?s eyes and then sideways glanced into her husband?s eyes.

Her eyes smiled at him because she knew this was torturing him but also made him excited since he was rubbing his cock. She continued bobbing her head down slowly while rubbing M?s sack. Her full tits were swaying to her rhythm.

She slowly withdrew lips from his cock and moved up to his face to kiss him gently but then whispered in his ear, ?Do you want me to put my finger in your ass? I know some of you American boys like that. Do you??

M was spell bound and said, ?Yes but be gentle because I have not had it done before.?

Rushika faced M and smiled. Placed her middle finger into her mouth to thoroughly wet it. She lowered her naked body lower but never taking her eyes off M?s as she slowing pushed her finger into M?s tight hole. M was startled at first but relaxed as Rushika began sucking his cock again.

M no longer cared about Bandhu. He began to take charge by pulling Rushika around so he could taste the darker colored pussy lips of her. She had put some lotion that smelled exotic in her pubic hair and M took his time pushing the lips of her pussy apart and sliding his tongue up and down her slit. Each time he would paused at her clit and she would tense up. This went on for several minutes till

Rushika blew her juices onto his face. She was soaking wet from pent up passion of forcing her husband to watch her being pleasured by a white man which was what she desired right now. Once she regained her focus she could see Bandhu was enjoying watching her cum so hard at his expense as he now had a full Desi hard on and his eyes were strained.

M then placed Rushika on all fours so he could enter her from behind and Rushika was ecstatic because this was what she had hoped for. She could look at her husband directly while being fucked from behind. M pushed his cock deep into Rushika and she bucked back against him with each thrust. M would reach around and feel her full titties and now noticing that they were slightly leaking. It never dawned on M that she could be breast feeding but the feel of the milky substance coating her nipples was exciting and she seemed to moan even more as he squeezed her nipples lightly.

Rushika was excited and asked her husband if he liked seeing M fucking his wife. Bandhu only nodded and moved his hand faster on his cock which was better than average in length but not thick like M?s

M was fucking Rushika as hard as a man could and she countered his thrust not wanting to lose that full feeling. They continued fucking hard for several minutes till Rushika sent a second gushing onto M?s pubic and ball sac area. This was all M needed because the lubrication created an even smoother texture and it was not long before he filled her well drilled pussy with the biggest load he had ever shot into a woman.

Rushika let out a cry and said, ?I can feel you coming. Oh my, your cock is pulsing like a heartbeat.?

Slowly, M withdrew his cock from Rushika?s well used hole and he laid down upon the bed as Rushika turned herself around and onto her back to expose her cum laden pussy to Bandhu.

She propped her head up and said, ?Come husband, it is time to honor your wife.?

Bandhu knelt at the edge of the bed almost in prayer and began for the first time to eat cum out of his wife?s pussy. M was fascinated to watch this happen and did not expect to ever have such an experience. Bandhu continued to clean his wife for ten minutes till she felt clean and sent Bandhu back to his chair.

She told M that the two of them would be in town for four more days and asked if M would join them to visit other sites since Bandhu?s family was there and perhaps even meet his family. She also wanted him to come every night and experience more with her in front of Bandhu. She wanted to teach Bandhu that he was to serve her.

As she walked in naked splendor to the door with M, she dropped to her knees to take M?s cock out of his pants. She wanted to taste herself and show M she was indeed delighted. M quickly responded to her mouth and became erect.

?No my toy. You will not come again tonight but tomorrow night, I want you to fill my mouth with your juice.?

Right before he opened the door to leave with the instructions written in Hindi for their personal driver to deliver M back to his hotel, she whispered in his ear, ?The women of Rajasthan are the most beautiful of all women in India. You are a lucky man indeed to have had a taste of our cuisine without ever going there.?

Indeed M did on many occasions till he returned home to the US.

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