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IMAGINE By: Shelly Its Friday afternoon, I call you at work & tell you that I want to meet you at the HIDDEN CORNER around 8 p.m. You agree. Right at 8 you walk into the bar; it's packed so you gaze through the crowd for a few minutes, you don't see me anywhere.

As you work your way together a drink; a beautiful woman approaches you with a shot of Patron and a bomber of Steinlager. She hands you the beer without saying a word. Takes the shot; before swallowing she grabs you and kisses you very passionately sharing the shot of tequila with you. Her tongue goes crazy in your mouth. She pulls away and you don't know what to do, or what to say. Next, she grabs your hand and pulls you close, whispering "Come with me." Anxiously, you follow her into a semi dark private corner. Here she leans up against the wall wrapping one leg around yours, you're completely blown away at this moment, Looking around you try to catch a glimpse of where your wife is.

Your dick is beginning to perk up, she knows it. Gently she begins to rub it through your pants, and pulls you even closer. You can't resist and take your own chance. Sliding your hand up her skirt you notice how smooth her legs are, as she pants, your hand moves further up her skirt. You try to feel her wet panties, eye contact is made, with a devilish grin and the quickness of an expert, you quickly drop her panties to the floor, catching her off guard. A slight squeal of shock and excitement escapes her mouth. Gently you rub and feel the hot wetness of her pubic hairs, while you run your fingers through it, she madly squirms with excitement and quickly unzips your pants exposes you rock hard pulsating cock.

Lowering herself to her knees you grab her hair with gentle forgetfulness, instantly she engulfs your entire rock hard cock deep down her throat. Is it even possible, as you feel yourself grow harder and wider.

Still no sign of your wife, as you try your best to concentrate and look for her. Rising up from your cock, you pull her skirt up over her hips. In one smooth motion you pick her up forcefully, back her into the wall and slam your cock deep into her. Giving her several hard pounding thrusts, you realize how hot and dripping wet her pussy really is. Then you can feel her juices, trickling down onto your balls and you decide that you want and need to taste this juicy hot pussy. With a couple more deep penetrating slams you stop. A moan of desire escapes both of your mouths. A few more strokes with your long hard needing cock and instantly withdrawal! Quickly you drop to your knees to get a taste. Your lips meet hers: she bucks with pure pleasure, and flow of hot sweet cum gushes as you open your mouth taking in every drop.

You soon rise to the sound of her begging for you. Your hard rod, she desires to be in her so bad that before you know it she grabs it and slides it into her dripping open honey hole. You don't resist grabbing her by the ass, you hold on and start fucking her good. Giving her all you got, she's loving it and she moans, "MORE! MORE! PLEASE MORE!" she looks into your eyes with this weird out of control wild look. You feel your cum rise deep from the bottom of your shaft, you try to hold out. She cries out: "Let it go, CUM!! I need to feel your cum, shoot it DEEP inside me!!" At that same second you explode; shooting mass amounts of thick hot cum deep into her, she explodes. Your hot juices mix together and drip down your balls to the floor.

She kisses you and smiles; with that devilish look you saw before, whispering into your ear "Your hard cock is just what I needed! Thank You!" She jumps off your prick and puts your cock still dripping with cum back in your pants. Pulls them up carefully then, slides her skirt down over her hips gazing into your eyes. Takes a drink of your Steinlager, hands it back,and whispers, "I left your thick cum wad deep inside my pussy, it feels incredible! Would you mind if I let a friend lick and suck it out?" With a smile and wonder, racing through your mind: What is she up to? Has she done this before?

Feeling stunned and exhilirated there is a tap on your shoulder. Emotions and thoughts rush, heart rate quickens, body temp rises you turn around and and there's your wife.

Caught red handed you freeze. With a disapproval look in her eye, but a sheepish grin your wife asks "What are you doing?" Stunned you stall, but in an instant the mysterious lover replies for you; "Shooting a big hot wad! Would you like to see it? Its actually running down my leg right now." Looking at you, your wife replies, "oh really!" Shockingly your wife steps in between you and the mysterious woman, she looks her up and down licking her lips.

Questioning her, while glaring at you she asks, "May I take that wad from your twat?"

"Please do, something that good should never be wasted," was her reply. With excitement, she grabs the back of my head and kisses me. I can't keep from grabbing her firm tits. Letting them free I don't lower myself to my knees. By my command: you balance and lift her up, so I can squeeze my face between her thighs. Parting her pussy lips I can see your cum. Wrapping her legs around my face, her lips spread wide I go crazy. I start licking her pussy and sucking her clit. To my amazement: your cum is dripping out faster than I can lick. "Yum" I can't believe how good this pussy taste. She thrusts her hips forward and instantly floods my mouth with her sweet honey juices, and your tasty cum. I know that I'm also going to explode from tasting it.

Knowing this she pulls away from me stands me up against the wall, "I want to taste your pussy too. Looking at you she says, "Please join me, for this looks like a lovely dessert," You both drop to your knees and you're completely shocked to find I'm not wearing panties and my pussy is smoothly shaven. You both take turns kissing, licking, and sucking my rosebud clit. I start to feel myself build instantly. The sight and feeling both of you eating my pussy sends me over the edge. I start cumming harder and harder till I am drained.

You both lick every drop from me then each others faces and lips. As you both stand up and take turns kissing me and each other I taste all our love juices together. After few minutes of making out, we calm down a little and take a drink.

Speechless and amazed, we sit in ahh, remanissing the last 30 minutes. As our eyes meet, the effects of feeling satisfied and blown away shows on our faces.

This lover breaks the silence by saying, "I just had the most incredible stimulating experience! May I have more? You feel great deep inside me, and you taste soooooo sweet, I have to have more." She writes down her number, slides it in your pocket and says, "I must go please call me!" As she starts to walk away I grabbed her and kiss her softly and you give her our number, she smiles and promises to call and walks away.

We don't say a word about it: order a few more drinks and leave. I soon decided I want to talk to her. I need to know how you felt in her! As we walk into the house there's a sweet aroma that leads us to the bedroom. You turn on the light and are shocked to see this delicious lover waiting for us to indulge in her sweetness again. We do so very willingly with much passion, excitement, and joy.

You wonder if this is pure luck, or how I found this beautiful lover and brought her home. Waiting for us, to do to us whatever we can imagine to reach the pure goal of ultimate orgasm!

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