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Dating Long distance is sometimes very difficult. Dating someone when you travel quite a bit can be very difficult also. I was dating young lady and things are getting somewhat serious. We had great conversations and our sexual desires were always explored to the fullest just every other day if she’s in spend the night at my place typically she come over sometime throughout the morning and we enjoy the afternoon and evening together whether we went out on the town for a nice dinner and great conversations. We just stayed home cooked a nice dinner. And relaxed watching a good movie. Our sexual appetite was always explored majority of the time. We are always running around naked. We are constantly teasing each other whether she would sit on the counter in the kitchen while I’m cooking and spread her legs so I can see her masturbate. Or she’s always want me too, have sex with her no matter where we were in the house. Shortly after I had to go out of town for work, and as I was traveling, it was hard, but we were always calling each other and talking to each other. The conversations were hot and steamy but exciting. About 2 1/2 weeks later, she kept asking me why I was coming back and I told her very soon. She said she couldn’t wait. I always knew that wanted to explore our fantasies. We’re having a threesome or more just exploring some different different options in our sexual desires 3 1/2 weeks later almost 4 weeks. One day I asked her has she been going out? What are you been doing? We had an open relationship and I always knew that she was hanging out with her girlfriends and our friends and a couple other guys throughout the week I’ve been gone. She’s always told me about her sexual encounters with other people which drove me more Sexually just hearing about. I finally realized that I was almost completed and I was gonna head home. It was long five weeks. I talked to her. It was a Thursday evening. I told her I’d probably be home by Sunday. She was all excited. She told me that she was gonna have her friends over the house. They’re gonna lay out by the pool and relax I said great. Enjoy yourself and hopefully I’ll get in early enough on Sunday With you and your friend it was Friday afternoon. I was done and completed and was released from my duties for work. I was able to get in the car and drive which I was only about 12 hours away from home. I drove about halfway stopped got the hotel room, relaxed and give her a call Saturday morning to tell me she was having her friends over her girlfriend and it would be nice and it was a good day to hang out by the pool. I didn’t want to tell her that would be home Saturday afternoon late as I wanted to surprise her making the drive home for six hours was a bear. I finally pulled into the driveway and noticed a couple of vehicles I got out of the car and walked into the house quietly I heard laughing and giggle and going on outback, I walked in, went through the kitchen noticed the liquor was out in the kitchen was a mess which was OK. It made my way into the bedroom and put my bag away. I walked over to the sliding door and looked out noticing that she was out there with a girlfriend, laying around laughing and joking, as I was looking out the window, her girlfriend was coming towards the sliding door, going into the main part of the house, and I realized that they were naked. She came in the house and went to the kitchen and made some drinks for both of them they went back outside at this point. I just wanted to go out there and surprise her, but I just wanted to, watch. As they sat there giggle and laughed and jumped in the pool. I was watching them as they were being very affectionate and close to each other. This was me even more crazier more time as a little bit more time went by I noticed that they were kissing hugging while they’re in the pool. We never really talked about whether she was bi she was always curious, but we never really had any conversations about it really but just watching her was a big turn on. I noticed I was getting hard more and more excited. As a girlfriend jumped out of the pool and sat on the edge of the pool, where her legs open, I noticed that, Michelle my girlfriend was in between her legs, licking her pussy. This was exciting me more and more. I noticed I was playing and touching myself for a few minutes because Michelle walked her way. She was heading towards the bedroom. I moved out of the bedroom around the corner she went into the nightstand and grabbed some toys. She looked around stunned like something was wrong but really didn’t flinch or bother her. Didn’t know if she realized I was home or glimpse of something I left behind. She made her way out of the bedroom and I made my way back to the door, looking out the window , but she went back outside. She started kissing and playing some more as I watch them. They were both touching each other playing with the dildos the vibrators and more they were really into it and I couldn’t stand it. I was so hard. I took my pants off and was totally naked. I slowly made my way out the door didn’t care what they said as I walked out slowly walking over to them as they were so much in the mood, they really didn’t care what was going on around them. As I walked over closer I made a slight noise. Michelle looked up at me as she was licking her girlfriend‘s pussy and smiled and went back and started licking her again. I walked over my cock by her girlfriend’s mouth. Before I knew it all three of us were having a good time from eating them both out to fuck their pussy or their ass. It was nice to have a threesome with with them ready to explode and I did all over her girlfriend‘s pussy on her stomach I pulled away as my girlfriend sucked my cock and cleaned me up and went back down and started cleaning up her girlfriend as they shared my cum with each other, all three of us kissed and sat around and talked for a couple minutes. I went inside and made some drinks and joked. The rest of the evening was just about the same just having the great time we all three of them the next morning, my girlfriend came outside with a cuppa coffee sat down by me and said to me how are you doing? I said I’m fine. How are you? She says I’m really good. She says. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I’ve been waiting to explore this threesome with you for a long time I just want to surprise you. I hope you enjoy it , we’ve been having threesomes with another female or two other male

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