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Unforgettable Party (FF, First Time)

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This was written for me by my lovely lady who know's about my love of erotic stories. It is about a fantasy she has and wants to make come true at some point with another lovely lady!

I hope you enjoy it!


Unforgettable Party (FF, First Time)

There she was, sitting on the other side of the backyard. They told me that they had invited her but since we didn?t know each other very well, I didn?t think she was going to come. If I wasn?t freaking out earlier, I sure as hell am now. We had seen each other once before when we went out to the club but nothing happened between us; that was going to change today. I couldn?t help but stare at her, she was gorgeous. She had a full figure, luscious curves, beautiful green eyes, the loveliest smile I had ever seen, a perfect handful of breasts and the cutest bubble butt I had ever seen; which I only got to see once when she stood up to grab a drink.

She was sitting alone at the party; apparently the friend she came with knew other people at the party and had walked off, leaving her sitting with her hands clasped elegantly in her lap with her eyes gazing back and forth at what was going on around her. I kept pushing myself to go up to her, but I was so nervous.

I want her so bad. I want to push her up against the wall and make out with her until our lips are numb. I want to throw her onto the bed and play with her until she can take it no more. I kept squirming in my chair because the longer I thought about us doing naughty things together, the wetter I became.

One of the many times I had glanced over at her, I realized she was looking at me too. She looked straight at me, smiled and shyly glanced down. I had never been with a girl before, but I wasn?t against trying new things. I didn?t want her to know that though, so I pretended like I knew exactly what I was doing.

So, I decided to go over to her and talk to her. I introduced myself, ?hi, I?m Stephanie.? To which she replies that her name is Catherine. She had the most adorable laugh and the bubbliest personality. I couldn?t hide the huge grin on my face from just being in her company.

I was wearing a cute red dress with my girls all up and out there. I knew they looked good because she couldn?t stop staring. ?Would you like to feel them?? I asked. Her cheeks got a little red and she bit her lip and I knew then, that she wanted to do more than just touch. She wanted to fondle them, kiss them and play with them. The thought of her doing any of that made me even hornier.

I stood up, put out my hand and told her I was going to give her a tour of the house. She took the invitation and we walked into the house. I wasn?t really giving her a tour, I was just pointing out everything that we were passing as we headed to the bedroom at the other end of the house. She didn?t let go of my hand, which was becoming clammy because of how nervous she made me. By this time, I didn?t even realize the party was still going on. We snaked through all the guests until we finally made it to the room.

I shut the door; making her nervous and seeing her like that made me want her even more. I wasn?t even worried anymore because I know she wants me as much as I want her.

She was wearing the cutest little black dress that accentuated every single one of her curves. I couldn?t wait to slide it off of her. We sat on the edge of the bed and talked enough to get to know each other some. I saw her look down at my thigh being exposed because of the length of my dress, and as she pulled her beautiful, green, lust filled eyes up to meet mine, she eyed every other part of my body. She wants to know what I?m hiding under my cute little dress. I knew what she wanted. I grabbed her chin and put her succulent lips to mine. They were so tender and soft. She hesitated at first but it didn?t take her long before she kissed me back. I felt her let out a sigh of content and her entire body relaxed. This subtle act did nothing but make my pussy throb. I wanted her and I wanted her bad.

The kiss lasted a good five seconds. I pulled away but as I did, she leaned forward. She wants more. I was so thrilled to know that she loved this as much as I did. As we put our lips together for the second time, she finally did it, she grabbed my breasts. I gasped and then pushed my tongue down her throat and moaned into her mouth. Her hands felt amazing as she groped me. I reached around her body and unzipped her dress. She slid it off her shoulders, revealing her beautiful breasts. I pulled back from the kiss to look at her, to look at all of her. ?How could someone be so perfect?? I thought to myself.

I turned to look at the door, it was unlocked and the party was still going on just outside of it. The thought of someone walking in on us drove me nuts.

She stood up, kicked her shoes off and let the dress slide off the rest of her body. I pushed her back onto the bed and started kissing her up and down. I started at her feet and slowly worked my way up her body. I could feel her tremble with every kiss I planted on her silky skin. She let out soft moans as I approached her pussy, but I was saving that sacred spot for last because I knew it would be the best. I kissed her belly and moved up to her breasts. I gently flicked each nipple a couple times with my tongue. She moaned and grasped onto the blanket. I kept moving upwards to her neck where I gently sucked and kissed. Her breaths became more and more shallow. I shifted up to her lips and we kissed while I was grinding my body on hers. I could feel her hand move down to her pussy and she gently began massaging herself. I pull my dress up over my head, toss it behind us and lean over to her ear, my breasts touching hers, and I whisper, ?Relax baby, and let me do the work.?

I continue kissing her neck, this time moving downwards. With every kiss, I feel her subtle gasp for air. I bite the top of her panties and put one hand on either side of her hips to pull them off and I toss her wet undies onto the floor. I slowly pull her legs apart, revealing her luscious mound and I couldn?t help but run my finger down her slit before I spread her lips apart. I lay on my stomach and I use two fingers to spread her apart. I was mesmerized by her juicy, wet, velvety, pink pussy. I just want to bury my face into her, but I sit back and admire it while I run my finger up and down, making her twist and turn.

I finally start playing with her clit, delicately rubbing it, making her sopping wet. I look up at her; head tilted back, eyes closed, back arched and hands clutching her breasts. I use my tongue to lightly massage her clit. I could feel her body trembling as I begin to use my tongue more harshly. I began to lick harder and faster, tongue fucking her pussy; moving my head back and forth, sliding my tongue in and out, occasionally sucking her clit. I licked up all of her sweet juices that had begun to ooze out of her. She tasted amazing; musky but still feminine. She was moaning at the top of her lungs, anyone could have easily walked in to Catherine on her back with my face buried between her legs and my ass in the air. I couldn?t help but moan into her pussy with that idea running through my mind. She loved it, because when I looked up at her, she was pushing herself off the wall with her hands and she had wrapped her legs around my head.

I decided to introduce two fingers into her pussy. She was hot, wet and so fuckin tight. With my tongue on her clit and my fingers squirming around inside of her, she was going to cum. She arched her back, clutched the sheets and her moaning disappeared as her orgasm commenced. I began licking even more vigorously as I deeply penetrated her throbbing pussy, moving my fingers in and out, faster and faster; her body, shaking like crazy as she let out her loudest moan yet. With her pussy convulsing around my fingers, she had climaxed; but I didn?t stop, I kept going; same speed, same intensity. She was begging me to stop and she was trying to pull away but I wrapped my arms around her thighs, grabbed her waist and pulled her into my face. Her next orgasm was going to be even more intense than the last, and it was. ?Oh God Steph, I?m gonna cum again.? She didn?t stop shaking, she came a second time and she came hard and moaned my name even louder. She was desperately gasping for air as I slowed down my movements. As I watched her catch her breath, I sucked her juices off of my fingers.

I started up with the kisses again. This time her skin was moist from perspiration. I moved up to her lips until my body was gently resting on hers. I looked her in the eyes; she smiled that cute innocent smile, only this time like she was up to something. She bit her lip and pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. ?Holy hell!? She looked hot as fuck leaning over me with her bangs half in her face and half stuck to her cheek due to the steamy orgasms she just had. She put her hands next to my head and she came down and kissed me, she seemed to love how she tasted just as much as I did. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing against my tummy. I used my hands to caress her perky breasts. I pulled away from her lips to wrap my mouth around her engorged nipple. She flipped her hair to one side and continued grinding me, hard. She finally pulled back and got between my legs.

She pulled off my soaking wet panties and threw them onto the floor. She was ready to dive in and I was ready for her to do whatever she wanted to do to me. She looked like she had been waiting all night to be exactly where she was.

She began rubbing my entire body with her soft hands and I couldn?t help but squirm. I was becoming impatient. She lowered her head to my wet pussy and lightly massaged my swollen clit with her tongue. I gasped for air. She soon began licking harder; the harder she licked, the louder I moaned. At this point, I was on cloud nine; I didn?t care if anyone walked in and stayed to watch. I reached down to move her hair out of the way and tugged softly; she seemed to love it because she moaned into my pussy driving me to the edge. She reached up with both of her hands and squeezed my breasts. My breathing became heavier and shorter.

This girl knew what she was doing and it was driving me insane. I used one of my hands to rub my clit as she used her tongue to slide in and out of my pussy. I was moaning so loud and squirming all over the bed. It was happening, I was going to cum. I could feel my heart beating faster and my face becoming flushed. It was rising up inside of me and she was excited to unleash it. I put my hands on the wall and I started moving my hips up and down. She knew I was close; she began moaning longer and louder. ?Oh my, Catherine. Yes baby! Oh! Please don?t stop!? Here it was; my eyes rolled back, my toes curled, my back arched and my body shaking as I clenched the sheets and let out the loudest moan. ?OH MY GOD!!!?

I was surprised no one walked in. Thank goodness for the loud music out there.

She crawled up towards me and rested her chin on my chest. This girl is so perfect. As I laid there catching my breath with my arms wrapped around her we talked about how good it was and how we no longer cared about the party because we were having one of our own. As we cuddled, I ran my fingers up and down her body, tracing every curve, circling her nipples and her bellybutton. She told me that she was happy that I had walked up to her because she really wanted me since the time we first met, at the club.

I wasn?t done with her. I didn?t want to be. I got up onto my knees and grabbed one of her legs and put it up in the air; her other leg between both of mine. I set my pussy on hers; both wet from the orgasms we had just experienced. Her clit was hard and completely inflamed. It felt amazing rubbing against mine. We simultaneously let out a soft moan. My pussy was throbbing. I rested her leg on my shoulder and just leaned back, setting both of my hands behind me on the bed. The feeling was indescribable. ?Fuck me harder!? she yells out. I don?t know what got into me but I started grinding my hips; moving up and down, side to side, and in circular motions. We moved together, pushing our pussies into one another. I used my thumb to rub her clit as we continued tribbing. We were both getting close. Our moaning was in sync. She began getting louder. ?Cum for me Catherine. Yeah baby! Oh fuck, you feel so good.? Catherine?s orgasm is so intense, she uses both feet to back herself away, practically knocking me over. It was so hot seeing her so turned on. It was a mind bending orgasm for the both of us and I loved it.

We were both so exhausted; we cuddled up and fell asleep together. This was one party I was never going to forget. ?Goodnight, Catherine!?

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