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Truth or dare, part 3

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....more story!!!.....

School was out and summer was in full swing. The girls were outside all day everyday. The end of the school year was hectic, but now they had time to do whatever they wanted.

Jolie wanted sex! She wanted it all day everyday.

Jessie wanted to experiment. She loved their truth and dare game a couple weeks ago, but she thought it got way crazy.

Sara was just confused and scared now. She avoided all truth and dare suggestions since then.

Sara's worst fears came true one rainy afternoon when the girls mother said, "Jolie, watch your sisters this afternoon. I have something very important to take care of and don't have time to find someone to watch you three. I'm trusting you Jolie! Be good girl!" She told Jessie and Sara, "be good girls! Do what Jolie says! I'm trusting you girls. I'll be back in a couple hours." And she left.

Jolie looked at her sisters with a very devious look in her eye.

"You little sluts heard mom!" She yelled. "You are to do everything I say!"

"So what shall we do first..." Jolie strutted around her sisters. Her mind raced in every dirty place imaginable.

Jessie stood with her arms folded. She was secretly excited. Her tummy fluttered and her little pussy moistened.

Sara wanted to run and hide.

"I'm not doing anything you say!" Sara yelled and ran upstairs.

"That bitch won't get far." Jolie said smugly. "Get your clothes off whore." Talking to Jessie.

Jessie shrugged and removed her clothes.

Her young body was thin and amazing. Her breasts were just starting to form and her small slit was developing little wispy hair. She recrossed her arms and waited for Jolie's next order.

"Wanna see what I found." Jolie finally said after having a good long look at her sisters tight young body.

"Sure." Jessie shrugged.

Jolie ran off and came right back with something behind her back. She have Jessie another long look and whip her hand out. She was holding a long thin dildo.

"Know what this is?" She asked Jessie.

"A fake dick?" Jessie said.

"And do you know where it goes?" Jolie smiled.

"In your pussy?" Jessie mocked.

"'s going up Sara's ass!" Jolie said laughing. "Now let's go get that little cunt!"

They both knew Sara was probably hiding in her closet. The two girls went into her and Jessie's bedroom. Here Jolie removed all of her clothes. She stood and turned this way and that so Jessie could admire her body like she admired hers. Jessie seemed disinterested.

"Look how big my boobs are getting." She said. "Look how nice my ass is." She bent over a bit. Jessie looked her up and down. Jessie wouldn't admit it but she loved her sisters body. Her hips were rounder, her breasts fuller and perky. Her pussy had pouty lips now. She wanted to just throw her on the bed and do as she pleased with her. But she wouldn't give her the satisfaction. If Jolie wanted to do anything with Jessie, she had to force her. Jessie thought it much hotter that way.

Jolie wrapped her arms around Jessie and started to kiss her deeply. At first Jessie acted blasé about it, then she kissed her back. Their tongues explored each other's mouths. Both of the girls were becoming very excited.

Their kiss ended and Jolie said. "We know you are in the closet you little ho! You can do this the easy way, or the hard way! You decide!" Jolie looked back at Jessie and kissed her, grinding her body against her. Their arms running up and down each other's backs and butts.

Sara watched her sister through the crack in the closet doors. She was scared that not participating in their sex acts would make things worse for her. Then she heard Jolie tell her to decide. She wanted to cry. 'What should I do?' She thought to herself.

She watched them kiss, both of them were nude. She remembered the last time and it wasn't so bad. Some of it was really nice. She should just join them. Why fight it.

She took off her clothes. And opened the door.

"There you are you little slut! Naked already? You little whore...why don't you just beg for it!" Jolie mocked her young, bare sister.

"But...I didn't want you to hurt me...or be mad..." Sara said as she stood there nude, in front of her sisters.

"Get your little ass on the bed!" Jolie grabbed her and pushed her on the bed. "We have plans for you!"

Sara bounced on the bed. She was afraid of what was next. She knew her sisters were capable of anything.

"Jessie, hold her down!" Jolie demanded.

Jessie was happy to comply. She was starting to love being in control. She crawled onto the bed and grabbed her little sister from behind, holding her arms so she could face Jolie. "Don't move." She hissed at her.

Jolie showed the scared nude girl the dildo. It was thin but long with a slightly larger head on it. It was pink and smooth. She waggled it in Sara's face. Sara's eyes widened! She didn't even know what it was.

"Know what this is?" Jolie asked.

Sara shook her head no.

"Well you are about to find out! Roll her over!" The eldest sister demanded.

Jessie told Sara to roll over. Sara started trembling not only with fear but with anticipation of what was to come.

Sara lay on her stomach. Her head in Jessie's lap. Jessie held her arms. Sara was basically hugging Jessie's hips. Jessie admired her thin smooth body. Her slightly rounded butt cheeks. She thought both her sister were beautiful. She hoped they thought the same of her.

Jolie crawled between Sara's legs and spread them open. She stared at her tiny butthole and little slit between her legs.

"Let me show you what this is for." She said sweetly.

Sara trembled. She started whimpering a bit.

"Don't just jam it in there." Jessie warned. "Get her wet first. Use your whore mouth!" Jolie smiled and crept up to Sara's backside. Jessie smiled from the fact that she was doing what she asked. She loved watching her sisters doing her bidding.

Jolie started licking Sara's little butthole. This made Sara silent. More relaxed. She loved the feeling of Jolie's hot, wet tongue on her butt. Her tongue poked inside a bit. It felt amazing.

After Jolie decided that she was relaxed and ready, she started rubbing the head of the dildo up and down her wet anus. Sara didn't know what to expect, but she was enjoying it.

Then her pleasure turned into slight pain as Jolie started poking the dildo in further. Then she stuck the head all the way in. Sara cried out! "Owwww! Don't do that! Please Jolie! It hurts!"

Jessie held her tighter, "quiet!" She said and gave her a shake.

Jolie inserted the dildo in a little further. She spit on her hole. Letting the saliva trickle down and around it. Then she started pumping the dildo in and out.

Sara stopped crying and actually was silent as her butt got more use to the feeling.

"I think this little slut likes it!" Jolie laughed.

"It's no fun if you like it." Jessie added.

Jolie stuck it in further.

Sara let out a sigh, or a ohh. But didn't seem to mind.

"Fuck this little bitch Jolie!" Jessie commanded.

Jolie readjusted her grip and started pounding the dildo in and out.

This made little Sara a bit more uncomfortable. But she didn't seem to mind that either. Her head lay on Jessie's bare lap. Her eyes closed. A gasp here, a oooooh there. But she looked like she was enjoying the attention she was receiving.

Jessie spread her legs and raised her knees, she sat back on her elbows and said, "lick my pussy you filthy cunt!"

Sara immediately complied. Her tongue drew up and down Jessie's pouting lips. She took long strokes up and down. Here and there her tongue poked inside her lips and hole.

Jessie's mind started to swim with pleasure.

Watching Jolie pump little Sara's ass with the dildo, Sara's tongue swirling around her hot, moist pussy. Her mind raced from one dirty image to the next. Her nipples hardened. She started to flush. Her mind started blacking out as electric volts shot through her body. She exploded with her first orgasm. She was almost screaming with the pleasure. She fell back, her entire body felt like it was wrapped in silk with kittens licking her. She basically lost conscience.

When it seemed over, she sat back up on her elbows. Both her sisters stared at her. Sara from between her legs, Jolie from between Sara's.

"What's wrong?" Sara asked her looking worried.

"I...I.. Don't know...nothing." Jessie replied, in a dream-like state.

"Oh my god!" Jolie shouted! "You just came!"

Just then Jessie realized what all the fuss about sex was...she was now in that special group that seemed so far off for kids. She was a sexual being...sexual pleasure was now her new mission.

Sara couldn't believe what she just did to her sister. How she just transported her to a magical place. Sara felt a sense of pride. Being able to give another person such a gift.

Jolie felt jealous. She pulled the fake cock out of her sisters asshole and got up from the bed.

"My turn!" She announced. "Jessie! You fuck her ass!" "Seems like we should be fucking yours!" Jessie said confidently.

Jessie rolled Sara off of her. "Stay on the bed!" She told the young girl.

She slid off the bed and grabbed the dildo from Jolie. Jolie stared at her younger sister, slack-jawed.

"Are you serious?" Jolie asked in a condescending way.

"You're the self proclaimed whore." Jessie told Jolie. "You are the one that likes to get fucked! Well you are is your turn!"

Jolie felt hot all over, her pussy suddenly felt soaked. Jessie was almost right, but, she would LOVE to get fucked.

Jolie started to protest weakly, "but that thing was just in her's filthy!"

Before she could close her mouth Jessie stuck the dildo in it. "Then clean it off!" She said sternly.

She worked the dildo in and out of Jolie's mouth. Jolie pretended to fight it, but she was getting more and more turned on.

Sara lay there watching, she was shocked as well by her older sisters actions. Jessie being so aggressive, Jolie being so submissive. She couldn't believe it.

After Jessie worked the cock in and out of Jolie's throat nicely she said, "now get on your hands and knees slut!"

Jolie was so horny she would do anything at this point. She clamored up to the bed and did what she was told.

"Face down ass up bitch!" Jessie shouted.

Jolie pointed her ass straight up and hugged a pillow.

"Sara! Get over here!" Jessie barked.

Sara scramble to her sisters side.

"Work your magic on her pussy and ass." She instructed.

Sara immediately started licking up and down on Jolie's pussy and asshole. She was getting good at her new found skill. She slobbered up and in, down and around.

Jolie started moaning like a whore.

"Keep sucking her pussy Sara." Jessie told the girl.

Sara felt like a big girl, doing those dirty things like the girls did in the videos. She wanted to do a good job. She kept licking, kissing and sucking on her sisters lips and asshole.

Jessie pushed Sara's head down a bit and positioned the dildo towards Jolie's ass. She started working the fake cock into her anal opening. Then pushed. Jolie cried out with a loud moan. She pushed the cock at least six inches into her beautiful asshole. Sara kept licking her pussy.

Jolie was so hot and horny now, she felt her orgasm arise quickly. Soon, she was covering his baby sister again. With a hot spray of liquid.

Sara tried to dodge the spray but couldn't. Jolie made noises none of them over heard before. She sounded like she was getting hurt, but loved it. The older sister collapsed on the bed. Glowing from her huge orgasm.

That's when they heard the garage door opening.

"Get dressed!" They all almost said in unison!

Sara scrambled to the closet. Jolie grabbed her stuff off the floor.

Jessie bolted out of the room nude, her clothes were in the kitchen!

Sara and Jolie dressed and ran to the bathroom. Both of the girls were still wet from Jolie's orgasm. Jolie dried her sister off quickly and told her to go back to her room. "Go play!" She said and ran downstairs.

Jessie wasn't in the kitchen. The inside garage door opened and their mother came in.

"Hi mom," Jolie said.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah everything is good now, just work stuff...where's your sisters?" Mom asked.

"I think Sara is upstairs playing and I dunno where Jessie is..." She was saying as the basement door opened.

"Mom..." Jessie started, "do you know what Jolie made us do?" She said with a concerned look on her face.

Jolie almost fainted.

"She was trying to make us clean!" She looked at Jolie with a 'gotchya' smile.

"Good girl Jolie..." Mom said as she walked by.

"You little cunt!" Jolie hissed at Jessie.

Just then Sara bounded down the stairs, "mommy!" "Hi honey...why does your hair look wet?" Mom asked.

"Too much gel..." Sara lied. "I'm glad you are home."

"Me too angel, let's get dinner ready girls..."

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