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True story of cheating wife

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I don't know how things got to this point but I found out by accident. As I'm usually a heavy sleeper, it was unusual for me to wake up so early. My wife, Linda was not in the bed and a glance to the alarm clock showed that it was 6:00. I went into the kitchen and she was out on the patio on her cell. It struck me a little strange that she too would be up so early and who was she talking to. I retired to the bedroom and peeked out the window. Even the way she was talking looked suspicious. She wasn't sitting down near the back door but was standing a good distance away from it. Last week she told me she needed some time to herself and she had spent the night at a hotel in town but even though it was the first time for her to do that I thought nothing of it. What was going on? She talked for a good 30 minutes before coming back and slipping under the covers. I feigned sleep and 10 minutes later my alarm went off. Later at the office as we both work together I observed her talking again outside the back door for a long period of time. Now it's not unusual for her to take a smoke break and check out her facebook but again she was on her phone not near the door but out in the parking lot. I left the office 30 minutes early as I sometimes do but today I parked across the street and waited. She closed up and then sat in the car and made another phone call. This behavior went on each day for the rest of the week. Was she seeing somebody else? My wife of 10 years is 30 and I'm 45. We have two daughters and as far as I knew we were both happily married. Her behavior has been slightly off lately but I attributed it to her turning 30 as it did hit her pretty hard. Our sex life was still good and we seemed to have lots of fun whenever we went out. I had to find out what was going on. One date night I asked her to check on the girls while we were standing at the bar and I discreetly watched her password as she opened her cell. 2888. Later that night after we finished having sex. She passed out as we were both a little drunk. I got her cell and entered her pass word. I went to her text messages and there was literally hundreds of texts to and from someone named Jimmy. And it was what those texts said. She was having an affair and the "I love yous" filled almost every other message. I felt like some horse had just kicked me square in the gut. Some many questions raced through my head. How? Why? When? I wanted to wake her up and confront her right then but I decided to come up with a better plan first. I wanted to be 100% sure. Had she slept with him already? The texts the day after her night spent 'alone' said things like "how wonderful last night was" all but confirmed it but I wanted ironclad proof. I laid down next to her but I couldn't go to sleep that night.

The next day was Saturday and around noon she told me about how one of her girlfriends had to pull a late night shift and couldn't find a baby sitter and asked if she could watch her. I said sure have her drop her daughter by but she replied that her daughter didn't do well at stranger's houses and that she needed to stay with her at their house and since her friend wasn't getting off work until after 3:00 AM that she might as well spend the entire night. I thought here it comes. She just had sex with me and now she's going to spend the night with him. What a slut!The girls were staying with their grandma so when Linda left I got into my car to follow her. Sure enough she past her friend's house and kept on going. She drove across town and then pulled into a Super 8. I parked across the way and watch her check in. Damn it she was even paying for the fucking room. She came out and pulled up to rm 128. I moved down the way and waited. Within the hour Jimmy pulls up. They spent a couple of hours before they came back out and I'm so sure they just talked. I followed them to a restaurant and then after to a popular Texas swing bar in the area. Being Sat. night it was packed so I headed back to the hotel. I went to the front desk and told them my wife had misplaced the room key for 128. I showed them my DL and left with another. I slipped into the room. The bed was messed up and a condom wrapper was in the trash can. The fucking whore! After our 2nd child she had me get a vasectomy so she wasn't taking the pill. I'm sure she would make him use protection so as not to get pg.I checked out the room completely. No rubbers in her stuff but I found a pack of three more in his. I took them and returned to the bar. They were in the back acting like newlyweds. They were putting the beers away but I wanted them a bit more trashed. I sent their waitress over with some "complimentary tequila shots". I knew once my wife started with them she wouldn't stop and I was right. I left as the were paying the tab and resumed my spot in the hotels parking lot. They arrived and my wife had to be helped to the room. So far everything was just as I planned. Jimmy came back out about 10 minutes later. No glove no love. I waited for about 5 minutes and entered the room. Linda was passed out naked on the bed with one leg hanging over the edge of the bed as she does when she's had too much to drink. I took her phone and text Jimmy the following: Husband called. Am going to call him back for THE TALK. Go get some breakfast cause it's going to take awhile and I will call you when done. I love you. That should give me some time. I then deleted that text from her phone and wrote another but didn't send it yet. I took off my clothes and got under the covers and started eating her pussy. That was something I would do to wake her up after she had too much to drink many times before. I slip my finger inside her cunt and while she was usually wet, this was almost dripping wet. Yeah she had been fucked early by him. Her legs began to subconsciously spread and soon she began to moan. I tried to eat her differently to keep the charade going. Her clit began to swell and I sucked it like champ. Her moaning grew louder and louder and then the little tramp came and gushed all over. I usually put a towel under her but I wasn't going to be sleeping here tonight. Her spray soaked the bed. The little whore can come multiple times especially after the first one. I flipped her over onto her knees in the middle of the bed and put the covers over her back and head so she couldn't see who was fucking her. The Jeezabel probably wouldn't have cared who it was at this point.I fucked her hard and she moaned like the whore that she was. She started screaming and came again. I felt the warm bath of gush cover my balls. Se spent all her energies that time and went limp and I continued to fuck her. She then told me not to cum in her pussy and told me to pull out right before. I grunted negatively. She then told me I could cum on her breasts. Again a negative grunt. Then the whore said that I could pull out and she would let me cum in her mouth. At that suggestion I grunted affirmatively. What a total slut I thought as I pounded her cunt hard. I was close and she could tell. "Cum in my mouth, baby." she begged. It was inviting but I could take the chance of being discovered so I grabbed her hip firmly and exploded inside her pussy. She shrieked in disbelief as I pour a massive load into her. When I finished I pulled out and fell to the opposite side face down. She leaped from the bed yelling about what a bastard I was and headed straight to the bathroom. I immediately got up and got dressed. I heard the tub being turned on and peeked into the mirror and watched her squat in front of it and wash her pussy out. I sent the pre text which I wrote early and then deleted it. I put a small single package of lube on her nightstand and then I left the room but not before moving the curtains ever so slightly such that I could peek into the room if I wanted. The text said: "Give me 15 minutes, I don't want to discuss what we talked about AT ALL. Don't worry about the condoms as I want you to ass fuck me hard tonight even if I do protest and then I want you to cum in my mouth. I left some lube on the night stand and if I am asleep go ahead and start without me. I want you badly." I knew that would bring him running back and I resumed my seat in the car. I figured that 15 minutes would give her enough time to pass back out and if I were lucky she would never be shown the texts that I deleted. Jimmy arrived on time and went straight in. I crept up to the window and peeked in. He was already undressed and was applying the lube to her ass. She had fallen face first onto the bed which was perfect. Next he placed a pillow under her stomach and mounted her. He placed his thighs over hers and it seemed like he began fucking her pussy. The small light in the bathroom provided just enough brightness to see most of it. He must of been fucking her cunt because she wasn't protesting. I had only fucked my wife up the ass a couple of times in 10 years as she didn't like it and she would never ever do ass to mouth. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. It looked like she was beginning to hump him back. The fucking bitch just could get enough cock. I wish I could hear what was going on but the air conditioning was too loud. I saw him withdraw and pull her up to her knees and position his cock at her back side. He shoved forward and I did hear her let out a shriek. Her ass lunged forward as if shot from a cannon. Her pulled her back towards him and shoved again. Again another shriek but this time he held on and his cock must have found its mark. He began pumping her as with long steady strokes. I don't know exactly what she was saying but she didn't sound happy but he ignored the protest as he had been instructed. She put her hands back to push him away but he only grabbed them and crossed them behind her back. There wasn't anything she could do but take it. And take it she did as he fucked her harder and faster. The commotion began to settled down and I thought I heard her whimpering. Jimmy was lustfully fucking her ass and he wasn't going to stop until he came. He pace was soon very rapid and then he pulled out and scramble up to her face. He shoved his cock against her mouth and she turned away. He grabbed some of her hair and pulled her face back towards him. He was trying to shove it down her throat but I guess she wouldn't open her mouth and then he erupted. I could tell he was spurting wads as she would jerk whenever one landed. And the son-of-a-bitch pumped up a storm. He finally finished and let go of her hair and collapse to one side. I watched her wiping her face with the sheets and then head to the bathroom. Jimmy drifted off to neverland by the time she got back. She grabbed some covers and turned her back to him and went to sleep also. It was practically perfect the way the events unfolded. I'm sure the storm would come tomorrow. But that story will have to wait. I left for home with a huge smile on my face

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