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Training day and a Train Ride

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a master and his slave are re-united [THE SLAVE'S POV] BY MIDBLU_LISA

As she lay taking her nap, she was awaiting the MASTER?S call that he had been released. The call came about 9 pm. The MASTER told her he was being released in about an hour, therefore she had about an hour and 15 minutes to get dressed in the right attire and get to camp V. She replied yes MASTER I love you and am on my way.

She immediately hung up the phone and jumped into the shower. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail, put on her reddish lipstick, heavy blush and a pastel shade of eye shadow. She knew exactly what clothes to wear and not wear in order to please her MASTER. She pulled up her crotch less, black with red fishnet pantyhose over her newly shaved legs and put on her 6 inch platform black shoes. She put on her red and black push up bra, her black camisole and slipped into her black skirt.

As she was running out the door she realized she had forgotten her two eggs and had to run back into the house. She grabbed them quickly and ran toward the car. This scene had been rehearsed over and over again in their weekly visits.

It was 10:20 pm when she arrived and her MASTER was waiting at the pickup site. She could tell he was not happy about her being 5 minutes late as the MASTER was to never be kept waiting. She unlocked the passenger side door and he climbed into the front seat. He reached over and gave her a most passionate kiss and then all she could feel was his hand on her throat choking her. She was trying to get him to release the choke hold as he had never done that before and she was indeed scared for her life. He told her next time don?t be late or there will be more punishment. He grabbed her by her ponytail jerking her head backward and gave her another passionate kiss. Then he told her to that he was going to do the driving for the rest of the evening; that he had lots of business to take care of. She knew exactly what that meant as his sexual needs and desires had been pent up for over six months. She knew it was going to be a long night and tried to get into the mind frame.

The MASTER came around, got into the driver?s seat and drove to an abandoned rest area just up the road. He asked her for his vitamins and told her to take her normal amount plus two extra as she needed to get relaxed pretty quickly. He made her down a whole glass of her favorite wine and told her to put both the eggs in her cunt; his PERFECT CUNT. She knew to immediately obey without question. He told her that her cunt was to always be filled and told her to start jacking her cunt off. As she was beginning to get wet he pushed his car seat back, unzipped his pants and grabbed her head by her ponytail. The MASTER told her he was hungry for her body; all of her body was his to do with as he please and that tonight her three holes would be used and abused relentlessly without concern for her. She was his WHORE and tonight she was going to be treated as such. He told her her main purpose tonight was to be nothing more than a CUM dumping ground. She was his to do with as he pleased and she became afraid. He had never acted this way before. He forced her mouth down on his already hard and throbbing cock. He told her she was going to give him the best BJ that he had ever had and she replied yes MASTER.

He continued to push her mouth down on his cock as he was pushing upward toward her mouth. In the past she had been unable to take his whole cock in, but tonight she knew that would not be the case. He continued thrusting his cock into her warm mouth gagging her at times. Tonight you will take it all he replied and as she took a breath she repied yes MASTER. He began faster upward thrusting of his cock and now holding her head down with both hands he said yes my PERFECT CUNT release that whore that lives in you. She could feel the tension building in his throbbing cock and she knew his release was soon as she could taste his precum and only hoped she would not be forced to take his CUM in her mouth. All of a sudden he pulled her head up and back as his cock was spitting his warm, thick CUM all over her face. As she reached to wipe the CUM from her face the MASTER grabbed her hand and said no, now you indeed look like a WHORE and cum dumping ground. She could feel the CUM all over her face, dripping off her eyes and lips.

The MASTER began to drive and she noticed they were not headed toward home. She asked where they were going and he told her she need not worry herself with those details and to drink another glass of wine and to only speak when spoken to for the rest of the night and she knew to obey or there would be painful punishment for disobedience; not for her pleasure, but his as at times he had a sadistic side. They had been driving about an hour when he pulled into a dark parking lot. There were cars there, but no outside lights and she could not tell where they were exactly and knew not to ask either. He continued to pull around to the back of the building and she could see one small light over what looked to be an exit door from the building.

He parked the car, got out and came around to her side of the car. He opened her door and pulled her out by her ponytail. As she was facing him he spun her around facing the car and pushed her over on the hood. He pulled her skirt up to her waist so he could view his PERFECT ASS. The ass he was fixing to slam his once again throbbing cock into. He told her to spread her legs, spread them further apart so that he could see her asshole. All at once she felt him thrust his fingers into her ass and she let out a scream. He told her she would be punished for that outburst. He grabbed her ponytail and was pulling her head and body back as he was still thrusting his fingers violently into her ass. He said tonight I am going to stuff MY ASS with many things. He pulled his fingers out and forced his cock into her tight ass. Oh her tight ass felt so good to his throbbing cock as he continued to thrust hard and fast. All of sudden as he begins choking her he leans over and whispers into her ear that he is filling her ass full of CUM in preparation for the remainder of the night. He says that is the only lubricate she will be allowed to have. He starts thrushing rapidly into her ass and she can feel his throbbing cock releasing he CUM into her tight ass. He pulls out before he is completely finish getting off as to CUM all over her ass too. Once again he replies now you look like a WHORE, nothing but a CUM dumping ground. She replies yes MASTER.

They walk toward the door with the light on it and as they enter she notices the smell of sex. It is dark inside. As they turn the corner she can tell they are in a old run down movie theater. She can see many heads as they enter the back of the theater and she realizes it is a XXX movie house. Every viewable wall and the ceiling have some type of xrated movie going. She can see many hands massaging their own cocks and she wonders what her role will soon be.

The MASTER suddenly announces, she is here now. She can be used in any way you boys would like to use her. She is nothing but a WHORE and needs to be treated as such. Once again she is thrust forward bent at the waist over the theater seats. The MASTER once again begins to penetrate first her ass and then her cunt, back and forth, back and forth as he pulls her head back toward him with her ponytail. He fills her PERFECT CUNT with CUM and says now she is ready boys, cum and get her.

He pulls out of her cunt and the first guy steps up behind her. She really didn?t get to see him or his cock, but as he enters her cunt first she realizes his cock is bigger and thicker than her MASTER?s. He says man I want to fuck her beautiful white ass. Number 1 pulls out of her cunt and thrust his thick cock into her ass and she let out a scream as the pain has reached every nerve in her body. She has never had a cock of this size before. Then all of a sudden she feels a belt against her naked butt cheeks and she screams again. The MASTER said I told you to be quiet as he delivers another lash of the belt. He then goes around to the front of her face. He squats down to her eye level and once again grabs her neck with a choke hold. She can barely breath and tears begin to stream down her face. He repeated I told you to be quiet. Do you understand WHORE? Yes MASTER I understand and he delivers another lash of the belt. The MASTER says, boys I guess we need to fill her beautiful mouth with cock to keep her quiet. Number 2 step up and let her service your BIG COCK with her mouth. As number 2 is slapping her face with his cock she realizes it is much bigger than her MASTER?s and can?t imagine how she will ever handle it. As she is pondering over her circumstances she doesn?t realize that her MASTER has once again moved to the back. As number 1 cums in her ass and withdraws his limp cock she feels her hands being pulled together behind her back and then all of a sudden she feel handcuffs click on her wrist. She says oh MASTER please don?t do this and then she feels a painful lash with the belt. Without speaking another word to her her MASTER continues to whips her.

By now number 2 is ready to thrust his throbbing cock down her throat and number 3 is getting ready to enter her ass. As she squirms her MASTER tells her to be still and service these cocks. He says the night is still early and you are in training my PASSIONATE WHORE. You are indeed PERFECT in all ways and CUM looks good on you.

To be continued??

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