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Topless Pool Cabana

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Our weekend in Vegas had started off with a bang, actually 2! We settled in and looked forward to the rest of the weekend. We love a great round of golf but we weren't at our usual hotel so off to play a course on the strip we'd never played.

We were paired with a cool father daughter and laughed, shot bad and had fun. The whole family was in town and they were the golfers in the group so had a quick get away. What was funny is the father was just a few years older than us. No, not what you are thinking and the dad was very polite and we were not attracted. They were west coast people so we talked about common growing up memories.

The daughter was an athlete in college as hubby and I were so we talked about the funny stories. We hit it off and had a blast. She's in the same profession I started in so we talked shop too.

My husband of course found a buddy that wanted to play golf all day as well so he talked Dad into a round at our favorite course and hotel. He called our usual casino host and got it booked even though we weren't staying there. I really wasn't looking forward to playing another round and wanted drinks by the pool as it was in the high 70s and I could start on my summer tan. As usual hubby was helpful and offered to stay. But he had the idea he'd ask the host for a cabana and I could hang there while he played and we'd meet up. All was a go. Our new friend decided she was out on round 2 so I invited her to pool if she didn't have to get straight to the family. She was excited because none of them wanted pool time just casino time. Off we all went.

The boys went to play golf and we headed our separate way and would meet at the pool.

When I got there, to my surprise, the cabana was at the topless pool. I texted hubby he tried to change without luck but said they said it was optional. I quickly informed via text our now friend of the situation. Her response was we were safe in a pair?lol

Off we went to our cabana.. Ordered drinks, snacks, swam in a very heated pool and talked. About an hour in to our pool we noticed it was primarily women there and at the same time said why not, no tan lines?. Off with our tops. At some point I was clear enough to text hubby and tell him so Dad didn't walk up and get shocked. He informed me that dad was a few to many drinks down and leaving at the turn after 9. He sent me the tongue text and said he'd text when he was headed our way so friend could cover up. She laughed and said, strangers are looking probable better a friend and that secretly she loved being topless and had done so many times?

Another hour had gone by and we needed food with this liquor. We moved into our cabana and ordered up. Our cute female cabana girl suggested food and brought us a small heater as it was a little chili in the 70s when you're wet. We got our food and both dozed a bit feeling full and warm.

At some point they closed the front so I texted hubby we which we were in and to wake us when he was here.

The next thing I notice is the movement to my right. I was peaking through the bottom of my sunglasses when I realized my friend was trying to masterbate without being noticed? To late, she was. I felt that warm feeling and really need to as well. So I did and rubbed, fingered and came within a few minutes. Both of us obviously lost in our own thoughts finished about the same time and sat up when realized that we were both louder than in our heads. Looking at each other blushing and then we giggled.

She said, sorry I have been here 2 days without my boyfriend and he was texting such hot stuff when I told him about the topless pool and my new topless friend that i just needed a release. I laughed and said it's okay because my hubby had been texting too and I when I saw her I thought well I need that too!

We laughed and agreed it was always better when done by our men, to bad they weren't here. To which I heard? Have you ever done it to another woman? I responded no but had wondered how different it would feel. She gasped and said she hadn't either but had thought the same. She said, I'm not gay but just curious because she loved touching her own. I agreed and told her I do it a lot and love my toy time. I then heard? Wanna?

Shocked again to hear my own voice say, yes!

As awkward as we started at each other I thought we were in store for disaster. So i suggested I do her first then she me. She quickly bared her very young waxed, wet pussy and blushed. I bared my little older but very waxed clean and now swollen wet pussy so she wasn't the only one naked. I spread her legs as she laid back in her lounge and started to rub where I liked it. Alternating going inside and rubbing her clit outside. It was fun and had a great feel, she was dripping wet and breathing heavy as I felt the familiar feeling of cuming in pleasure and when she did it trigged a warm feeling and I came too! I stopped with my fingers in her for a moment then pulled out and rested back in my chair. I had to ask! Was is good? She responded, OMG yes! I mean, I love men and rather have a penis (I nodded to agree) but it was so much better than doing it myself? Now it's your turn.

I laid back and lost myself in her touch. She was working both hands and fingers over my soaking wet pussy then inside and out for what seemed like seconds but was of course 10 to 15 minutes. When she thrusted one more time inside me and I came so hard i squeezed my thighs together. When I opened my eyes she was there smiling and shocked and said she came when I did! I told her I had when she did as well.

Again surprised when she said. Do you mind if I taste it, thinking she meant licking her finger I said please do i love how my pussy taste. She moved quickly and before I realized that she wasn't going to put her finger in me when she slid over but was gonna go down I found myself guiding her head and she licked me softly and I shuttered. All I heard was "More?" and the answer was yes! She licked and fingered me for 10 more minutes and I came twice!

She jumped back on her lounge and said? I didn't know if I'd like that but did. Are you okay? I said said and drained. When we both jumped and realized my husband had walked in and was standing there.

Oh my. baby its not what you think. He said, I think she was eating you out. Okay so it's that and we did masturbate at the same time then each other but we aren't gay? He said, Im not complaining and wasn't sure if I should leave or what but that was so hot! He was hard as hell through his shorts! I said, baby are you sure? Yes!

Now, it doesn't end right there but close. We didn't do it more and I was not ready to go down or taste another woman but we did hang out longer and over the weekend.

What we did do is fulfill one more fantasy of hers and that was to watch a couple have sex while she masturbated in the room?

My hubby said it was hot to watch but not as fun as the threesome MFM we had.. What a weekend!

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