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Tinas Tango

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y wife Tina is a very beautiful woman at 5'7", 150 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 36c breasts and a delicious shaved pussy. She is 44 and I am 48 and we have been married for 23 years. My wife is also very gregarious and she is always the life and soul of the party, but she is also quite conservative. She always receives a lot of compliments about how hot she is but she says that she is not good looking and she always brushes off all the compliments and attention that she gets. She is without doubt a MILF.

My wife and I had planned a holiday to Malta and then on to Dubai. When we went to Malta, we decided to treat ourselves and stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Malta. It was very luxurious and the fact of being away from home on a trip, at a wonderful hotel had made Tina even more bouncy than she usually is. It also brought out the naughty side of my gorgeous wife.

Because I cum too quickly when we make love, I have always had a fantasy about her being chatted up by another guy who was either a complete stranger or who we know well and trust.

It was August, and at that time of the year, Malta is very hot and humid. On the second day of our trip we decided to go down to the beach bar for sun downers. Tina put on a light summer dress which was white with some blue flowers on it and underneath she had on a very sexy lace thong and a lace bra. The dress came to just above her knee and was made of light material and so you could see the patterns of her lace bra and thong underneath. She was looking stunning.

I love it when my stunning wife wears clothes that are a little bit revealing and when she shows her naughty side. One of my favorite memories is from a time when we went out one night. We had both had a little bit to drink and while I was driving home I leaned over and pushed up her dress and then started to rub her through her panties. We were both horny and I could feel her wetness. I put my hand into her panties and started to rub her clitoris and then up and down the length of her pussy. To my absolute thrill, my gorgeous wife pushed her chair back, put her feet on the dash board and then put her own hand down her thong and together we brought her to orgasm in the car with other cars around us. It was one of the most erotic times I have ever experienced.

Anyway, we caught the lift down to the pool area, and in the lift I slipped my hand up her dress and had a little feel. Tina smiled and said to me "later", but she had a sparkle in her eye. We walked down to the beach bar which has a bar area which overlooks a pool and the ocean. There are bar stools tables at the bar, some free standing cocktail tables with tall chairs and then a number of ordinary tables and chairs between the bar and the pool. We sat down at the bar, both of us sitting on bar stools, and we ordered a round of drinks. Initially we sat facing the bar, but even though there was a large mirror and you could watch the ocean in the mirror, the view over the ocean was amazing and we moved to one of the cocktail tables so that we could look out over the ocean and watch the sunset when the sun started to go down. Because it was still quite early, there were only a few people around.

While we were sitting at the bar a guy came to the bar and ordered a drink. He stood near to where we were sitting and while he was waiting for his drink he greeted us. He was quite tall, with dark hair, he was well tanned and was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt but with no tie. I assumed he was in his mid-thirties, and he clearly kept in shape. Even as a guy, I have to admit he was very good looking.

He took his drink and sat down at one of the tables between the bar and the pool area. He sat in such a way that he could look at the ocean and at the bar without having to turn.

Tina and I were chatting and every now and then I would notice our new companion stealing glances in my wife's direction. Because we were sitting on the tall cocktail chairs and our companion was sitting at one of the tables, he was slightly lower than us. After noticing our "friend" looking towards us a few times out of the corner of my eye, I glanced down at Tina's lap and I noticed that her dress had ridden up on her thighs. Although she was sitting with her legs almost closed the temptation for our friend was clearly too much, and he was no doubt hoping for my gorgeous wife to shift on the chair so he could get a look up her dress. As it was, our friend could probably just see enough to keep him interested and so I decided to have some fun.

We finished our first drink and I turned to the bar to order another round of drinks and also asked Tina what she wanted to drink. She turned to look at what drinks they had and as she did so I put my hand on her leg and then moved my hand so that her dress rode up on her thighs just a fraction more. I watched our friend's reaction in the mirror and it was clear that this had piqued his interest. He shifted in his chair so that he was facing us more and so that he could look towards us without it being obvious. I smiled inwardly, although Tina had no idea what was happening. Tina studied what there was to drink for a minute and then said she thought we should have a Tequila and then she would have some wine. I ordered a couple of Tequilas in addition to a beer for me and white wine for Tina. While I was ordering the drinks, I checked in the mirror again and saw that the guy at the table was staring at my wife's legs and, I assumed, trying to get a look up her dress.

We knocked back the tequila and a few minutes later our gentleman friend finished his drink and came to the bar to order another drink for himself. Our table was close to the bar and while he was waiting for a waiter to take his order he asked if we would like another tequila and introduced himself. His name was Carlo. He was Italian but he spoke with hardly any accent. We accepted the tequila and after a few minutes of small talk Carlo collected his drink and went back to his table. As he walked back to his table, Tina said to me "My God HE IS HOT". I smiled and said to her that he clearly thought the same about her. Tina immediately said I was talking rubbish and dismissed it, and so I decided on the spur of the moment to prove to my gorgeous wife how stunning she really is.

We chatted some more, and while we were chatting, I put my hand on Tina's leg again. Again I made sure that I subtly moved her dress up a little more. I noticed out friend shift in his chair as I did so. I left things as they were for a little while and then put my hand on the inside of Tina's thigh so that her legs had to open a little in order to accommodate my hand. I began to stroke the inside of her thigh and Tina opened her legs just a little more so that I could move my hand up and down her leg. Her legs were only slightly apart but I was sure that from where Carlo was sitting he would be able to see a feint patch of white. As I continued my stroking of Tina's leg I tried to move her dress higher, but this time she noticed and immediately smoothed her dress down. I told her that I was trying to give Carlo something to look at because I had noticed him trying to steal a look up her dress. Tina again told me that I was talking rubbish and that he would definitely not be interested in her! I decided to be bold - it was shit or bust time - and so I said "ok, I am going to prove it to you. Let's order a drink and you turn to look at the bar, and when you do, open your legs a bit and then watch him in the mirror without making it obvious." Tina initially said no but I told her that it was just a tease and that I was there and nothing else would happen, and so after a bit of cajoling and because she must have been feeling a bit naughty she eventually agreed.

We quickly finished our drinks and I again asked her what she wanted to drink, loud enough for our friend to hear but without being too loud. As she had done before, Tina turned to look at the bar (as if to see what other drinks they had) but this time she subtly moved her dress up a bit herself and then pretended as if she could not see properly and turned some more so that her legs opened. It all looked very natural. She studied the drinks for a long time and we both watched in the mirror and saw that Carlo was definitely looking up her dress. Because of the way she had shifted in her chair Tina's legs were a little bit apart and our friend definitely now had a view up Tina's dress and he was definitely looking at her lace panties. As Tina was telling me what drink she wanted we both saw in the mirror Carlo reach down and adjust himself in his pants. Although neither of us said anything, both Tina and I knew that the only reason was that he had a hardon, and the bulge in the front of his pants confirmed it. "I told you so" I said with a big grin.

We ordered our drinks and turned away from the bar, sitting normally again. Carlo quickly looked at the sea and crossed his leg to hide the bulge in his pants. Tina leaned over to me and whispered "Damn, not only is he hot, but it looks like he has a big one!" I whispered back to her that she should wait until he looked back towards us and then give him a good flash of her panties and smile at him so that we could watch his reaction. When he had regained his composure, he kept stealing glances in our direction but because we were both looking towards the sea and therefore towards him, he would look away as soon as we made eye contact. As a result I got up and took our camera and walked to the end of the bar (which was only about 7 meters from where we were sitting) and pretended to take a photo of the sunset. When I was at the end of the bar I stood so that I could see what was happening but also in a way so that it looked like I was concentrating on taking my pictures.

As soon as I got into place, my gorgeous wife subtly pushed her dress up a little and opened her legs a bit. As soon as Carlo looked in her direction Tina smiled at him and cleverly shifted in her seat so that his attention was drawn to her lap. Our friend now had a clear view up Tina's dress and he was definitely looking at her lace covered pussy. I could see out of the corner of my eye that this had an effect on Carlo. He immediately smiled back at Tina and the bulge in his pants quickly grew back. He then put his legs out in front of him so that the outline of the bulge in his pants was visible to my stunning wife under the table. He was showing her the effect she was having on him. After about a minute he got up and walked to our table. He said something to my wife but as I was about to rush back to the table to intervene, he moved to the bar to order a drink. I strolled back to the table and pretended to be oblivious to what I had just seen. When he went back to his table I asked Tina what he had said to her. She was a little shy at first but then said to me that he had told her that she was gorgeous and thanked her for the flash and that he was in room 1051. When I asked her what she had said in answer, she said she had told him that she did not know what he was talking about but then she had moved her dress up until just a glimpse of her thong was visible and then pushed it down again. I sat down and this time it was me having to hide an erection!

The teasing had me very aroused and so I ordered two more tequilas and the bill. Tina seemed disappointed that we were leaving but I told her we would not be going far. We knocked back the tequilas and signed the bill and then I took my stunning's wife's hand and led her to the changing rooms behind the bar. They were all empty but I led her into one in in the middle. The change rooms were unisex and were in a room with lockers for people to put their clothes in while swimming. The change rooms are the type which have a small place to sit but although the doors and walls have no gap at the bottom, they do not reach the ceiling.

As soon as we were inside the change room and I had shut the door, I slipped my hand up Tina's dress and started to stoke her pussy through the fabric of her lace thong. Tina put her head against my neck and her breathing was coming in rasps (as was my own).We were literally panting with arousal. As I stroked her up and down the front of her panties I was sure I could feel wetness on her panties. The only other time that she had been so wet that there was a wet patch on her panties was when we were on our way back home from the function and we had played in the car in public. I slipped her dress off and dropped down to my knees and put my head against her hot pussy. She was definitely wet - right through her panties - and it was awesome. I then ran my hands up her thighs, close to the band of her thong and then I went outwards following the line of her panties and away from her mound. Each time I returned to the inside of her thighs my thumbs got closer and closer to my wife's lace covered pussy. Each time increasing the tease and heightening her arousal. I pushed her thong to the side and lifted one leg onto my shoulder and started to lick her swollen lips. She was wetter than I had ever known and I couldn't get enough. I parted her lips with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, starting as deep as I could get my tongue and then up to her clit. I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue and then went back down, repeating the cycle.

Tina grabbed my head and pulled it into her, forcing my tongue as deep into her pussy as it could reach. Her head was back and her back was arched. Her nipples were rock hard and straining against the thin fabric of her bra. I opened my eyes and I could see her tummy starting to quiver which is a sure sign that she is getting close to orgasm. Then suddenly her body stiffened, but not in the way I was expecting and she pushed my head away from her delicious pussy. I looked up to ask her what was wrong and saw Carlo's face; he was watching us over the partition wall from the next cubicle. As soon as he realized he had been seen, the face disappeared. I thought that might be the end of our fun in the cubicle, but we were both very aroused and after about 30 seconds my wife started to stroke my hair and pulled me back towards her hot mound. I pushed her thong to the side again and started to lick her once more; again I started licking slowly from the very bottom of her pussy upwards, using the full width of my tongue so that I stimulated her swollen lips and inside. When I reached her clit, I sucked it as hard as I could into my mouth and then swirled my tongue around it. Tina started to tilt her hips back and forward in time with the stroking of my tongue, making sure that my tongue hit all the right spots and controlling the both the pace and the pressure. I was in heaven.

I heard a slight scraping sound but I ignored it and continued my horny assault on my wife's delicious pussy. Tina's stomach started to tense again and the movement of her hips started to quicken and become more erratic. I looked up at my wife so that I could watch her tummy and face as she orgasmed which I find incredibly erotic. As I looked up, I noticed there was an aluminum disk at my eye level on the partition wall and it was moving. It only had one screw holding it at the bottom and the disk dropped down and came to a stop, revealing a hole in the partition about the diameter of a beer can. An eye appeared at the hole. It had to be Carlo, and because he had disappeared when we caught him watching us over the partition wall, I gave him a thumbs up to let him know I was ok with him watching. I then moved Tina's right leg off my shoulder and put her left leg onto my shoulder so that our voyeur could have a better view, and then I drove my tongue into her as deep as I could go until I was mashing my tongue against her engorged spot. Tina was oblivious to Carlo watching and she pulled her lips apart to give me better access and then she started to tease her clitoris with her finger. I find this extremely erotic and today she was happy to do it - without me even asking.

Both our breathing was heavy and ragged, and with my tongue pushing and probing her g-spot and Tina teasing the nub of her clit with just the right amount of speed and pressure to give her maximum pleasure, I felt my beautiful wife approaching orgasm. She shuddered and gasped and then exploded in orgasm into my waiting mouth. I released her and told her to bend forward and put her hands on the seat so I could take her from behind. As she bent forward and placed her hands on the seat I saw movement at the hole in the partition and then a large cock appeared through the hole. I stopped and so Tina looked back to see what was keeping me from taking advantage of her hot and very ready honey pot. Her eyes flew open as soon as she saw Carlo's big cock sticking through the hole and I thought for certain that I was going to leave the changing rooms with an aching erection and very frustrated. But instead she pushed her hips back toward me until my cock was at the entrance to her pussy. I was desperately close to cumming already and so I moved her thong to the side and pushed into her but then I held her hips still because the slightest movement would have made me cum. Without thinking I took her hand and guided it back to where Carlo's very big and very hard cock was sticking through the partition. Even though he was on the other side of the partition, the length of his of cock sticking through the partition was still longer than me and he was much thicker. Tina's hand touched the cock, and again she looked back at me. I don't know what came over me, but I had an overwhelming desire to see my wife stroke this monster. I guided her hand so that it moved along Carlo's erection. When she took his cock in her hand he was so thick that her hand only just closed around him.

She started to slowly stroke Carlo's cock. The movement of her actions made me move inside her and I could feel that I was on the verge of cumming. I did not want to spoil the moment and so I pulled out of her and I immediately started to stoke her pussy again. My wife can orgasm more than once and as soon as my hand touched her wetness I heard a soft "mmmmmh" escape from her lips. After a few minutes it was clear that the position she was in was awkward for Tina and she was uncomfortable and so she moved back so that Carlo's big cock was now in front of her. His cock was now at eye level and for the first time she could see it properly. "My God he's huge" she whispered. She knelt down in front of it and because she could now move more freely and she started to stroke him faster. I moved forward so that I could have Tina suck me. She took me deep into her mouth and then swirled her tongue around my erection and then took me deep into her mouth again. My whole body tensed. I had to stop again and so I swapped between putting my cock into her mouth and rubbing my cock on her breasts and across the lace of her bra. I then squatted down and reached down in front of her so that I could caress her wet pussy. Her lips were engorged with arousal and she the wettest that I have ever known. I rubbed her up and down, making sure that I stayed in contact with her clitoris and used her own wetness to slide into her, pressing my fingers against her bulging g-spot. "Oh God, Oh Godddd uuuurrrgh" she moaned in a whisper as her second orgasm started to build. She stood up and bent forward and whispered "please cum in me now!" I moved her thong to the side and slammed my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could. I felt her pussy gripping my cock as it started to spasm in orgasm. I kept on pulling back until I was almost out of her and then thrusting back in as deep as I could go until I started to cum, filling her with my cum. The feel of my cum squirting inside her pushed my stunning wife over the edge and she squirted in orgasm against my cock.

Carlo must have heard the sounds of our orgasm because just as Tina started to drop to her knees and face him, I saw his big cock start to pulse. She pointed his cock towards her breasts just as he erupted. He shot jet after jet of hot white cum onto my wife's breasts and bra. Her breasts and bra were covered in his cum. When the last of his load had spurted, some started to dribble from the end of his cock onto Tina's hand which she rubbed over the head as he withdrew back through the hole.

Tina stood up and the sight of her was something to behold. She had cum running down between her breasts and soaking her bra as well as her juices mixed with my cum starting to trickle down the inside of one of her thighs. I reached between her legs and took both our cum onto my fingers which I then rubbed onto her nipples through the lace of her bra.

After we heard Carlo leaving, I sneaked out of the cubicle and found some tissues so we could clean up. We returned to our table and saw Carlo sitting at his table. As he saw us, he smiled and raised his glass to us. We said nothing but we both smiled, knowing that this would never happen again, and that we were both satisfied and deeply in love.

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