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This is what we do on a Sunday night

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I sat on the plane, anxious and excited to return home after a week of business travel. A. and I were chomping at the bit to reconnect. I texted him, ?You know how much I love you? I love you so much that I shaved my legs.? My phone beeped with a quick reply, ?Doesn?t matter. You?re gonna get fucked one way or another.? Hell yeah! Apparently his imagination was working overtime. I received another text from him. It was a picture of a toybag with the caption, ?What?s in the bag???

I barely had time to open the door and kick off my high heels when his arms enfolded me in a long kiss. Together we danced awkwardly to the bedroom, kissing and fondling like horny teenagers. He instructed me to get the bag and empty it on the bed. The contents? Lots of rope, a ballgag, a blindfold, a dildo and a buttplug. Oh my.

I lay face up, naked on the bed, legs spread wide. I could feel the tingling between them and my mouth began to dry with anticipation. He pushed one thigh toward my chest and wrapped the rope around it so that my calf was pinned to my thigh. The other leg followed suit?exposed to say the least. Each wrist was then skillfully tied to each bed post above my head.

The sequence of events began to blur after that and everything went dark once he put the blindfold on me. First one finger and then two invaded my holes. Separately. Together. Pumping in and out. Probing. They were shoved into my mouth to lick and inserted again and again. ?I?m gonna use any hole I want as much as I want. And you?re gonna be a good girl and keep your legs open for me, right?? I nodded.

After massaging a finger repeatedly inside my tight ass, he lubed up the buttplug and inserted it slowly. The buttplug has a way of making you feel incredibly stuffed and invaded. His fingers entered my pussy again, making me writhe and moan, my eyes rolling back into my head.

?I want you to masturbate and come for me? he instructed as he released my hands from the bedposts. I spread my pussy wide, exposing the clit and began rubbing it methodically. His fingers found their way into my pussy. In and out, again and again. I felt a growing surge of pressure, building gradually but relentlessly, until I came hard. He quickly noticed that my fingers never stopped massaging and instructed me to keep going. ?Again. I want you to come again.?

The sweat beaded on my brow and I could feel the wetness in my hair soaking into the pillow as I concentrated. He continued fucking my pussy with his fingers and with the buttplug firmly stuffed inside me, everything came to a head as I exploded. ?Oh my Ghod? I vaguely heard him say, ?You should see the cum flowing out of you.? My muscles clenched and there was no controlling the flow of liquid squirting out. I was a puddle. I couldn?t move. It was an amazing and glorious elation.

While I lay comatose he promptly tied my wrists to the headboard again and pulled my ankles vertical against his shoulders. I felt him remove the buttplug and soon the head of his cock slowly stretched my asshole wider and wider, pushing deep inside. My body swayed rhythmically as he pumped his cock in my ass repeatedly? pulling out a few inches and then shoving back in. Our moans overlapped and filled the room.

As he pulled out to lean over me and untie my hands, he noticed I was gawking at his cock like it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Clearly, no words needed to be said. He grabbed my hair and told me to suck his cock. I consumed it until it was resting against my throat and then began swallowing around it. I alternated sucking, swallowing and licking until the saliva ran down my chin and dripped onto the bed.

I suddenly found myself on all fours with my ass up in the air, both holes wide open for him to use. He shoved his cock in my ass hard and fast, pounding me from behind. It was fucking amazing and seemed to go on and on. His balls slapped against my labia. I lowered my head to peek underneath and watch and felt my pussy clench at the sight.

Almost as if he read my mind, he pulled out and ordered me to suck his cock clean again. Satisfied, he pushed me down onto my back, spread my legs and began fucking my pussy. I felt his hands press on my shoulders, pinning me to the mattress as he increased his tempo, fucking me over and over again, faster and faster.

I could taste the sweat and salt on my lips when I licked them. His eyes bored into mine and I focused on his harsh breathing until he groaned loudly and pulled his cock out, cumming hard and squirting onto my pussy in long streams. I slowly rubbed the sticky white cream into my pussy and looked over at him resting beside me. We smiled happily at each other. It was good to be home.

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