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They Have Arrived

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Heather awakened suddenly with a gasp. She sat up and tried to look around in the darkness to see if someone was there. She thought she heard some noise that wakened her from her slumber, but all seemed quiet, so maybe it was just a dream. She lay back down and pulled her furs up to her neck, closing her eyes in hopes of falling back asleep. No sooner did she get comfortable then she heard another noise, this time something like the creak of leather. Her eyes snapped open, but she laid still. She felt her heart race as she knew that no one else should be in this room with her. She tried to lay still and quiet, but then started hearing a commotion outside?the sound of hoof beats and horses snorting. She knew something was wrong and tried to sit upright in bed. Just then, hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back down onto the bed and before she knew it, a hand was over her mouth, cutting off any chance of a scream escaping her lips. She felt another set of hands grab her wrists and pull them above her head. She was now terrified in the dark, not knowing what was going on.

She then heard one of them men speak in a language she didn?t understand. Perhaps these were the Denes her father had always warned the village about? Brutes from another land that speak in a strange tongue? The man holding his hand over her mouth sat down on the bed next to her and told the other man something, calling him Gellir. She wasn?t sure what he said, but Gellir held her wrists even tighter and pulled her arms even higher above her head. Gellir replied calling the other man Rorik. She was now struggling against Gellir, but it was no use. He was probably twice her size and a hundred times stronger. Rorik leaned down to her face and she could feel his hot breath on her cheek. He shushed her and then whispered something in her ear, but she didn?t know what he was saying. She tried to turn her head away from him, but his hand over her mouth held her head in place. She tried to kick her legs and feet, but it was no use. She could hear more noise outside, her people yelling and screaming, horses whinnying, fires crackling. She knew even if she could scream, no one would hear her or even be able to help her.

Rorik barked what seemed like an order to Gellir, then took his hand off Heather?s mouth and stood up from the bed. She didn?t know what he said, so she wasn?t sure what was going to happen. It was starting to get light outside, but it was still somewhat dark in the room. She could make out silhouettes now, but not faces. Then she felt the furs and linens whisked away from her bed, leaving her exposed to the cold. All she was wearing was a linen skirt and tunic, hardly enough to protect her from anything. Rorik then said something to her, but she didn?t understand. She started pleading to him not hurt her and to let her go, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She was sure they didn?t know what she was saying, but she kept trying anyway. She started to cry, kicking her feet and legs and struggling against Gellir, but he held her tight, only allowing her body to twist and contort on the bed. She then felt Rorik?s hands on her skirt, rummaging through the folds like he was searching for something. She tried to kick him away, but he grabbed her legs and pushed them down onto the bed, then she could see him crawl on top of them, effectively holding them in place. He continued to fumble with the fabric of her skirt until he found the hem of the bottom layer. She could see him pull something from his belt but wasn?t sure what it was. Then she heard the fabric of her skirt tearing?he was cutting it with his knife?from the hem at her ankles all the way to her navel. She started to scream when she realized what he was doing, but Gellir put his hand over her mouth and leaned in close to hear face. He was still holding her wrists with his other hand, so she couldn?t get away. He shushed her and whispered into her hear, then she felt him nuzzle her curly red hair with his nose. She knew what they were going to do to her, and there was nothing she could do to stop them. They would take her innocence, but hopefully leave her alive.

Rorik cut away the folds of her skirt, then moved himself up to her thighs and did the same thing with her tunic. Heather was terrified and cold, her naked body on display for these two strangers from another land. Rorik sheathed his knife and reached down to grab her ample breasts. Gellir still had his hand over her mouth, but she gasped when Rorik touched her. She had never been with a man before even though she was 14 summers old. She knew what the other girls in the village had told her it was like, but she had yet to find out on her own. She was scared knowing it would hurt, and even more scared that she couldn?t even communicate with these men. They would ravage her body, only out to pleasure themselves.

Rorik played with her breasts, squeezing the creamy white globes in his large rough hands. Heather was surprised that he was being gentle, using firm pressure, but not so much that it hurt her. He moved his body up to her waist and continued to play with her breasts. He started rolling her nipples between his fingers then went back to squeezing them. Heather closed her eyes for a moment, pretending it was Godfrid, the young man from the village she had fantasied about. She imagined it was his hands playing with her breasts, not some strange heathen from another world. She almost seemed to enjoy it when Rorik suddenly stopped. Her eyes snapped open to see him removing his woolen shirt, exposing his chiseled, but scared body. It was now light enough in the room that she could start to see both men much better. She could tell Rorik had been battle worn from the scars on his chest and arms. He stood up off the bed and removed his leather trousers, exposing his large erect penis. Heather had never seen a penis before and stared it at in amazement. She knew she would not be able to take that inside her pussy?it was way too small and had never known a man before. She was excited at the sight of it, but terrified of the pain it would bring her.

Gellir said something to Rorik, and he smiled and put his hand on her stomach, then slowly moved it down to her pubic mound and started playing with her soft red hair. Heather knew she shouldn?t be enjoying this, but she could feel her pussy getting more and more wet. She was hoping Gellir would be as gentle with her pussy as he was with her nipples and breasts. He pushed on finger between her lips to feel how wet she was. He laughed and said something to Gellir, who laughed in return. She couldn?t hide it from them that she was aroused by being taken by two strangers. Rorik then pushed a second finger between her folds and pulled them apart. He took a finger from his other hand and tried to push it into her pussy, but couldn?t because she had never been with another man before. He smiled a huge grin and said something to Gellir, who in returned looked very surprised, but then laughed again. Heather knew they were talking about her being a virgin, and how Rorik would be the one to take her innocence from her.

Rorik then climbed on top of Heather and laid his body on hers. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her pubic mound. He leaned down and whispered something in her ear, then kissed it gently. Gellir was still holding her wrists, but Rorik looked up at him and must have told him to release her, because he then let go of her, but still stood at the head of the bed. Heather felt Rorik?s long blond hair fall into her face as he nuzzled and kissed her neck. He smelled of smoke and sweat and leather. Her arms hurt from being held up so long, but she moved them down and put them around Rorik?s neck, then run them down his back, feeling even more scars on his body. She could feel him pressing his cock against her more and more, knowing that it was just a matter of time before he would enter her. He then moved down her body and positioned his legs between hers, opening her legs to allow him access to her pussy. He reached down with his hand and grabbed his cock and guided it between her folds and held it there. Heather grabbed hold of him tight in anticipation of the pain. He slowly started pressing his cock in further while whispering into her ear, pushing past her barrier. She started to cry out when he was about half way in, but he stopped and caressed her face and kissed her lips gently. The burning pain was almost more than she could handle, but she had no choice but to let him have his way. He then thrust his penis all the way into to her tight pussy, causing her to scream and dig her nails into his back. He had to have her and couldn?t wait any longer. Gellir was ready to grab her wrists again, but Rorik waved him off. He let Heather relax a moment before he started pumping his hard cock in and out of her torn and abused pussy. The pain was searing and she knew she was bleeding, she could smell the blood. Rorik kept assaulting her pussy with his hard cock, ramming it in and out relentlessly. He whispered something into her ear and held her very tight. She didn?t know what he meant, but thought that it might mean that he was ready to plant his seed deep inside her. She was crying, but still holding on to him as tight as she could. Then, with one hard thrust and a loud groan, he pushed his cock all the way into her pussy and spilled his cum inside her. He held onto her for several minutes. She could feel his cock still hard and twitching inside her sore and burning pussy. He laid his head on her shoulder for a moment, and then looked at her with his sky blue eyes. He gently kissed her, then looked up at Gellir and barked some sort of order. Gellir walked away from the bed and went outside, leaving the two alone. Rorik withdrew his cock from Heather?s sore little pussy, and then helped her up from the bed. He motioned for her to get dressed. He dressed himself and when she was ready, picked her up in his arms and carried her outside to Gellir waiting with a wagon. He lifted her up into the wagon, and wrapped a fur around her shoulders to keep her warm on the journey. She knew she now belonged to Rorik and would never return to her village.

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