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The eyes have it

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I was seated waiting for the first class of a new college semester when a lady slightly older than me entered. I was seated on the right half way to the back. As she passed we made eye contact and there was " the look"! I can't describe it but when it happens one knows!

With a fleeting thought, I instantly knew that I was going to fuck this stranger before the next class!

The professor came in and any thought of her left my mind until after class, when I herd, "Hi there my name is Alice. Would you like to get some coffee?" I remembered those eyes and smiled, "If that is what you want, let's go to the break area".

She replied, "Okay, I do have an ulterior motive. My husband is away on business, I'm alone with the twins, and the light in the laundry area is out!"

I smiled, "What you are telling me means coffee is a waste of time that should be better spent doing something else".

"Yes you're right I live close could you follow me?"

"I'll stay close".

A few blocks away we pulled up to a single family home in a nice area. We entered and she directed me into a small dim laundry room and asked, "What will it take to fix my problem?"

I reached out pretending to fumble in the dark. I bumped a tit, "Oops, sorry".


Fell into her, "Need to turn something on".

"Oh yes!"

Groping up her leg, "Where's the switch?"

"Your sooo sooo close!" "Where are your panties?" My belt came off.

"I neverrrr ware them onnn horny days!"

"Sopping fucking wet!" My pants tangle my feet.

"Yeeessss PUUUSH AAAWWW!!!"

She leans back, I press deep, she hits the control, the unbalanced machine is on spin, I hang on for the ride of my life!

We have a simultaneous climax and help each other to the front room and flop on the sofa.

She smiled, "Thanks I needed that".

"That's what your eyes said in class".

"Yes, and I realized you were the only one that KNEW! Now, do you want that coffee I offered?"

I smiled, "Not really. I want to fuck some more!"


"Right NOW!!!"

She lifted my drooping cock, "It's not ready".

I forced her head down, "Well you better make it ready, Cunt! ----- By the way, I'm Bill. Who am I fucking?"

"I'm Fran as in frantic, mmmmmffffff I taste so good" I attempted to turn to 69 and she jumped up, "No! I don't do that!" "You don't do what?"

"I don't let anybody eat me. Now feed me that cock".

I reached for her willing head and eased it back to my swelling cock, "Okay Fran do your thing".

She bent down, locked her hands behind her, and used her tongue to lift my dick into her loving mouth.

I watched as she groveled in my sweaty cum coated crotch licking, slurping, and sucking the whole area. And, at no time did her eyes look away from my stoic face.

I soon felt like I had a bat with a pair of softballs stuffed between my legs! Fran read my eyes and saw what she was looking for.

She stood up, pulled me up and around, slammed me against the door, jumped on my pointer, wrapped her legs around me, pleaded, "Don't drop me!", and threw her cunt into pounding fuck mode!

She yowled as she came twice before I exploded deep in her uterus. I collapsed and when my ass bounced off the floor, I was driven deeper and Fran had the pleasure of an additional long cum.

As she finally crawled off me and we both laughed as she released a loud cunt fart!

I apologized, "I'm sorry for falling and almost dropping you. Are you okay?"

"Hey that's nothing, why just last week some clod I met at the bar on the corner fell and we shattered a coffee table! But, the fuck was good and that's what life is all about".

"Should I skat before hubby gets home?"

"Nah, he's on a training mission in Nam. He's gone for months".

"What the hell is a training mission?", I asked.

"He is a Marine special combat officer sent over there to teach jungle fighting to Green Berets and Southies. When can we fuck again?"

I groaned in excitement as her tongue swept over my bulbous head and round the shaft, licking down from the eye to his balls. She licked down at the wrinkled skin of my sack, feeling the balls in it jiggle and bounce as her tongue pushed at them. Up she went again and round, her tongue leaving a trail of wet spit. I groaned more, "Shit Fran you're the best cocksucker in town. Oh shit..." I tensed and groaned louder as her mouth opened and she took my prick in her mouth.

"Mmmm so sweet", Fran's lips curled round and her jaw widened as she sucked at the huge solid member; it was a long time since she had a young continuously solid dick in her mouth. - Not an old horny drunken friend of the bartender in need of a masturbation tool, be it lips or pussy - and even longer, if ever, since she'd sucked one so huge and thick.

"Shit, oh shit, that's good," I moaned as her head bobbed up and down my heat seeking cock. I placed a hand lightly on the back of her head, not pressuring her, but keeping control of her speed and encouraging her to go deeper and suck more.

It wasn't easy for her. My dick had regrown so large and wide she couldn't fit it all in and her mouth ached as her jaw strained open to suck at it. But she tried her best!!!

"Oh shit woman, oh shit," My thighs were tense and, as she looked up she read my eyes.

I gasped quickly in and out for air and self control. My eyes were rolling and my face was contorted with pleasure.

Her eyes flashed and signaled, "OK" She moved faster sucking harder.

He suddenly let go off her head and almost pulled her off. She looked at him surprised "I need to fuck you AGAIN..... NOW!!" I demanded.

"Oh... yes!" she gasped as I went down to my knees, gripped her waist, and with a swift turn of her body dropped her hard onto the rug.

As I swung over her she grasped my tool and aimed. I reared my ass and drove home to sink deeply into her depths and heard her sigh, "Oh my, horny youth!!!"

She continued to revive "Stiff Bill" and I continued to attempt to pound her into the rug until I was exhausted.

As I was leaving, I asked about another visit the next week. She read my pleading eyes and replied, "I'm so sorry, I want to but I must spend the week down at Camp Pendleton. I'll see you in class".

Sure enough, on Tuesday she walked into class with a big smile and a wink as she took her seat.

After class I walked out with her only to hear, "I need to get back to Pendleton".

"Where are the twins?"

"Jose is at the house with them".

"Who the fuck is Jose?"

"If it's any of your business, he's a young man just out of high school in my morning class".

"A good fuck?"

She laughed, "Don't worry Stupid! You're still the man of this house!", grabbing her crotch and looking in my eyes!

The spark flew and I apologized.

She laughed and said, "Let me tell you about young Jose". ------- Yeah, I wondered how a fresh hot chili pepper might pop. And yes, I made a valiant attempt.

The day he came over to meet the kids I stepped up to the plate. Hey, this was my only chance to reduce his twin watching fee!

I opened the door: took his hand; pulled him in; slammed the door; stepped into him; trapped his hand with my bare cunt; and grabbed his crotch.

Jose's reaction? He burst into tears and pulled away! He had had un-pure thoughts. He had sinned!

She finished, "He went to confession; I raised his pay; he came back; I gotta go".

For a year or so, I was on the 3-11, she would call the gate at work 2-3 times a week to leave a message, with her phone number, saying she was my wife at a girl friends and wanted me to pick her up on the way home.

I'd stop on the way home and fuck her for an hour or two and go home. Then one time, Earl, the guy that took the message got wise, he wanted an invite from Fran or he would call my wife.

I called Fran. She said, "Bring him with you. Tell him he better be damn good".

When we got there the door was unlocked as usual. But, Fran was in a robe in the living room instead of being naked in bed.

Her eyes flashed, "I need to fuck!!" At me and said, "STRIP", to Earl.

So, this tall skinny guy stood there and got naked. Fran gasped; I gawked; and Earl said, "You like?", to the world.

Fran grabbed his monster cock and dragged him off to bed leaving me to follow! By the time I got there, his ass was pumping hard and fast and it seemed as though he was driving Fran 3-4 inches into the inner spring with every thrust. Then suddenly: Earl, rolled her knees to her ears; used his tower as a pivot; spun on her slippery ass; dropped her legs; rolled over; and ended up under her, drilling her from behind!

Fran gasped when Earl's depth increased and for a split second I considered offering my cock to Fran's lips. But, the way her eyes were fogged over with her teeth clamped I took the safe path and watched Earl at work!

After several minutes, Earl reached down and heaved her up and off his poker only to swiftly lower her skewered ass down to his swollen balls! Her body reacted like it became a dishrag and her eyes pleaded for me to "do something"!

I quickly went to the rescue. I dove in face first and locked my lips around her clit! Fran came! Fran kept on cumming! I kept drinking! Fran's cum never paused until Earl's balls ran dry AND, I decided to back off and let her cool down.

She reached for me, caressed my face, and pulled me up to gently lick her juices from my face. I read her eyes and eased my cock into her snug deep harbor, laid still and slowly emptied my nuts.

Earl packed his gear and left. I spent about an hour holding and caressing. Fran lay there very contented to think and be held.

Then, she sat up, "Thank you".

"For what?"

"For taking charge and reminding me how much I love/want to be eaten".

"Once several years ago, when my macho husband was home, I was with a frien.... no, a visitor in the spare room. He could eat cunt so well and so long that I thought I would never stop cumming or screaming!

Hubby heard me and came in to watch and enjoy. As soon as he entered, he went into jungle fighter mode and beat my visitor senseless, and then threw him outside! He never did fully recover.

Then he turned on me, "If I ever find you bringing a disgusting lowlife that preforms that type of slimy gross activity into my house again will kill him with my bare hands and feed him to the coyotes in the base wilderness! If they don't fuck your pussy they're too weird to live! Tell them to stay away! And, go find a man".

It was at some point during Fran's telling me that, that I decided to go ------ find a couple of school sluts and 15 to 20 guys and throw a party at Fran's.I looked her in the eye and smiled.

She smiled back, "I like what ever your thinking!"

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