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The Weekend TripDay 1

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Diane and I have each traveled often, but never together and after talking, decided to commit to a trip. No kids, no worries, and hopefully no limits.

Oh, where to go.....Exclusive adult only had so many ideas. We found the perfect get away in a simple Mexico trip. I couldn't help but think how wonderful it would be to be alone, together, sharing some laughs, some sights and some pleasures that each of us may have dreamed of, but never experienced.

From the moment we began our trip, it seemed our minds and our bodies were aligned perfectly. Holding hands and mine wandering across her thighs on the plane only made the moments more intimate. We watched during our drive across the jungle landscape and arrived at our condo ready to relax. After a brief survey of the accommodations, I admired how she looked in her floral skirt, flowing top and the bikini shaping her incredible body underneath. She was inviting and made me hard the more I looked.

We had chatted and texted many times suggestively about our desires for each other, and how we had connected from the beginning. She was always so sexy and felt incredible with full firm breasts, soft skin, and how she had gentle hands. She once texted me, asking if I had known how a woman could 'squirt' with so much excitement. I explained to her yes indeed, a woman could explode from such an orgasm, with the proper stimulation. She seemed a little embarrassed at first, but later intrigued by the idea of being so completely satisfied.

I made some drinks as we relaxed and thought about a swim in the pool or hot tub. As I walked into the bedroom with the drinks, I caught a vision of her again, changing into a different bikini. I stopped to admire her shape, the color of her skin, and how she moved. Sometimes she seemed reluctant or shy, but not today. She realized I stood behind her as she changed, she turned her head, over her shoulder, "You like the view?"

"Yes, I do."

I approached her with a cold drink, and rubbed the wet glass on her arm, making her shiver. "So many sensations here" I told her.

She turned around to present her new look, with a string bikini that revealed her incredible body. Her nipples showing hard through her top and her flat stomach outlined by the high cut bottoms. She leaned forward as we kissed. Slowly, gently, our tongues entwined.

"Mmmmm, you taste good" she said, savoring the heavy rum and coconut on my breath. As my hands held our drinks, she reached down and rubbed my now hard cock through my shorts. "How does this sensation feel?"

I kissed her again.

As I set the drinks down, she turned to let me view her again. 'I love this new suit! So revealing, but it'll let me get a great tan."

'You shouldn't have any tan lines" I suggested.

As she walked back to fetch a sip of her drink, I reached for her waist. Pulling her close and pressing our bodies together. "I've wanted to travel with you for such a long time. Now, I want you more than ever before."

With that, she put her drink on the side table. We began to kiss, deeply while holding each other close. I could feel the heat of her body against my arms and chest. She pressed her hips to mine and our arms embraced each other tightly.

Her passion was completely evident now.

As I held her head gently, to kiss her, moving around her mouth, down to her neck, I grasped her shoulders, turning her around so we faced the same direction.

I caressed her arms down to her sides, and kissed her again on the shoulders making sure to find each side. Our hands clasped together as she tilted her head, inviting my lips again and again. I moved my left hand up her arm again, and moved her right hand behind her, guiding it to feel how hard she had made me already. As she felt, she moaned gently. "You're so full. I can't wait to have you."

She continued to gently rub my shorts, as I cupped her ass, each side getting equal attention. My other hand continuing to rub her arm and shoulders as I kissed her neck from behind. My hand ventured across her shoulder and down her arm and moved across to the front of her, feeling her breast, and her hard nipple run across my palm. Again she moaned gently, raising her free hand, and pressing it against mine, strongly to her chest. My wandering hands made her body so responsive, as she stuck her hips back to meet my hand and my hardness. I fondled her ass and slowly...deliberately slipped my finger underneath the string of her bottoms.

As I tugged slightly at the string, she moaned again. Turning her head to my kisses, "touch me..." she said. "I'm so wet when you're like this." I tugged hard as the string let loose its grip on her hips and let the sheer fabric glide down her legs. I reached around now completely enveloping her with my arms. One gently squeezing her breasts, and rubbing her nipples. The other complying with her desire, reaching lower across the flat spot of her tummy, down between her thighs. "Do it! Touch me! I want you to feel how ready I am." I press my hand firmly and my finger finds the mark. She is burning hot, and wet, allowing my finger to glide easily into her and across her tender clit.

All this time, I am becoming more hard each moment. She reaches again behind her and feels for my stiff flesh. My hands break from their touch of her, long enough to undo the button to my shorts. As I do, she turns around and kisses me. She reaches down and slides her fingers beneath the waist of my shorts, feeling my hips. She kisses me lower and lower as her body descends and pushes my shorts off. My erection springs forth for her, just as her mouth makes its way to my waist. "Mmmmm" she humms as my hardness rubs against her cheek. I can watch now, as she gently harnesses my stiff muscle and licks the head, gently, side to side and lets it enter just across her lips. As it does, she stares upward, we lock our eyes together, and she pulls my hips to her slowly, taking me completely into her mouth. I start to shutter and close my eyes, enjoying the warmth of her mouth and the motion of her lips around me. I regain my vision and look as she continues to pleasure me, making my cock glisten with her moist tongue. "That's incredible" I stutter. "Take all of it." She stares into my eyes, with understanding and a glimmer of satisfaction, recognizing she has complete control, stretching me to the brink of climax, over and over.

After a few minutes, I can barely stand. I've never felt the combination of friction, warmth and visual excitement before. I reach down and gently grasp her head, lifting her upward. As she stands up, we kiss again. My rock hard member pressing against her abdomen. I reach up, push her blouse off her shoulders and reach around her to hug and release her bikini top. As they fall to the floor, her hard nipples rub against my shirt. She reaches up and unbuttons my shirt, pulling it aside and off my arms. Finally, we stand, face to face, completely ready to please each other. "I want to feel inside you" I whisper to her, as we embrace. "I want you to climax as I fill you completely." Her passion intensifies while we kiss and fall onto the bed.

As we lay next to each other, we fondle every area of each others body. Her skin is warm, soft and smells of tropical fruit. She grasps me firmly with her hand and begins to stroke my still hard cock, firmly, but slowly, twisting as she finds the head. We kiss with passion, as the sensations rifle through our bodies. I reach to feel her wetness, as she willingly opens herself to my hand. Thrusting her hips to meet my fingers, I find her moistness, hot and ready. "Touch me there" she says, as two fingers run the length of her, dripping of her moisture. I press gently, fingers entering her, feeling her quiver. She moans quietly, widening her thighs and thrusting her hips again. As I finger her, her body moves to meet my rhythm. She holds me tight, with a grip that hardens me even more.

She is completely open, her breasts firm and heaving each time I touch her clit. We kiss and our tongues meet, twisting and tasting. The speed of her movements increase with each stroke. "I'm so ready to cum. Faster, rub me faster. I want to cum for you!" she says.

I'm happy to oblige as she begins to tremble. Her thighs close upon my hand and clenches tightly. She holds tightly around my chest, panting breath in my ear, with shallow rapid breaths and gently but quick moans. Over and over, her body spasms. I feel her moistness begin to flow across my fingers, more and more it comes. For a couple minutes, she clenches and breathes, clenches and breathes. Finally, her legs release my hand and her hug around my chest. "I love when you cum for me. You feel incredible, wet with passion" I whisper to her. She smiles, and reaches for my hard cock again..."I want you to feel the same", while she strokes with a firm grip. I kiss her again and let my hands roam across her body.

"Inside you. I want to feel inside you, fill you, and find your depth." As she opens her legs again, she hugs me wanting to have me on top of her. My cock is fully engorged, ready for her, wanting to be hers. As I lay upon her, we lock eyes again. "I know you're ready" she says, as I can feel the head of my cock press against her wetness. It feels hot, and so tempting to just plunge in. She reaches between us and grasps me. "Slowly. I want to feel every inch, every ripple of you." She pulls gently, guiding me forward as my stiffness becomes enveloped with her swollen flesh. Just the head first. As our eyes focus on each other, I thrust gently, just slightly inside her. Her hand still guides me and holds firmly, wanting to control the feeling. "More" I instruct, as she pulls me inward, and I slide deeper inside her. She raises her knees and curls her hips to meet mine, with a small, but fast thrust, I push deeper. Her eyes close, letting the pleasure of fullness wash over her. I start to move in a steady rhythm, but not with my full length. "I love the way you feel, the way you fill me" she stammers. "I could fuck you all day."

After a few minutes she is dripping wet and I'm able to slide in and out at will. She feels tremendous and I can't help but increase the feeling of her depth. With a few more strokes, I plunge myself completely inside. Her head tilts back and her breasts heave as she feels all that I can give. "Oh my God! I can feel you so deep. Again. Keep doing that again." I keep the rhythm steady and completely fill her each time. I can feel the head of my cock bury itself as she clenches down and her muscles pull me inside. I want her more. My motions increase, as I fuck harder. Wanting to see her, I rise up on my knees, with my hands grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs up. She bends her knees slightly and opens herself, allowing me to see the glistening sight of my full penetration. She rises up on her elbows to watch also, as our hips meet in steady motion. "You look so sexy! And you feel incredible." My hard on is intense as I feel her heat and I can feel myself start to throb. We settle into a moderate rhythm, enjoying the sensations and the view.

She straightens her legs, crosses her ankles and lays them across my chest. I can watch her swollen softness clamp down as my cock slides in and out. I watch her face smile with joy at the feeling. I can easily move about, and I lay her legs down. She lays on her side, as I relax and lay behind her, never removed from her. We continue a slow rhythm and want the feeling to last. She raises one leg and reaches down toward me, massaging my balls as I move in and out. Her hands are firm and I sense she wants something more. "You're so full. I can feel it. I want it. I want to watch you, feel you as you cum."

She shifts her weight, raises up her hips, onto her knees with her ass presented to me. She rests on her elbows and crouches down. "Now give it to me." I reach to caress her ass and see her so wet. I kneel behind her with my stiffness straining and wanting to feel her again. I hold her hip with one hand and myself with the other. I find her heat and rub her with the head, ready to meet her. I start to push as she pushes back. My cock slides in and she moans with delight. "More. All of it" she demands. I push completely in and start to thrust more and more. As I do, she raises her shoulders and turn to look at me. "I want you to feel it. Give all of it to me." As she watches, I thrust each time, harder and harder, slamming into her firm ass, holding on to her shoulders to balance our bodies. I can feel the tension inside myself increase with each stroke.

"Tell me where you want it" I ask her, thrusting harder. I grab her hips with both hands as she bucks to meet me. "There! Right there! Give it to me deep, all of it deep inside! Fill me!"

With her command I cannot hold back anymore. I pull her hips tight and hold still. I can feel myself throbbing and suddenly releasing. Throbbing with each blast, my climax seems to last and last. "Ohhhh, I can feel you! Give it all!" With that I start to thrust again, feeling our moisture mix and her muscles clench me tightly. As I thrust, I feel her pulling me inside, and she reaches between her legs to massage me again. My throbbing continues as she drains me completely. We slump down, as I lay upon her, holding her shoulders and kissing the back of her neck. Laying together and enjoying the feeling of each others warmth my stiffness does not subside but rests inside her, feeling the satisfaction of her excitement and my climax together.

Our minds seem to be thinking in unison, as we consider this is only day one. I wonder how we might spend the rest of the weekend?

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