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The Unleashing of Ellyn

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The Unleashing of Ellyn (True Story) My wife, Ellyn, has always been a bit flirtatious, especially after having a few drinks. And I know how much she enjoys getting it on as she has always been very vocal when she orgasms! And we had introduced porn early on in our relationship as a way to get things very steamy. She likes it. I like it. She really enjoys it when the actors are nice looking and there is a reasonable storyline. She likes watching a playful, intoxicating build up of passion that unleashes into a frenzy of, well….fucking. And she loves my reaction, often asking me if I’d like to be the one fucking the actress. When I say, yes, I’d love to be putting my cock into her wet, dripping pussy, Ellyn’s pussy begins to drip. When she is turned on, the juices flow. She will be next to me, and then flip around and drag her wetness across my forehead down to my mouth. She’ll rest it there letting the juices flow and breathing heavily ask me about what I’d do to her, the model in the movie. She really likes it when the model does a seductive tease/dance while getting ready to be fucked. Steadily, I too responded by asking her if she’d like to be getting fucked by the male actor. She started to get into it more and more and eventually our play began to involve talking about others we’d seen out. Random, good looking people who turned us on. Ellyn would ask me if I saw anyone at work today that turned me on. She’d ask…what turned you on about her? She wanted details. I started asking her the same. At first, she just wanted to know about my thoughts and she hesitated too much talking about hers. But overtime, she would begin to tell me that yes, she did see someone that day she’d like to fuck. So, it seems we always were interested in hearing about each other with someone else! Still to this day, I get the most rock hard when thinking of another hard cock going in and out of her wet, dripping, moist, luscious pussy. And believe me, Ellyn likes it to be rock hard! She seems to get the most wet too when we talk about getting it on with others. One late afternoon as we were starting to make out, she asked me if I would enjoy going to a strip club. And I said, why of course I would. She asked me if I’d been and I said again, yes of course. She said, well, I’d like you to go now. Then come back and give me a real good fucking. I couldn’t believe it at first, but soon enough she convinced me she meant it. And in fact, she was going to hold out until I went. I was very ready to take her right then, but also I thought wow…how many wives instruct their husbands to go watch another woman dance naked and then come home and fuck! So I went. I remember talking to the strippers, letting them know I’d be thinking of them a bit later while fucking my wife. Some of the strippers seemed to get into that a bit, and really gave me great looks. One in particular made sure I was able to see her in every way, at very closeup angles. She told me she knew I’d be cumming very hard thinking about her. I couldn’t wait to get home, and when I did Ellyn was waiting in a very seductive negligee. See through lace, with a bit of a push up bra (she has nice D cup boobs with the most perfect erect nipples I’ve ever seen) and the thong running up her ass showing it off nicely. She had been drinking a bit and she was super horny. She wanted to know everything about what happened at the strip club. She wanted to know the stripper’s name, what she was wearing, why I was turned on specifically, and then she proceeded to mount me and asked me to imagine I was fucking the stripper. She had multiple orgasms, begging me to hold off on coming for more than an hour. Finally, she was spent and told me to fill her up. And I did! A few weeks later, she asked to go with me to a strip club. But she wanted to wait inside the car while I went in. It was late, the parking lot was a bit dark, and it was a bit of a sketchy area. I felt I didn’t want to leave her alone in the car, but I did. Again, I found the strippers to be fascinated as I told them my wife was just out in the car waiting for me to return and give her a good fucking. This caused the girls to put forth even more effort as they squirmed on my lap. Grinding their ass into my rock hard cock. When I got to the car, Ellyn was already bottomless. Sitting in the car, dripping pussy, with her top still on. As soon as I got in, she pulled my pants down and climbed on top of me and fucked me right there in the parking lot. She was very wild and bucked and pounded me. She came hard, several times very quickly and I didn’t last too long myself. We then drove home and fucked a few more times that night. The progression kept going and we started having some small parties at our house. We had a pool and a hot tub and a gazebo in the back yard, all enclosed by a nice privacy fence. We’d drink a lot and start talking dirty to our closest friends throughout the night. One of my friends in particular, Ellyn seemed a bit fond of. She liked his voice and eyes. Rick and I played golf together fairly often and on this particular Saturday, Ellyn suggested that Rick and I go play while his wife Sharon and some others got ready for a big party at our house. While we were golfing, Ellyn and the girls were drinking. And Ellyn began suggesting that the girls get a bit naughty with us later that evening in the hot tub. Around 6, we were done golfing and all guests arrived. I walked in and found Ellyn to be in a very good and energized mood. She had been drinking and was ready for the party to get started. She had on one of her sexiest bathing suits and I took note that she had pushed up those D’s into a nice plush pillow of flesh and cleavage. And while it wasn’t a thong suit, the back rode high and showed off her very nice ass. After dinner, it was now dark and some couples were swimming while others got in the hot tub. Rick always went straight to the hot tub, and did so this night as well. Ellyn normally would spend most of the time in the pool, but as soon as she saw Rick get in the hot tub, she joined him there. The water from the hot tub overflowed into the swimming pool, so was set a bit above the pool. And the waterfall created a good sound barrier of ongoing noise, even with many around. I was in the pool, but seeing what was going on, I got up and also got into the hot tub. It was a large tub, and held easily 8 people, so in just a few moments 8 of us were in there. Ellyn was not sitting directly next to Rick, but close enough that her feet could reach his crotch. After a short while, I became aware that Ellyn was giving Rick’s cock a very nice foot massage, and he was into it. I’m not sure if the others noticed it, but it was obvious to me. This was turning me on so much, I became very hard, very fast. I wasn’t going to be able to get out of the tub that way with all the guests there, not without calling attention, so I directed Ellyn’s hand to my cock and she stroked it til I came. She though was still mostly focused on Rick’s cock. Slowly throughout the evening, one by one the others left. But Rick of course was in no hurry to leave. His wife Sharon had mentioned a few times that they also needed to go, but Rick wasn’t going to budge. Ellyn had turned him on, and he suspected there would be more to the evening than a foot rub and he was right. Sharon went into the house to change, leaving me, Rick and Ellyn alone in the tub. Ellyn asked me to get out and turn up the temperature of the hot tub. She winked at me as I got out and she made it clear not to come back too soon. We had a nice strand of pampas grass clusters around the tub, to hide the pump. So when I got out, I just stayed behind them and watched. It didn’t take long before Ellyn presented herself for the taking. She removed her bottoms and lifted her pussy right out of the water, looked at Rick and simply said…..fuck me now! And he did. He was in her in the blink of an eye. When his long dick entered her pussy, her head flew back and she let out the most primal groan I believe I’ve ever heard. He fucked her, and fucked her good. She told him she loved his big cock and it felt so good. She just laid back against the wall of the hot tub and Rick fucked her to a loud orgasm. He hadn’t cum yet when Sharon came out of the house. From across the pool, she yelled asking where was I. So I quickly came through the grasses and said, here I am, I was just turning up the heat. Well, not this night, but another I’ll write about soon, Sharon got into the game. And this night must have left Rick just a bit frustrated. Ellyn asked Sharon and Rick to stay the night, but on this night they didn’t. The whole time together, our relationship was always headed towards this lifestyle of fucking and getting fucked by others while we watch! Since this unleashing of Ellyn, the sex between us and with others has been fucking fantastic! There really is nothing like watching another man cum into your wife’s pussy. And then watching the cum run out of it while she twirls it around and licks it off her finger, telling you now that it’s your turn! So much more to tell. But this was the unleashing of Ellyn!!!

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