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The Tower

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The Tower

It was one of those fall evenings that you just can?t help but want to go out and enjoy the weather. Crystal had just gotten home from work at about sunset. I had been making a plan all day long. I took her to our bedroom where I had laid out a tight tank top, her short jean skirt, but no bra or panties. She looked at me and asked if we were going to a gentlemen?s club that we tend to frequent.

?No hun, I have some other ideas tonight? I replied.

She continued to try to get it out of me. I wasn?t going to disclose my plans to her at all. She would just have to wait and see what I had planned.

We got into my car and headed into town dinner. We had a few drinks with dinner, and when we were done it was back to the car. I pulled onto the interstate and proceeded east. There is a state park about 30 miles from home, and that?s where I was planning on going. There are several trails through the woods, some parks with playground equipment, and a 12 story tower that has a great view of the river below.

As we were driving down the interstate I asked her to put on a little show for the truck drivers. I rolled the window down half way, (5% tinted windows are hard to see thru), and so that just the truck drivers would be able to see. Ok, I didn?t want the families to get more than they bargained for. She proceeded to pull her tank top down so that it was just exposing her hard nipples, and she pulled her skirt up to expose her wet slit. She began to rub her clit as I was driving 75mph. Thank god for cruise control. I reached behind the seat and pulled out her favorite toy that I had stashed there before she got home. It didn?t take her long before she had it buried deep into her pussy. I am sure that the truck drivers got a great show. Several of them were honking at us.

Once we got to the park, we pulled into a parking space. She collected her thoughts and we got out of the car.

?So is that what you had in mind for tonight?? she asked.

?That?s only the beginning.? I responded.

I grabbed a bag from the back seat of the car and we started to walk down the paths through the woods. It was a beautiful night, but it was nothing compared to my sexy wife. We walked for about an hour, touching and teasing each other the entire way. When we came to a small trail bridge that had a banister I could not help myself. I grabbed her and pulled her top off. I rubbed my hands over her erect nipples and massaged her perky tits from behind her. She reached behind and unzipped my pants and pulled my hardening cock from its bounds. I began to rub her clit, which was met with increasing wetness and heat. I slowly inserted a finger, then another and began to finger fuck her like it was the last time I would ever be able to. She grabbed my dick and pulled me into her. She guided the head of my cock right to the warm wet opening of her slit. With one hard thrust I buried my full cock deep inside of her steaming pussy. I am sure you could hear not only her moans of pleasure, but the sound of my balls slapping against her for a mile in any direction. We continued to fuck hard, her bent over the banister, then I lay down on the bridge and she climbed on top of me. Just as she let out a shrill screaming orgasm, I could not take it any more and unloaded deep into her pussy. We gathered out thoughts and decided to continue our little hike.

As we were leaving the wood, we decided to go up to the top of the tower. We had already had a hell of a workout, so the 12 stories took a little time to traverse. As we neared the top we hear voices. As we rounded the last corner to the final set of steps, we were able to put a face with the voices. There at the top were 4 very attractive young women.

?Good evening ladies? I addressed them.

They were from the local college. They had decided to come out to the tower for a little sight seeing, and a few drinks. The 6 of us made small talk for a few minutes. Then they offered Crystal and me a drink. I respectfully declined and reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of tequila and some shot glasses. This instantly got their attention. We sat up on the bench and between the 6 of us managed to kill the bottle in short order. The talked turned to what they had witnessed below. I looked over the edge and realized that the bridge that Crystal and I had enjoyed so much was in plain sight from the tower. I apologized quickly.

?Hell, we were enjoying the show and rooting you on from up here.? They replied.

Crystal was feeling a little tipsy at this point. One of the girls, Megan, had been eyeing Crystal since we reached the top of the tower. As Crystal sat there, her legs began to spread wider and wider, revealing her freshly pounded pussy for all to see. Megan noticed the cum still dripping out of it and said it looks like she needs something to clean it up. Crystal just smiled. Just then Megan lowered herself between Crystal?s legs and began to lick the drying and seeping cum from between Crystal?s legs. One look and I knew that Crystal did not mind this at all. We all sat there watching Megan lick Crystal?s pussy like a pro. The other girls came closer to me to watch the show. Jessica looked at me shyly and asked if there was anything she could clean up as well. I looked at Crystal just in time to see her grab my belt and undo my pants faster than I have ever seen.

?Why don?t you clean this up for me? No reason he should go without.? She said with a grin. I knew this was going to get interesting. Jessica quickly took the head of my dick between her lips and slowly lowered her head, her mouth engulfing my hardening cock. One of the other girls had moved behind Megan and had started to finger fuck her tight young pussy. The 4th woman just stood there in amazement of what she was seeing her friends do. I motioned for her to come to me. She sat down and I began to undo her jeans. She looked at me with shyness in her eyes.

?I can stop if you want me to.? I reassured her.

?No, please don?t. It?s just that I have not felt someone inside me for a long time.? She answered.

That was all I needed to hear. I pulled her pants off revealing what looked like the tightest pussy I had ever seen. Crystal reached over and ran a finger up and down her tight slit.

?Oh hunny, you might have a problem getting in there.? Crystal said to me between the pants of her 8th orgasm of the night.

By this time Megan and her friend had switched spots at Crystal?s pussy. Megan?s friend was licking Crystal to another orgasm while Megan was under her sucking on her clit.

Jessica had worked my cock to fully erect and ready. I pulled Rhonda over to me and had her straddle my rock hard cock.

?You can stop any time you want.? I again reassured her.

With that she began to slowly lower herself over my dick. I will admit, it was very hard to get it in. Slowly inch by inch she managed to take my 8 inches into her. Just as she took the last inch she let out a massive orgasm that soaked my lap. Slowly she began to move up and down. Sliding her now soaking wet tight pussy up to the head of my cock then back down. After a few minutes I had her turn around so that she was facing Jessica. She continued to use my dick as her own personal slip and slide. I motioned for Jessica to come and start to lick my cock and Rhonda swelling clit. She went at lit like a pro. I leaned over, kissing Crystal and rubbing her erect nipples until she let loose with another explosive orgasm. The girl who was so busy devouring Crystal?s pussy just continued to lick her cum. Suddenly I felt myself starting to tense up and I knew I was about to let loose another load of hot cum. I pulled Rhonda off my lap. She joined Jessica in front of me and they took turns sucking on my cock. I let loose an orgasm that felt like it would never stop. Load after load of cum shot from the head of my dick. The girls greedily licked at it and swallowed it all.

We were all spent.

A week later, Jessica saw us at a local store. Se walked up to me, gave me a big kiss, looked at Crystal and asked her when she could come over and get a second ride.

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