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The Tourament

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You damn right I?m in a rut. It is kinda like boling a frog. If you throw him in cold water and slowly turn up the heat he will be toast before he know. I grew up in Oroville and heard my grandpa say that old saying more than once. Well our sex life has been anything but a boil. Don?t get me wrong; I love my husband of 25 years. Problem is, I?m not getting enough sex and I don?t know when it started or how long it?s been since my husband David has given me a good rogering. Yeah, I know you are probable thinking that I am some house-frau who let herself go. Wrong. I?m in my late forties, trim, in shape with still-perky 34 C breasts. I know I still turn heads at the market and get second looks from the husbands when wifey isn?t looking. Well anyway, that leads up to the story I?m about to tell.

My husband and his best friend have been best buddies for nearly twenty years. Seth has been there for David (and me too) through thick and thin and we were there for him when he went through a divorce after a long marriage. Seth had told David that he should have left his ex years ago but the sex was so good he always had a hard time staying away. When David told me that, I thought how stupid was Seth. But I also felt a little intrigued over the fact that he was into sex that much. Seth and David shared an office for a while and I was their secretary. On many occasions, David would be out of the office and it would only be Seth and I. When the phones were quiet, my mind would wander and I would think about Seth coming into my office. He would stand in front of my desk and flirt a little and then I would notice a huge bulge in in his pants. I would let it go and dream of staring at his crotch and not caring if he saw me. He would then lock the door and I would pull the shades. He would walk around my desk and I immediately would give him the blowjob of his life while fingering my pussy until I came. Well, unfortunately it never happened. Wait, what am I saying. First of all, I would not cheat on David and I know Seth would never betray his best friend. But I have no problem separating sex and love. You don?t have to be in love to get a good fucking. But the only way Seth was going to give me a good fucking was if I could get his new, very hot wife to play along and somehow get David?s libido revved up again. Leslie and I became fast friends in no time. When she would come over we would drink a little wine, complain about our husbands and talk a little about our sex lives, One time Leslie had a little too much to drink and let it slip that Seth wanted to fuck me. I immediately felt a sharp tingle between my legs. Later that night, I was so horny that I jumped on David and pounded one out. When I told him what got me so turned on he said he had thought of fucking Leslie too. I kinda blurted out that I thought Seth was hot and I immediately went to work on David?s cock and then came two more times while pretending it was Seth stoking his fat dick in and out of my pussy.

After a few more wine sessions and some heavy sex talk we decided on the old home and home. A ?home and home? is an old golf term used when golfers from one club visit a nearby club for a tournament and then that club returns the favor at the other?s home club. Since Leslie and I prefer a good old-fashioned dicking, we decided on a MFM home and home and Leslie?s husband Seth would visit us first. Leslie was a little jealous that her man would be taking turns fucking me and she would have to wait her turn.

Both Leslie and I did a good job of preparing David and Seth for our plan without really telling them exactly what we planned to do. Since we were a little older the thought of getting some bonus fucking appealed to us. Leslie called a few days before Seth was supposed to visit. ?Hey Kris? Leslie said, what if Seth likes screwing you more than me? I told her not to be silly and that Seth loved her deeply and recreational fucking was just fun to do once and a while.

By the way, in the days leading to what I have begun to call the ?Tournament? David has had some great sex. One afternoon during a passionate fuck session, David blurted out ?is this how you want Seth to fuck you? I closed my eyes and pushed back hard and grunted ?Fuck me Seth, fuck me? David started to pump me like a madman and began to come. He started jerking spasmodically and I felt hot jets of come squirting inside me. His orgasm triggered mine and we came together until we both collapsed in a pile in our King bed. After a few minutes, I whispered to David that after Seth fucks me and comes inside me I expect him to clean me up. When I said this I saw an immediate twitch of his now limp dick. I slowly took him in my mouth and got him hard again. When I said I couldn?t wait to suck Seth?s cock and have him put it in me, we were ready to fuck some more. I can?t believe the Tournament was making us so goddamned horny.

On the day Seth was to arrive, I decided to put on a little more makeup than usual and wear a sexy tank top and some short shorts. When David saw my outfit he whistled and rubbed his dick. ?Settle down big boy ? there will be plenty of this for everyone later-on? ?Do me a favor Sweetie,? says my now horny-again husband, ?take off your panties?. Okay, I was probably gonna fuck my husband?s best friend, but it seemed slutty to not wear panties. They were off in a second. Seth arrived and was in a good mood. He brought my favorite Chardonnay and an approving look. Seth is always a gentleman but this time he lingered a bit on my tits and thighs and turned his brown eyes slowly up until they met mine. Knowing what I was about to do didn?t help matters any. How do you like that, within two minutes of Seth?s arrival, my pussy was trying to fuck him. Nonetheless, I felt my pussy moisten and saw his eyes dart to my hardening nipples. Seth cut through the tension and gave me a hug. This time he hugged a little tighter and put his hand on my left butt-check and gave it a little squeeze. I really like Leslie and Seth. He always had a good joke and Leslie was great to talk too about anything. I must say, I was really looking forward to this evening.

It didn?t take long until Seth and I were dancing in our living room. On a slow dance I did not hide my desires. His cock was rock-hard and I ground it so hard I thought he was going to come.. About that time, David joined us and I was sandwiched in the middle. David made the first move by lifting up my shirt and showing Seth my lacy bra. Seth couldn?t take his eyes off my tits. I was ready. I turned around and dropped to my knees and began sucking my wonderful husband?s dick. After a few deep throats, David said he wanted me to take care of Seth. I stood up and faced Seth. I ordered David to unfasten my bra. Although it was not the first time Seth saw my tits ? we all got drunk one night and went skinny dipping in our pool, it was the first time he saw them with my husband encouraging him to suck on them. Seth bent over and slowly and gently kissed and gently sucked on my nipples. His mouth would lick and gently nibble on one, while his hand would touch and caress the other. It didn?t take long before I looked over at my husband and asked him in my best sexy voice, I want to feel Seth?s cock inside me. Is it okay if his fucks me now? Seth didn?t give David time to answer. He picked me up in his arms and carried me the few feet to our bedroom. David was right behind us, his hard dick waiving around with every step. He laid me on the bed, raised my legs up in the air and rubbed his fat cock on my pussy lips. I could not wait another second, I grabbed the dick of my husband?s best friend and pushed inside of my as hard as I could. It was about as long as David?s but much fatter and it took my breath away when it sunk all the way in. Seth started to stoke me long and slow, all the while David watched and beat his dick like it owed him money. I whispered to Seth how hot his wife Leslie would be if she could see us now. Seth said he couldn?t wait to go home and fuck his wife while they talked about him fucking me. David came over and put his dick on my lips. Seth turned me over and entered me doggy style while I grabbed David?s cock and guided it into my mouth. I felt so slutty and so satisfied to have one dick in my pussy and another in my mouth. I came at least three times before these studs could stand it anymore. Seth started pounding a little harder and I reached back a ticked his balls. That caused him to immediately come and I felt stream after stream of his come pump inside my already soaked vagina. Seth stepped back and David immediately took his place. It was such a turn on to feel my husband cock inside my come-filled pussy. As soon as I though about how I was fucking two men at the same time I came like no other. Wave after wave of orgasm spread throughout my pussy and thighs and all over. I felt David?s dick start to throb and he spilled his load into my already semen-filled pussy.

I just don?t know how I can keep from masturbating when I tell Leslie about the Tournament and I know how hot I will be when David and Seth are doing Leslie like they did me.

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