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The Start

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The Start The wife (Sheri) and I (Tom) had moved out west for my job. I didn't get a promotion - I was just following the work. But with the sale of our house and downsizing meant that Sheri didn't have to work any longer. We are both 55 and stay in great shape. Fortunately my job move didn't mean I had to work long hours and actually got to enjoy the 9/80 work week with every other Friday off. We joined a gym and Sheri went in the mornings while I headed to work and I went in the evenings, actually on the way home. On my Friday off I would join her and we went Saturday morning but took Sunday off.

Sheri had gotten to know a number of folks different from me and since we were new to the area we invited a number of our gym friends over on weekends for cookouts. Most were couples we got to know but there were a couple single guys Sheri got to know who came over. We never really got too friendly with my coworkers for some reason so our social life revolved around our gym friends.

So one Friday at work the fire alarm went off and we all left the building only to find out that it really was a hazmat situation. So after about an hour the site manager told everyone that we could go home since the situation wasn't going to be resolved before the end of the day. Woo Hoo! So thinking we would be out and then back in, I had left my cell phone on my desk but fortunately I had my keys. Fire crews were going into the office to retrieve items for folks and that was taking quite a bit of time. Since I really didn't need my cell - not a big part of my life like it is for some, I decided just to head home.

I pulled into the driveway and there were two other cars there. The weather was great and we had all our windows and doors open except for the front door which was always locked. Since the garage door was blocked by the two cars I decided to not open it and used my key to go into the front door. As I opened it and walked in, I could hear the obvious sounds of Sheri having sex - she's pretty loud. We had fantasized about her having sex with other guys but never acted on it, or so I thought.

I quietly closed the front door and made my way to our bedroom. It's nice to have a slab floor that is tiled - no creaky floors to give me away! I got to our door and could see Sheri on her hands and knees in our dresser mirror. The two guys she was having sex with were the two single guys we had over from the gym (Gary and Frank). Gary is about 6 foot, white, 43 and well built. Frank is black, 44 and also well built. Frank was pounding Sheri from behind while Gary was up against the head board getting his cock sucked. Gary said you are the best cock sucker as he laid his head back and closed his eyes. Frank moaned man I can't last much longer in this tight pussy you want to switch? Gary said fuck yes. They changed places and Gary started in on Sheri's pussy and she moaned this is so great. I love Tom but two big cocks is so good. Gary said so what do you think Tom would say if he knew we were fucking you silly? Sheri said I think he would like it - he also has said how much he would like to lick my clit while a guy is fucking me - said it would be like watching a porn show up close. Frank said so you never tried that? She said no just with Tom fucking me with a dildo while licking me - was the best orgasm. Frank then said, well that's one of my fantasies too - Gary you mind if I licked Sheri while you fuck her? Gary said, no not at all I might try that too!

I take my cock out and start stroking while they reposition. So next thing Frank is laying on his back and Sheri sits on his face, bends over and starts sucking his cock - which looks to be about 8 inches while Gary moves behind and starts to slow fuck her again with his 9 inch cock. She is moaning and Gary says man that is awesome feeling your nose on my balls. Oh yeah lick my shaft. Frank then reaches back and starts stroking Gary's balls. This is too much for Gary and he starts cumming in Sheri. Gary says yeah lick that cock of mine clean Frank. Take it in your mouth.

I am trying not to cum so stop stroking myself. They decide to switch and now it's Gary underneath licking his own cum from Sheri's pussy while Frank pounds her. He is having his balls stroked by Gary when Frank unloads. Gary keeps licking while Frank slowly pulls out. A huge load of cum rolls out of Sheri's pussy and right into Gary's mouth. Frank places his cock on Sheri's ass while Gary licks Sheri clean. Gary moans, I'm cumming again and fills Sheri's mouth with cum. She takes it all down as Frank drops next to them. Sheri then rolls over and Frank and Gary move so they are alongside her. Gary is on his elbow near her pussy, when I decided to walk in and start stripping. Sheri gets a look of surprise in her eyes and I say, don't worry that was the hottest sex show I've ever seen. I move over on top of her while Gary and Frank watch and I say so how about playing with both of us while I fuck her? Hands are moving to my balls and cock and her clit in an instant. They play and it only takes me a minute to unload in Sheri I'm so horny! Sheri starts loudly cumming with my cock in her. I move out and put my cock at her opening with the guys milking the last drops from my cock and rubbing it on Sheri's clit. My cock never gets soft.

I get up and say so you want to be DP'ed? She says that would be great but I'm going to need your smaller cock in my ass to start. I'll let you both in my ass after Tom has opened it up some first. I go to our bathroom and bring out some KY - I've done Sheri anal many times. When I come back in the room she is already riding Frank and Gary is standing up against the head board getting sucked. I put lube on my cock and slip a lubed finger into Sheri. Feeling Frank in her pussy through her ass is enough to get me rock hard. I move up and slip into her tight ass as she moans oh that is so fucking full. Fuck my ass like a whore. I pound away as we call her a cock slut and a whore. I say I think from now on you are going to be the gym slut. Frank and Gary echo, yeah you need to fuck all the guys at the gym like a good whore. She is totally over the top and says yes I want to fuck everyone. Give me more cum. Fuck my holes! I can't take it any longer and pour my seed into her ass. I pull out as soon as I'm done cumming and Gary moves behind and I apply lube to his cock and he slowly slips his cock head into her ass as she moans, fuck that feels huge! Go slow, go slow. Well Gary says fuck that and sinks into her ass in one quick stroke. Sheri yells FUCK! He pulls almost all the way out and begins to just slam her ass telling her to shut the fuck up slut. Frank is just trying to keep his cock in her pussy as Gary just uses her ass. I'm stroking my cock and in another few minutes Gary is emptying his cum into Sheri. He pulls out and Frank flips her onto her back, lines his cock up to her ass and starts fucking her hard. Sheri is moaning oh fuck oh fuck as Frank unloads in just a couple minutes. We all move off the bed except Sheri who is splayed open, cum dripping from her ass while Gary and Frank tell her she is the best fuck they've had. They kiss her and say let's do this again. She says, come back any time - I'm your slut whore now. I'm getting hard again, and Frank and Gary look at me and I say, well she still has the rest of the guys at the gym to fuck so it might be a while till you can get back in her! They all laugh and start cleaning up in our bathroom and get dressed while I lay next to Sheri playing with her used pussy. They kiss her and say thanks for a great fuck and head out.

I move along side Sheri and slip into her pussy and ask so you really want to fuck more guys? She says definitely, that was great. I ask how about couples? She say's that would be great too, do you have anyone in mind. I say, I think Paul and Mary and Jason and Marie would be up for it. She says so how do you know that? I said, well I fucked Mary and Marie with Paul and Jason two days ago! She says, me too yesterday after working out with them. They hooked me up with Gary and Frank. I came in Sheri instantly.

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