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The Start of what I never expected

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The Start of what I never expected.

I was In Baltimore MD, for work at the end of September 2011, not knowing anyone there I posted a add on craigs list stating I was in town and looking to find a couple who like to share their bed with me.

Not long after my post I get this response : Hello, clean cut and discreet couple who love to have a well hung man use my wife while I watch or help. We are discreet, good looking and free this friday and Saturday if you are still in town. I am 100 percent straight so this would be about me and you using her... Let me know:

Thinking this is just what I am looking for some couple that enjoys a 3rd to join them, we exchange may e mails and I get this picture I think not really my type but what the hell it?s going to be a fuck and who know she sounds like she likes cock. Being that I am a little larger than most men and not having sex in a few days I thought it would be a good way to get my rocks off I will use this horny little milf and that would be it.

For the next few days her husband is setting things up for me like this,(We could meet at the Hilton or the Westin hotel at bwi, share a few drinks... You two could flirt and talk. She will then excuse herself to go back to the room and dress up( thigh highs heels, thong and get ready for us) . She love to give and get oral as well as be penetrated... So if you are interested send a picture of yourself and we can go from there) He is telling me what she likes and to treat her like a whore call her a whore a slut and things along those lines, who was I not to comply with his statements and wishes after all I was going to only see her this one time fuck her and leave her like I do with all the woman I fuck.

We set up a time and a place to meet, well as happens so many times with Craig?s list adds they are a no show. I called got voice mail oh well lucky for me I set something else up for the next night so I was going to be able to get my cock sucked and fucked while out there.

Forward 2 weeks later I am back in Baltimore , just for curiosity I had his # in my phone I sent him a text (not sure what happened a few weeks ago but checking to see if you may be interested in getting together )

To my surprise he told me how sorry he was that they were even on the way and she got cold feet and this time he is sure if I still had interest she would like to be used, I thought I will believe when it happens. The whole time between that day and the day we are to meet I am trying to set up a backup fuck because I know she or they will back out again. And I did in fact, this lady picture was stunning a real fuck machine is what she looked like. The only problem was they were in D.C and did not want to drive that far, so I told the husband in Baltimore, I would be there about 8 and if they are not there by then I will not wait I had made other plans, he assured me they would be.

The night arrives I don?t put much faith in them showing up, who cares anyway I have this fuck machine in D.C as a backup plan. She was a tall blonde with fake tits that says no holes are barred and she says she could swallow my fat cock whole.

At 8 pm I arrive at the hotel and text the husband Steve to my surprise he says wait there I will come and get you. Here he comes walking around the corner and introduces himself and says just be nice be a gentleman and she will fuck you. As I walk around the corner I see her but just the back of her I come up to the side of her and say hello I am Chip, she looks up at me and my god her eyes were stunning capturing my full attention, I know she sees me staring deeply into them for a few seconds I was frozen by her beauty. Now I ask you? If you saw the first picture and then you see this one she looks like a completely different person. She stands up and introduces herself and shakes my hand says hello so nice to meet you I am Marie. She is dark skin, dark eyes full lips and the whole time I keep thinking damn I bet my cock will fell so good sliding it into her mouth.

There was something different about her different than other woman I have fucked she was intelligent she had a smart ass sense of humor she laughed at my stupid jokes she and I hit it off right away, I almost forgot her husband was there because I was so captivated by this woman. But hey she is just going to be a fuck and nothing more.

As the minutes go on I feel something different but why? she is going to be just a fuck, then the question came from Steve hey Marie are you ready to go to the room. For some reason I was nervous, I am never nervous?

Steve and I wait down stairs the whole waiting for a text after what seems like a hour it come?s

The elevator seemed like forever to get to the 5th floor room 523 Steve slid the key card into the door and opened the door to a dimly lit room as I walked in and walk into past the bath room I see her oh my god here she is on the bed her ass up in the air her face in the pillow dress exactly how I asked Steve to have her dressed thigh highs, high heals and a thong and her ass oh my her ass all I could do is sit on the dresser and watch yes watch her gorgeous ass with that thong covering just enough to make me want to see more what is under it. She looks so erotic she knows the effect she is having me my cock is straining against my tight jeans almost painful but no one is saying a word it is dead quiet, finely I hear me self say that is fucking beautiful it sounded so out of place.

I could not stand it anymore I slowly raised up from the dresser and walked over to the bed crawled up and just admired her firm round ass I reach out and caress one of her ass cheeks , its hard firm smooth I could not stand it I had to taste her I pull her ass cheeks apart and take my tongue and slowly run it over her thong right on her perfect little rose bud, I hear her let out a sigh of pleasure, I after hearing this I pull her thong to the side and explore her ass hole with my tongue licking probing , she starts squirming and a low moan , I spend what feels like 10 minutes just enjoying this perfect ass , this classy lady not a ½ hour ago is now a Horney little slut as her husband told me she would be.

She was not vocal but with her actions and moans I knew I had her at the point where I wanted her to be I turn her over and start to eat her pussy , I had such a pleasant surprised to see and feel a waxed smooth pussy, this woman knows how to present herself well I was thinking. I use my tongue on her pussy and move up to her clit all along I am truly enjoying the taste of her she taste like no other I had ever been with, sweet , juicy smooth and I could not get enough I was lost in her taste , I had forgotten all about her husband in the room because I was lost in her passion until I hear her husband say are you his whore Marie ? Do you want to suck his cock Marie? She says yes I want to suck his cock, I had not even removed my jeans yet my cock is still straining to be released; I know she will like what she sees.

I stand up she comes over to the side of the bed and I unbutton my jeans and unzip my pants she reaches in and slides her hand in and grabs a hand full of my cock I get the reaction I have seen so many times before her eyes get wide she looks up at me and has this sly little smile. Findley my cok has been released she looks up at with those piercing dark eyes and pulls my cock closer to her full lips and she sucks just the head, I know she tastes the precum I had building up in while eating her sweet tasting pussy and ass, she again I can tell approves as she lets out a low moan as my cock enters her mouth.

I can tell this little woman knows her way around a cock she takes her time she is in no rush she wants to savor the taste the hardness the precum. I am not sure but somehow I am on the bed on my back with her between my legs looking me in the eyes with my cock in her mouth I see how her tiny little mouth stretched to its limits but she was determined to make sure I knew she liked my cock moaning as she was sucking my now rock hard cock she looked up pulled my cock out of her mouth and said you are so big I am not sure you will fit in my tiny little pussy. I kind of chuckled to myself little does this slut know that I am going to fuck her like no one has ever fucked her before, she will be totally use just like Steve told me to. I put my hand on the back of her head not forceful but she knew I wanted her to keep sucking my cock she was planning in my mind how I was going to take her I need open her up more to be able to fit my fat cock in her tiny pussy. I tell her come sit on my face she takes my cock out of her mouth getting a few last licks as she slides up across my chest on her way I stop her to be able to suck on the nicest gum drop nipples as I suck on one I squeeze the other and get a deep gasp from her , oh the little slut likes her nipples not only played with she likes them played with hard.

I pull her up on me I tell her sit on my face and enjoy what I love doing, she reluctantly does because of the pleasure she is getting from me pinching and sucking her nipples , I turn her around so I can have her suck my cock at the same time , why should she get all the pleasure I said to myself , the light was although dim just perfect as I got my first look at this most perfect pussy , her pussy lips were glistening with her jucies. I held her ass off my face so I could admire her for a few seconds, in the mean time she is sucking my cock and I am sure looking her husband in his eyes as he is watching her , I want to tease her a little so I take my thumb and press hard on her clit she again gasps and grabs my cock harder and starts sucking me with enthusiasm , her it comes I position a pillow under my head so I have full access to her pussy and her ass, slowly I start to lick her pussy not inserting my tongue just enough that she know I am there slowly I work up and lick her ass, than down to her clit , I can tell this is getting her worked up she is sucking harder and harder, although her husband gave me explicit instructions do not insert fingers in her I said to myself fuck him I am never going to see them again so as I am sucking on her clit I insert a finger in her wet dripping pussy, this is all it took she cums hard I feel and taste a flow of cum all over my mouth mmm the taste so sweet so warm so much. By this time she is begging for someone to fuck her I am about to cum from her sucking my cock like a mad woman (no it?s too soon I have not used this slut up yet) I push her off me and turn her over on her knees , I move up behind her and put my swollen head of my cock at the opening of her pussy , she kept saying it?s to big all at the same time she is pushing back on me trying to get me in, the head of my cock goes in she again gasps and she slowly pushes back taking a little at a time her rhythm starts to pick up rocking back and forth taking more and more enough of this I think next time she pushes back I am going to bury my cock deep in her and I did she went nuts and started bucking grinding saying it is fucking huge Steve is now naked he stands in front of her and feeds her his cock he talks to her says are you his whore Marie she says yes , somehow hearing him say that makes me a little uncomfortable but what the hell this is her and his fantasy, she is fucking me hard taking all of me I am holding her hips looking down admiring her tiny pussy taking my fat cock stretching her to her limit I am excite watching this and can?t help myself I reach backand slap her ass mmm she says ( oh she likes that) slap I do it again I did not think it was possible but she starts rocking back on me harder ramming her pussy hard as it is wrapped tightly around my cock.

I was going to cum as I feel her pussy mussels tighten harder and harder around my cock, I stop her and pull out she stops sucking her husband turns around and proceeds to suck her juices off my cock, again not sure but the next thing I remember she is sitting on me again fucking hard she is ramming her pussy down on my cock as Steve is standing next to her as she is engulfing his cock she pulls staves cock out and puts her hands on my chest digs in her finger nails into my chest as she has an over the top orgasm.

I have got to cum I roll her off she lays her back on the bed I am jacking off she has her mouth open and says cum in my mouth please this sends me over the top I explode in her waiting mouth she grabs the base of my cock and squeezes the last drops of my cum out of my cock she is totally used. Steve climes on top of her and is fucking her. I can?t help myself I am looking at this stunning lady that is in ecstasy but her face looked so different with her husband fucking her than when I was, was I wrong or did she look like she was enjoying my cock in her more than her husbands. No it can?t be , just my imagination, Steve comes in here she is spent but she rolls over and rest her hand on my leg looks up at me and says thank you that way wonderful.

She says out of nowhere she says the old cliché so how long are you in town, I say for the next 10 days, she turned to Steve and says, well we need to all go out to diner tomorrow or the next night , Steve looks at her with a surprised face and says really well ok he says.

We all get dressed she walks up and kisses me goodbye but a kiss with some passion to it ,she said Steve will call you so we could set up a time and a place can?t wait to see you again and smiled and winked at me and poof out the door thy went.

End of chapter 1

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