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The Oldest Man Ive Been Intimate With

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The oldest man I've been intimate with was 67-years old when I was about 41 or 42. The youngest was 22-years old just last year when I was 49. Both are at the extreme end of things for me and both are worth discussing. I will discuss the 67-year old first and the younger man in another post.

The 67-year old was the husband of a 66-year old woman that we met at a party and wound up going home with them. It was really for my husband who has a great sexual attraction to older woman. Make that an older Asian woman and he goes absolutely nuts. We arrived at their house knowing that it was for sex and they seemed genuinely happy to have us over. I got the feeling that they didn't have much action with younger couples since they did look their age. I didn't tell them that we were here because of my husband's fetish, and let things go as they may.

We didn't jump right into bed but to make a long story short, we ended up switching partners and going into different bedrooms. This was the first time I was with a man that needed to take a Viagra but he did and I have to admit that it does work fairly good. He took it moments before we entered the guest bedroom. He wasn't ashamed of taking it and even told me so. He said that it took about a half an hour to kick in which would give him enough time for foreplay. I didn't argue but I did notice that he didn't have an erection when we disrobed.

He was very slow and patient and there was nothing wrong with his tongue and I did have an orgasm. He fondled my breasts, kissed my body (but he never kissed me on the lips) and stimulated my clitoris while we waited for the Viagra to kick in. I was able to witness his penis getting stiffer as things progressed but it was still fairly slow and I wasn't used to a man not having an erection when he was with me.

He must have suspected that I was getting impatient because he went ahead and gave me oral sex again and brought me to another orgasm. This must have done it for him because when I next check his penis was very erect and ready for action.

By this time I was hearing the man's wife moaning in the other room (when we swing in different room, we insist that the doors remain open) and knew my husband was enjoying himself.

Once I saw that he was ready, I got onto my back and waiting for him to mount me. He put on a condom, got on top of me and positioned himself. I adjusted myself to his weight before I grabbed hold of him and positioned the tip of his penis on my entrance. His penis was fairly thick (which I like in a man since he is able to stimulate certain areas inside of me) and I was looking forward to having him inside of me.

I felt him pushing and I let go and enjoyed the sensation of a stranger's penis entering me. I felt my vagina lips stretching to let him in and I felt a twinge of pleasure as he slowly pushed in deeper and deeper.

I was impressed with the Viagra since it was definitely making him hard and he was keeping his erection. He made it all the way inside of me before he started thrusting and I began to feel the pleasure building up inside of me.

Unfortunately he wasn't able to last very long in the missionary position before tiring so we changed positions so I could get on top. I positioned myself on top of him and sat down on his still erect penis. From the next room I could hear the mattress squeaking from my husband's thrusting into this man's wife.

I slid down until he was all the way inside of me and then I started moving up and down. I hate to say it but I had to close my eyes and fantasize a bit since this mature gentleman just wasn't doing it for me. But it worked and I was able to maneuver his penis to strike and rub in the right places and I soon felt my orgasm building up.

When I came it felt wonderful as always and I rested on top of him for a few moments. I then asked him to come inside of me (men love to hear that) and asked him which position he wanted to use. He got me into the spooning position and went at it with all his might. After about ten-minutes I realized that he was having problems ejaculating but didn't know what to do. I decided to lay there and let him work things out. He was really concentrating and I felt him thrusting with all of his might. It was quiet next door and I guessed that my husband and the man's wife were through.

I waited as he continued to move inside of me and then I heard him say that it was coming and I waited for the feel of his pulsating penis as it released its sperm, but I didn't feel it. Instead I heard him grunting and give me two quick thrusts before stopping. He quickly got up and started rubbing his leg. He said that he had a cramp in his leg that needed stretching to stop the pain. I laid there still naked watching him and his rapidly shrinking penis. I was curious if he had actually had an orgasm so I reached out and took off his condom and saw that indeed there was a small amount of sperm inside.

After he recovered we got dressed and met my husband and the wife downstairs. We chatted for a few minutes and then left. I asked my husband how things went and he told me the sex was great and the wife seemed very satisfied. I told him about the husband and we both had a laugh. When we stopped at a stop light he reached over and kissed me and told me thanks for taking one for the team.

The things I do for my husband!


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