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The Mysterious Panties

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My wife recently acquired two new bosses at her work. They have been there for approximately two months and she hasn't said much about them other than that they are both black guys. She has never expressed an attraction towards black guys so I never had suspected her of sleeping with either of them until recently.

About three weeks ago I noticted a charge on our credit card for over $100. My wife takes care of the bills so she had no reason to suspect I would notice. I just happened to notice it when I looked out of curiosity to see how much we owed on it. I also noticed the website the order was from. It was from a store that sold lingerie and slutty looking dresses. I didn't confront her in the hopes that I would get to see the things she bought on her at some point.

Last week she told me she was going on a business trip out of town. It was just the three of them going, her and her new bosses, since they were the highest up in her work. The trip was a three day, two night conference and they would be staying in a hotel. She said they got a two bedroom suite since it was less expensive than getting separate rooms. She would be in one room she said, her boss in another, and his assistant on the couch. Again, I had no reason to suspect anything since she has never given me a reason to.

As she was preparing to go on her trip, her half packed suitcase was open on the bed. My curiosity got the best of me as she was in the shower and I noticed some panties in there that I had never seen. Three pairs of panties actually, and one very skimpy dress, mixed in with the rest of her clothes. There was a red thong, very thin lace material, that looked like it would barely cover her pussy. A purple sheer thong, and a black silk thong. The dress was a dark blue color, very short and form fitting. I got hard picturing all these new things on her, but then I remembered that she was going away for the weekend with them in her suitcase!

I didn't sleep much over the weekend, constantly thinking about what she was doing. Mixed feeling of excitement and anger ran through my head. We had talked about swinging before but I thought it was only talk. I didn't think she was serious about it, though we both got really turned on talking about it. That is where the excited feeling came from. I also felt a bit of anger because I never thought she would do it behind my back.

As soon as the weekend was over and she returned home, she immediately went to the shower claiming she felt gross from travel. I decided to sift through her suitcase. I found everything in there that she left with, except the black silk thong, which I assume she was wearing. The other two pairs of panties were stiff in the crotch area, a sign that her pussy was really wet in them the days before. Still curious, I snuck into the bathroom without her noticing, and found the black panties on the floor. I quietly picked them up, and discovered that they were soaked. Not just from my wife's pussy, but there was a huge load of semen in there as well!

I left the bathroom just as quietly and went to lay down on our bed. My suspicions were confirmed! My wife had sex with another man. Or two! Laying there feeling a little betrayed, I also noticed that my cock was rock hard.

My wife came into the bedroom in just her towel, and noticed that I was naked and stroking my cock. She smiled and straddled me, guiding me into her pussy, which was still absolutely drenched. She fucked me hard til I came inside her, and I never mentioned my suspicion.

The following day, she called me and said she had a bunch of work to finish that she didn't get to do over the weekend because of the conference. She was going to be an hour late. I new she wasn't working late, and that she was fucking her boss. I drove to her work to see what I could see.

She works on the ground floor, has an office by the window. It was dimly lit as I peeked in. Nothing. Empty. I walked around the building to where her bosses office was. It too was dimly lit, but what I saw when I looked in wasn't nothing. I saw my wife on her knees, back to me, naked with her head bobbing up and down in her bosses lap. His assistant was sitting right next to him and my wife's hand was wrapped around his cock. He was massive! At least nine inches, and very thick. My wife took her lips off her boss and moved to his assistant. I then got a look at her boss's cock and he was even bigger!

I watched as she went back and forth on their huge cocks, sucking them like she was never going to get to suck a cock again. I felt a little jealous since she hasn't sucked my dick for nearly three months, but then I noticed how rock hard my cock was.

I slid my hand down my pants and stroked my cock as I watched my wife make love to these two huge cocks with her mouth. Her legs were spread and I could see how wet she was. Her pussy was soaked, and her juices glistened in the dim light as it dripped down her inner thighs.

After about fifteen minutes of cock sucking, she got up and straddled her boss. Seeing his big black cock part her wet pussy lips and slide into her was mesmerizing. She took him easily, and started bouncing up and down on him. She then bent to his assistant and continued to suck him while she rode her boss.her wet cunt dripped juices down the whole length of his cock and onto his balls. I could hear her moaning with such pleasure, and I made myself cum watching them. It wasn't long before she was cumming too.

When her body stopped shaking from orgasm, she climbed of his cock and moved to all fours on the floor, looking over her shoulder at the assistant. He moved down behind her and drove his cock balls deep. He grabbed her hips, spanked her hard on her ass over and over as he pounded her pussy hard. Her boss got on his knees in front of her and she started furiously sucking his cock.

They fucked her for over an hour before she was begging them to cum inside her. Her boss was the first to bury his load deep inside her. He must have had a huge load because his orgasm seemed to last for minutes. When he pulled his spent cock out, his assistant took his place. He didn't cum inside her but he stroked his cock until he came all over her clit and freshly shaved pussy lips. Pump after pump after pump of thick hot cum splashed onto her pussy. She pulled her panties on without cleaning up, kissed and thanked them, then left for home.

I raced home to beat her and when I got there, I stripped naked and got into bed. She arrived shortly after and came in to tell me she was going to shower. I wouldn't let her though, and I made her straddle me. I was again very hard. She looked at me like she knew she was about to get caught. I slid her skirt up around her waist, and noticed her cum soaked and filled panties. I smiled at her and told her I knew everything. As I pulled her panties aside, I reassured her that I approved and thought it was hot, and that I didn't want her to stop fucking them. Cum poured out of her pussy and all over my cock as she started grinding on me. She reached down and guided my cock into her. I could feel all that hot cum dripping out of her and down my balls. I didn't last long as she fucked me hard, and I filled her up with a load of my own.

We took a shower together, then fucked all night. She told me what they did during the conference and we fucked some more. I never knew my wife wanted to be an actual slutwife, but I am more than happy that I caught her cheating on me.

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