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The Front Desk Clerk

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As I was checking into yet another hotel, I couldn't help but notice the clerk who was checking in the weary traveller in line before me. She had the natural sexiness that all guys notice when they're in a hotel hundreds of miles from home. She was roughly 26 years old, about 5'6", dark hair, big eyes, an infectious smile, and she had what I like most.... a little meat on her bones. Her Name tag simply said "Misty".

Soon enough it was my turn to belly up to the counter. I've done this a thousand times and knew the routine, so it was ok that I wasn't really listening to her canned hotel spiel. I was simply watching her lips as she talked, watching her move as she swiped my credit card and programmed my room key. When she handed me the check-in paper to sign, her hand brushed mine and our eyes met briefly as we both excused ourselves. By this time there were more folks checking in so this encounter was cut short by business.

Misty worked the 2nd shift, so I saw her on the nights she worked as I returned from work. We typically exchanged pleasantries but were always interrupted by hotel patrons needing something. I stayed at this hotel for many weeks and always enjoyed my chats with her.

To cut to the chase, one night I decided to call the front desk to proposition her with the offer of a "relaxing message" after her shift ended. I'm sure she hears this kind of thing all the time; it goes with the business. She seemed surprised by my boldness and she took a brief moment to think about it before replying that she'd "have to check with her significant other to see what time he would be home from work" (I surmised he also worked afternoons). Then she asked what time I retired to bed so she could know how late to call. I told her 11:30 and also said that I would leave the door unsecured. That way, if she was willing and able, she could burn herself a key and let herself in.

Well, 11:30 came and went and I dozed off. I was awakened by a soft hand touching my face. Misty smiled at me and said, "I need to freshen up in the shower, please join me". I don't know how long I napped, but I was awake now. She took my hand with a sense of urgency and led me to the bathroom. I didn't know if she was rushed for time or if she was as horny as I.

I was already naked and was sporting the makings of an epic hardon as I embraced her next to the tub and softly kissed her as I started to remove her clothes. She introduced my mouth to her tongue as I removed her hotel blouse and loosened her slacks, which quickly fell to the floor. She had on the sexiest lacy bra and hi-cut panties that I've ever seen. I reached down to slide her panties off as she undid her bra clasp behind her. She then bent over to start she shower and adjust the temperature, so I nestled in behind her, letting my cock find it's way between her legs. I slowly pumped in and out a few times to rub her lower lips with my corona. She moaned softly. I pulled away and offered my hand to help her in the tub. We quickly soaped each other up and enjoyed a few slippery embraces and sudsy probings before finishing and drying off.

I escorted her to one of my queen beds and had her lay face down with her head towards me. I started the massage I offered her by firmly working her shoulder muscles which caused her to moan softly. Her head was slightly off the edge of the bed and when she lifted it, my 8 inch friend was lined up with her mouth. But this part was not about me, so I backed up a step or two so her lips couldn't connect with it. I continued working the knots out of her upper back and as my cock wandered almost within reach of her beautiful lips, I let her taste the pre-cum with a quick lick once or twice. Then I got on the bed and straddled her legs which placed my cock on her ass crack. This enabled me to continue my work of loosening up her back muscles. As I kneaded her back, Misty squirmed a little and wiggled her ass in an attempt to work my dick between her legs, but I was rock hard and it wasn't going to droop into her nest on it's own.

I worked her mid and lower back before concentrating my massage on her ass, gently kneeding it like bread dough. I continued rubbing, inching down her legs to her ankles, and finally to her feet. I ever so gently tugged and twisted each of her toes... then I sucked on them one by one and tongued the space between them. This caused her to shiver and she let out a squeal.

Now that her backside was thoroughly loosened up, I turned her over onto her back and began to slowly massage / lick / nibble my way back up her gorgeous body. I paused near her pussy, making sure to blow on the moisture that was leaking below her ample, trimmed bush. I similarly paused at each breast, making sure to brush her nipples with my mustache. More moans escaped her lips. When I arrived at her mouth, I laid on her, and kissed her passionately.... my cock brushed her pussy and she wimpered into my mouth.

I purposefully moved from her delicious lips, nuzzling her neck and ears as I worked my way down to her breasts.... kiss, suck, lick. My tongue arrived at her belly button, lingering to elevate her arousal. I continued down to her pussy, planting one slow, long lick from her ass up to her clitorus... she whispered "Yessss". I concentrated my attention to this steamy jewel and tickled her pussy with the soft trimmed beard hairs on my chin .... she gasped.

I climbed off of her and changed her position so her legs hung off of the bed. I spread her legs and leaned in from my standing position to have her nipples in my mouth again as my cock danced on and near her pussy. She was starting to breathe heavier, so I kiss/licked my way down her torso. I then kneeled before her splayed legs as she placed her feet over my shoulders. The appetizers were finished. It was time for the main course. I dove in with my mouth wide open to cover her entire pussy and inserted my tongue as far as I could into her flowing mommy part. Misty locked her feet together behind my head and pulled me in. Her powerful legs gripped me as she began to buck against my face. I worked a finger into her pussy and began rubbing her walnut like g-spot with a "come here" motion. That was what sent her over the edge as she spewed obscenities and it was then that I discovered she was a squirter. She started gushing, so I pursed my lips around the fountain to capture it all and intensified my pussy fingering. She must have climaxed hard at least 3 times before coming off that roller coaster. She released her death grip on my head which enabled me to climb up to her on the bed and share the fruits of her bounty with her. We wrapped up in the bed's comforter and exchanged heartbeats until she got this impish look in her eyes as she asked me if she could give me a massage.

That's another story.

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