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The Date, husband Hotwife and her lover out for an evening

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This is a 100% true story. It began as many of our dates begin. Just being out to lunch with my very hot wife makes me want to please her and give her opportunities to feel attractive to other men. Today was no different. We had gone shopping for some new sexy clothes for her. She is actually in her late fifties but looks forty five. She likes to be noticed so she attends to every detail. Her hair, eyes, smile and her personality sparkles. Her body is killer for someone half her age 38D?s size 8, loves to wear thigh highs and looks awesome in a tight shirt and short skirt. Suffice it to say she always looks awesome!

Just over two years ago we became acquainted with a guy 20 years her junior. It stroked her ego to be pursued by a much younger good looking guy, it stroked my ego to watch her flirt and be pursued, it stroked his ego to think that he might get lucky with such a hot lady. So the relationship began and it works for all three of us. Early on it became normal that my role was to get really turned on watching her interact and of course to always pick up the tab. Her role was to feel sexy, flirty and fun and his role was to make her feel desired and passionate. She texted and set up a date.

I helped her get ready, rubbed lotion all over her body, special cream on her nipples to make them feel even more soft and supple, packed her play purse with three magnum condoms. She wore a tight one shoulder top with sequins and cut-outs, no bra or panties, some pumps and a short black skirt that barely covered the tops of her stay up thigh highs. Because it was cold and because she liked to turn heads she had her new white fox coat as well.

We picked him up at his place and she jumped out to greet him with a hug and kiss before they got in the back seat together. I drove us to one of our favorite eclectic bars where the bartenders know us as a couple and often a threesome. We had a few drinks made small talk and he made some moves on her thigh. They were affectionate, touching, laughing and even kissing a few times at the bar. At one point he stood between her knees as she sat on her bar stool always touching her as she gazed into his eyes. All in the bar could see they were clearly on a date and needed to get a room. My trousers had a considerable tightness in the front as I was quite turned on watching my wife and her lover.

After dinner and a few rounds I picked up the tab and pulled the car around to pick them up. As I drove I could hear whispers, the smacks of kissing and touching coming from the back seat. The noise made by a man?s hand as he caresses a thigh high is unmistakable. At a stoplight she took off her coat and her top then slipped the coat back on. Those beautiful breasts were free inside the white fox coat as we drove back across town. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my driving but somehow we made it back to his high rise apartment building.

I handed her the small purse with her supplies and her phone and told her not to be in a rush. As they stood in the glass lobby waiting for the elevator I had a clear view of her in a short black skirt, pumps and still with nothing but the coat covering her top half, the coat was unbuttoned of course! I hoped she would flash me but she didn?t. Her legs, her everything looked great as they held hands and spoke, looked into each others eyes and laughed. I wondered what they were laughing about as they disappeared into the elevator. I texted ? ?Let me know if you decide to stay the night?

The rest of this true story is based on what she told me afterward. As soon as they were inside his apartment he pressed her up against the wall and kissed her passionately as she was now ?his?, two locked doors away from her husbands lustful eyes. He ran his hands all over awesome breasts and took full advantage of the moment with his hands and mouth truly enjoying her awesome body. The fox coat fell to the floor. She broke the embrace quickly put it on a chair as he took off his shirt and trousers. She slipped away with her purse to freshen up as she was quite at home in his place.

He turned on the TV to check some scores and sat on the sectional sofa. When she returned she sat next to him wearing a newest red sheer top which was very inviting. After a few minutes of small talk and some more touching and kissing, she slid off the couch onto her knees between his legs. She stroked him through his boxers and as the tent was rising she put both hands on his thighs and slipped them through the leg holes inside his boxers to caress his big Irish cock. It didn?t take long for it to poke fully out the slit in front and be captured by her waiting mouth. She worked it and teased it as it got more erect and larger as she liked. When fully developed she proceeded to take it deeper and deeper down her throat. As she worked to master taking it all she slipped her hands out of his boxers and up both sides of his tee shirt. He let her know she was doing quite well with his moans and feedback. As the tee shirt came off she found his nipples and gave them a pinch sending his cock to its full upright and locked position. She looked up and made eye contact for a moment then asked if all the girls did this? No f-ing way! Was his quick reply.

He took her hands they stood and he walked her backward to his bedroom. There was passion in the air as he laid her back on the bed and spread her legs still clad in thigh highs. He held her legs apart with his hands just below her black pumps at the ankles. He widened his grip to provide full access to her smoothly shaved and waiting hotness. He went down on her with some passion. As she says, he seems to really like it and know what he is after. Her body began to moan and quiver. As she also says, he is quite good. She told him she had missed this, missed him and couldn?t wait to feel his big awesome cock inside her again. He continued to drive her wild with this passionate pursuit of her clit.

After what she says was a good long time, he climbed up onto her. She had a condom ready and helped him slip it on. He drove into her and fucked he just the way she likes it long and hard. His body was up off of hers and he kept telling her ?You have an amazing body? They fucked another ?good long while? in several positions but always like she likes it ? energetic and hard. It had been almost ninety minutes when the text came to my phone, ?please come now? I put the battery operated vibrator down from my tingling nipple and turned to car toward his apartment. My imagined erotic story was about to be replaced with her real erotic details. My goal of watching her with him in the apartment will remain a dream for another day.

I texted her when I arrived. Always being the gentleman, he escorted her back down through locked doors to my car. He held the door for her to get in the front seat, he leaned in and kissed her goodbye. He reached a handshake across and told me ?thanks for sharing your wife. I had a great evening, and you are one lucky man.? As we drove home I played with her thighs, and touched her like crazy. As I listened to her account of the above events, I thought to myself yes, but he is the really lucky one.

As soon as we got home we went straight to bed. I had her tell me the story of her evening again. This time it wasn?t just a list of events or facts but a story of passion and hot sex complete with visual aids as her beautiful body lay under me. Pretty quickly she put me right over the top! As I collapsed to my side of the bed, she thanked me for another very nice evening. As my erection subsided I thought I should write this all down so I can remember the passion of this hot night forever.

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