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The best morning run !

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My Dad and I had always shared a love of running. He used to coach my track teams growing up but since I moved away for college, we hadn't really gone on a run together in ages. Newly graduated and back in town, I decided to text him to invite him to go.

He declined, stating he had injured his back and was currently doing physical therapy.

"Steph would like to be your running partner, if you don't mind?" My dad said.

"Great!" I said.

Why the fuck did I just say great, I don't even know Stephanie. She is my father's third wife, who's only 6 years older than myself.

My father really hasn't had luck in love after my mother passed away and just recently married Stephanie while I was attending my senior year of college. A love at first sight story apparently.

First sight meaning Stephanie is absolutely gorgeous and young, looking like she could be modeling fashion around the world. Green eyes, radiant complexion, blonde hair that's sleek, straight and cascades past her chest, trim body, long sexy toned legs and ass you could bounce a quarter off. Yes, love at first sight!

I barely know her and now I'm going running with her and why the fuck did I say (great).

We decided to go in the morning. My dad would be at therapy and we would have some time to do a 10k together.

That morning, I pulled up my dad's driveway at 9am sharp. My father had already left and it was a beautiful day for some fresh air.

I was already dressed in running shorts and tank top and had a gym bag of clothes for after.

"Hey Jake,!" Stephanie yelled waving at me to come inside.

"Sorry I am not ready, I got some new running outfits and I am trying decide this mornings attire." She said standing a step outside the door dressed in a sports bra and thong panties.

In anticipation of today, she went shopping and picked up a few new running outfits for the occasion that includes, from I have observed so far, a new sports bra and a black thong,

Walking up to the front door, she gave me a quick hello and walked into the house.

"Hey Jake!" she yelled as I closed the door behind me.

Turning back around, she appeared around the corner in my dad's t-shirt.

"Wow you're right on time " she said looking down at my bare muscular legs

"I'll be right back, just let me get my stuff." She said.

Passing a minute or two at the front door I decided to go for a quick pee so I kicked my running shoes off and ducked into the hallway washroom.

"I forgot how small this was," I said to myself.

The washroom had pictures of us having fun over the years, some of the track team too.

Finishing my pee, I gave my dick a little wiggle and tucked it back into my boxer briefs.

I came out of the bathroom and called out "Steph are you ready?"

I turned my head and noticed that she was in the office at the end of the hall, I could see through the glass window in the office door. She was still dressed in a thong but with a new running shirt on. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to step back into the washroom and peer around the corner to stay and have a look.

Next, and with a rush, she put her thumbs under her waistband and down came her thong in full view of the window.

"Oh, shit" I said under my breath and moving my hand in front of my mouth. Seeing her intimate area completely exposed caused my groin to stir.

I totally didn't realize how much of an effect Steph was having on me.

Nudity wasn't that uncommon in our house growing up. Mom and Dad were pretty liberal and on nice days around the house it was pretty much clothing optional.

I guess I had forgotten after being away at college for a few years, I thought to myself.

I peered over again and as she slid her hand under the edge of shirt and onto her tummy.

"I wonder if he's uncircumcised too." She said.

Did she really just say that and how does she know. You just don't really see that, at least not with boys my age. Pretty much all of the guys are cut nowadays. I murmured as her hand slowly dipped under her waist next. My father was old school and believed circumcision damaged the penis and prevented natural growth.

Just then she stepped into her black thong and jogging shorts and went for the door suddenly. This caught me off guard.

"Oh fuck!" I said as I popped back down the hall to the front door.

"Ready!," she said as she appeared again in front of me.

I narrowly just made it in time.

Next, we grabbed our running shoes and we both bent down to lace up our runners. I could feel her hand on my lower back to brace herself. It gave me a tingle. Then we stood up and she opened the door and we walked out together.

We were just doing an easy 10k today, a light jog really so she could catch up. I was behind a few steps at first and then caught up in the next block.

"Wow, those shorts look amazing on you Steph." I said with my eyes glued to her bottom..

"Thanks!" she responded, "I'm finally running outside instead of on the treadmill in front of the window. So I decided to get some new outfits and underfits for working out, lol."

"Well the combination looks great Steph." I said with a smile.

As we ran beside each other she started to develop the habit of looking down below my waist. She could definitely see I was hanging pretty free and "it" was pretty much bouncing back and forth with every stride I took.

I decided to focus on my technique instead.

The kilometres melted away and I felt great the whole time. As we rounded the last corner for home, I was two steps behind again.

"I guess beauty wins over age in the end, lol," she said looking back at me.

This year I celebrated my 24th but beauty ruled the day. We stopped for a moment at the front door, she opened it and we both went in.

Both sweaty but doing well, we caught our breath and she turned to give me a big hug, it felt great.

The house was still and dad wasn't home yet from therapy.

"We just redid the bathroom in the master if you want to check out the shower in there!" She said while lowering her eyes to my groin.

Her grey top had turned to dark grey in spots from all of the sweat and was showing a precarious outline of her breasts at this point.

"Awesome, ok I'll be back in a bit" I exclaimed, then grabbed my bag and walked down the hallway to the master.

Turning into the room then to the en suite, there it was. All new, a huge shower area, all glassed in.

"I love the rain shower head!" I called back to her with enthusiasm.

"This is incredible Steph!"

Placing my gym bag on the counter beside the sink, I stepped over to the shower and leaned in past the glass shower door and turned on the water. I pulled back just before the water flowed from the rain head. It missed me by a hair.

"Well, time to get down to business," I thought as I leaned down and took my socks off and faced the mirror, then lifted my tank top over my head.

Next I slid my thumbs under my waistband and pulled down boxer briefs and running shorts. They were a really light material and fit great. Everything made a pile on the floor.

I could start to feel the humid air from the shower on my exposed skin.

"Down boy!" I said as I covered my dick with my hand, thinking about her nipples and bare ass made me slowly become hard.

With a big smile, I turned around and walked into the shower and swung the door closed behind me.

"That rain head is amazing!" I thought as I grabbed my dad's body wash and started to lather up.

I began washing my hair next and I noticed how much room I had.

"OMG, you could fit a lot of people in here," saying to myself.

Then I got back to the task at hand and closed my eyes, starting to rinse under the shower head.

A few seconds pass, and then a loud "Whooosh" sound echoed through the bathroom, it startled m6. I slowly opened my eyes to take a look.

"Steph?" I said as I halfheartedly tried to cover up, embarrassed and blushing.

"What are you doing?" I said with a puzzled look..

I couldn't hear her response, but she pointed at the shower door and gave me a thumbs up.

I really didn't know what he meant, but then she pulled her shirt over her head and kicked off her shorts and thong and began walking closer.

"Oh boy, she's joining me," I thought, "What do I do?"

A million thoughts ran through my head.

"I guess it's been a few years since we as a family were naked around each other and Steph wasn't part of the family, also it never involved a shower together before. Well, here goes nothing I guess," I said while letting my hands drop to my sides and making room for her to enter.

Perhaps the light was better in the bathroom than before in the hall, but I looked down and noticed she was shaved smooth and her tits were definitely larger in this light.

She seemed to ponder while looking down at me, watching my manhood stiffen. When a uncircumcised guy is hard, the foreskin moves down over the head.

With that, she opened the door and joined me. She caught me looking, or rather, staring and I smiled at her knowingly embarrassed.

She reached around my side and grabbed the body wash while saying, "Amazing run, hey Jake?"


"It was the perfect day," she responded.

"It'll have to be our Thursday day morning tradition now," she said smiling up at me. "Hey sweetie, could you get my back?" She said as she handed me the body wash and turned around.

"Ok sure, how much do you want me to do?" I said as I squeezed a bit too much soap out onto my hand.

"All of it!" She said with a smile, 'I don't know, how do you shower?"

She laughed and I started spreading around the body wash. Reaching the top of her bum, the body wash kept trailing down over her cheeks and down her legs so I followed it with my hands. Her bum was very firm and I probably kept them there a little longer than necessary..

Next, I slid my hands back to the top of her shoulders and she slowly turned around to face me..

"Oh, the foreskin does slide down to show the head when a guy becomes hard," she said to my amazement, "Omg, you are rock hard, I mean erect, I mean..." her mind was seemed to be racing.

She took a breath and tried to play it cool.

She was looking up at the shower head rinsing and probably hoped I didn't notice.

I continued spreading the body wash around and down her front now. This however has done nothing to help my (situation). She's about a foot away from me but she was meeting me well over half way.


"You must be eight inches? More maybe?" She said in a sultry voice, while looking down, the tip of her tongue was beginning to touch her bottom lip.

"Usually 9 when I am overly aroused."I responded.

Given our height difference my penis was pointing right at her waist line, below her belly button. She held up her arm for comparison.

"Jake you are thicker than my wrist."

I opened my eyes and looked down "Oh shit, sorry Steph!" I said while reaching down and grasping my shaft to point it down.

"No worries, it's natural Jake," she said while biting her lip.

I smiled looking down at her and released my penis. It popped right back to where it was before. However this time, the tip landed on her skin just below her waist and then began sliding around as the two moved. It left a little trail behind.

"In case you were wondering Steph, l usually shave," I said as we both looked down. "I have to admit though, male anatomy isn't the easiest to shave around."

"I guess it would be tricky wouldn't it?" she responded, as she looked up at me and letting the tip of his penis touch her tummy again. "Girl parts are pretty easy, it's just kind of one long stroke with a razor and the hair is all gone," she said as she lowered her hand between her legs and back up, obviously brushing my penis along her arm on the way past.

"If it's that easy Steph, then I'd say you missed a spot!" I said while placing a hand on her lower tummy, slowly moving downward.

"Haha," she responded, "that's on purpose, it's called a landing strip."

My fingers stopped just above her lips to brush over the course line of hair.

Then taking my penis in my hand and moved it side to side and said, "I don't know where a landing strip would go on a guy, do you?"

She moved towards me and pressed her fingers into the skin just above the base of his penis, "it would go right there," she said looking up at me.

"You know your new outfit looked amazing today!", I said while putting my hand on her shoulder.

"Oh, what part looked the best?" she responded, playing innocent..

"Well I would have to say your shorts because I was behind you for most of the run.

"I bought them because they usually help to hide panty lines," she said while turning her hips and showing her cheek to me, "but apparently not this time!"

"Oh, some of the body wash got on your chest Steph, let me get that," I said while placing my hand on her upper chest and slowly down across her nipple and back up again.

She noticed my penis had collected a good amount of body wash as well.

"Oh let me get that for you too," she said while slowly lowering herself down to her knees.

Her hands came to rest on my upper thighs and without saying more, she slowly brought her hands together around the base of my shaft and leaned forward. Steph started to press her tongue along the underside of my shaft and then back up to the tip. I let my hands fall to her shoulders and then across to her neck and back. This sent a wave downward and everything felt more intense for me at that moment.

"O.M.G," I said under my breath while looking down.

Steph had opened her lips just enough to allow my head inside and she began teasing it with her tongue.

She slid it out for a sec and said while making eye contact, "Is this ok Jake?"

"Don't stop," I whispered to her as she slid it back between her lips and began sucking again.

Every few seconds the muscles in my shaft would twitch and I was close to finishing already.

"I knew I was good, but not that good," she said withdrawing my dick for a moment.

Then she decided to swallow as much of me as possible for her. She gagged as I erupted a thick stream of my seed down her throat. She proceeded to stand up, taking my penis in her right hand and she began stroking me upwards. Next, she leaned in and began kissing slowly across his strong chest. My hands slid off her shoulders and down her back. He was cupping her bum with both hands.

"Wow you have a great ass Steph," I said while massaging her cheeks in my palms..

Suddenly, my penis shot another spurt of cum and began twitching uncontrollably to her surprise.

"Holy shit you sure can cum," she said softly while holding eye contact with me.

Steph knew to slowly continue stroking me but stepped back a little for what was happening next, stream after stream of cum appeared. One landing on her stomach and the another shooting across her groin. Several more streams continued.

"That's the most cum I've ever seen released from one person Jake".

As I caught my breath, she looked down to survey the damage.

"Wow Jake, has it been a while?" she said with a playful smirk.

She had dashes and streaks of cum across her breast and all across her tummy too. Like the body wash earlier, she slid her hand down to follow it and noticed it was running between her legs and collecting on her lips before dripping down to the floor.

"You could say that", I said with a glow on my face, "Where did you learn those moves?"

"A girl has to have her secrets Jake. Did I do ok?" she said playfully while biting her lip.

I grinned and stepped back, letting her rinse herself off in the shower. Then she closed the tap.

Both of us spent from the excitement, I then reached over and grabbed towels for both of us. We stepped out of the shower and started to dry off.

"Here you go," as she passed me the gym bag.

"Thanks Steph."

"Anytime Jake!" she responded standing naked in front of me and no longer needing to hide anything.

Then she took out a fresh pair of shorts from her closet, a top and some undies and put them on the counter. She searched for the tag on her undies next to tell front from back, then stepped into them, pulling them up in one motion.

"Those do look really great on you," I said, admiring her now in a red thong.

"Oh, you don't think it's too revealing," she said while turning her hips again showing him her bum.

"Not at all," I said with a grin. "

We finished getting dressed and hugged before leaving the room together..

"Thursday mornings it is then...or we could do a couple days a week if you are interested?" she excitedly said with a broad smile.

"Steph today was unexpected, unbelievable and totally great, but I don't know if my dad....."

Before I could finish my sentence Steph stepped closer, reached into my shorts and grabbed a handful of my manhood.

" Jake this was your father's idea, he wanted us to get to know each other. "

"I think he meant...."

Again Steph interrupted.

"Jake, he would like us to very close, your dad told me your mom was the love of his life, a free spirit and he gave me some insight to the details of you growing up and your family hardly ever wearing clothes around the house. I have lived a very similar lifestyle."

"So my dad knows what we're doing?.

"Jake we discussed a lot of outcomes, what happened today was amazing and secretly what we were hoping for."

"I love your dad with all my heart, he truly is amazing."

This was a lot to take in, my mind swirled with thoughts and as if she was reading my thoughts.

She said, "I know it's a lot and I don't want to overwhelm you but I have loved you since the first time we met. Your dad had told me so much about you, I couldn't help falling for you at first sight."

At that moment I remembered Steph still had a handful of my dick and she wasn't just holding it, she was stroking it, making it harder to focus on what she was saying.

They had told me they met on a dating website, but that's not true. They were both at a clothing optional community party. They sat next to each other at the bar and completely connected, from that day they haven't spent a day apart since.

"Ok, hmmm, I don't know what to say, we have always been nude around each other and have interacted physically like family, hugs, kisses, cuddling, but never sexual intimacy."

"I understand your concern Jake, when I said that I lived a similar lifestyle, the obvious difference is that I enjoy intimacy with people I love, male or female."

"Let me put it simply Jake, I want to be physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually close to you."


She sank to her knees engulfed my cock just as I released my second load of the day in her mouth. She swallowed a lot, but couldn't take all of it.

With a sloppy sounding pop she spit my cock out as it continued spurting a dozen more ropes of semen all over her face and chest. As the spurts relented, I looked down to see my nectar covering her down entire torso.

"Fucking Christ Jake, you are amazing."

"Same to you Steph, so how about Tuesday's and Thursdays?"

"OMG Jake, that works for me, by the way I love you."

The End

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