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The Beginning, Part 3

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Hey guys?it?s Teri again. I wanted to share another story about my early entrance into the lifestyle. The summer between my junior and senior years in high school, I spent a lot of time at my sister and brother-in-law?s house. One weekend my brother-in-law?s Uncle Paul came to stay with them after just getting out of the Navy. Brad?s dad was going to give him a job at his construction company, and he was going to get his own place as soon as he could. He was 42 years old and had spent 20 years in the Navy. He seemed like a great guy and I had already developed a strong attraction to older guys. So I did my share of flirting with Paul and he happily responded in kind.

One night Paul and I were watching TV. Everyone else had gone to the movies, but the flick they?d gone to see didn?t appeal to either of us, so we stayed home. We were sitting side by side on the sofa, and I was half leaning on Paul?s shoulder when I must have dozed off. When I woke up again my head was on his lap, and he was kind of pushing at it as he moved his hips up and down. ?You have a lump in your pants,? I said calmly, and he froze. ?It?s okay,? I told him. ?It?s not the first hard-on I?ve ever seen.?

?Do you want to see it?? he asked, sounding a little nervous. I nodded, so he pulled his zipper down and his thick, hard cock bounced into view. ?Do you want to touch it?? he said, and before I could answer he took my fingers and wrapped them around it, squeezing them and moved them slowly up and down his shaft. ?Like this,? he panted. Some clear fluid was glistening on the tip of it, and he rubbed it over my lips. ?Do you want to kiss it?? he said. I said absolutely. So I gave it a little kiss on the tip, but he wanted more. His hand was pushing at the back of my head, and his hips were pushing up, and I didn?t resist when his cock started to slide between my lips. ?Open your mouth wider,? he said, and when I did his cock hit the back of my throat, almost gagging me.

As he did this he worked my top down and started playing with my 34D tits, tugging a little at my nipples and teasing them with his fingers.

Suddenly he pulled my head away, saying ?Where in the fuck did you learn how to suck cock like that? You almost made me cum?, and the next thing I knew he was taking my clothes off. At first I said no, and he asked me why the hell I had let him get all excited if I wasn?t going to let him fuck me. I told him I was sorry, but he was really much bigger than any cock I had ever seen. I know I had fucked a lot of guys by then but he was definitely bigger than anything I had ever seen. But he promised he wouldn?t hurt me. He went and got a tube of lubrication, saying it would make it easier for me. He squirted some onto my crotch, then worked it into my pussy with his fingers. I gasped when his fingers slid into me, but it did feel good, so I said, ?Well if you?re going to fuck me you better do it right?.

He put some lube on his huge cock too, then started to slide it into me a little at a time. He?d do it for a little while, then stop and rest, then do it some more. I felt him filling me an inch at a time, stretching my tight, blonde pussy far beyond anything I had ever experienced. He pushed deeper inside me, and it began to feel really good. I asked him to fuck me harder and he started thrusting into me really hard, and when I told him I couldn?t believe how big he felt inside me, he said. ?Fuck, girl, you?re going to make me come!? Then he grunted really loud, and I felt his warm cum inside me as he shot deep into my pussy. I was a little disappointed because I didn?t finish but I was soon very pleased because he never went soft. After a few minutes to catch his breath he started thrusting into me again. He pulled out and turned me over entering me from behind. He grabbed my big tits hard and he banged my tight pussy for all he was worth. I started to cum and he shot another huge load into me.

He collapsed on top of me then, panting for a while before pulling out and rolling off me. I looked down at my pussy, which was red and swollen, then dipped my fingers in to scoop up some of his cum as it leaked out of me. My pussy and belly tingled, and I felt really drained. We both got cleaned up, and half an hour later everyone returned from the movies. Nothing else happened that night, but Paul did fuck me four more times that weekend?once in the laundry room downstairs after everyone else was asleep, once in the garage, once in the swimming in the pool, and once in the bathroom. By the time he got his own place a few weeks later, Paul had me completely hooked, and I added him to my growing list of regular fucks. Throughout my senior year, even when I had boyfriend, I?d stop by Paul?s place every week or so for some hot fucking. Paul later told me that he?d had a vasectomy because he never wanted children, so I shouldn?t worry about getting pregnant. That helped relieve my mind, and after that Paul and I fucked every chance we got. I was so horny all the time that Paul, being in his forties, could not always keep up with my desires. He would get really upset when I fucked Vincent or Coach Butch.

When I complained about this one time, Paul told me he could arrange it so I could get all the cock I wanted, and then some. That weekend Paul told me that we were going out, and to put on my sexiest outfit. I put on a miniskirt, which barley covered my ass, a sheer top and heels, purposely going without a bra and panties. When I checked myself out in the mirror, I looked so hot the juices began to flow in my pussy, and I told myself that if I did not get laid that night, I would never get laid. When I walked back into the living room where Paul was waiting for me, he let out a little moan. Then, grabbing me, he turned me around and pushed me over the back of the couch. Lifting my skirt to my waist, he pushed forward and jammed his hard cock deep into me from behind. It did not take him long, and after several hard plunges he groaned out that he was cumming and shot a huge load into me. I was rapidly approaching climax, but before I could cum he pulled out, leaving me horny and frustrated. Paul laughed and told me not to worry, because I would be getting all the orgasms I would want later on. He then hustled me out the door and into the car.

We drove for about half an hour before turning off onto a dirt road that led us into the woods. After another mile or so we finally came to a log cabin, with several cars parked in front. I was beginning to get an idea of what he had planned for me, and the thought of it got my juices flowing again. We got out of the car and Paul led me into the cabin, where I was greeted by four forty-something men, who gave out a collective yell when they saw me. ?Wow, she?s beautiful!? someone said. ?What a fucking body!?

The men who were friends of Paul?s had obviously been drinking, and had been waiting with great anticipation for us to arrive. I felt excited and apprehensive at the same time. I wanted to get fucked, but I was not too sure about being gang-banged by this wild-looking group. Paul told me to relax and handed me a shot of whiskey, which I declined. I wanted to remember everything that was about to happen to me. Paul then sat me on a couch between two of the guys, who immediately began to fondle me, rubbing their hands up my naked thighs and over my tits. Then my blouse was being unbuttoned and my firm, young tits were fully exposed. Two men then leaned in, each taking a tit, and began to suck on my nipples while sliding their hands up my thighs to my bare pussy. When their fingers reached my pussy I groaned with pleasure. What a sensational feeling, to have their hands and their mouths ravishing me at the same time. I was really getting into this now, and I squirmed and moaned as the two of them worked me over.

Then the man on my left suddenly picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. I finished undressing as all five of the guys, including Paul, quickly did the same. Then the one who had picked me up dove between my legs and began to lick and suck on my pussy, while two other men lay down and started sucking on my nipples. Within seconds I was having a tremendous orgasm. I screamed out my delight and thrust my hips up against the face between my legs. The man quickly pulled away and moved between my thighs, plunging forward as he thrust his big cock all the way to my pussy. I screamed again and my hips jumped at him as he pounded me, while the other two men continued to suck my tits. I began to cum again, and had another orgasm just as the man fucking me stiffened, and exploded deep inside me. I could feel the hot spurts of his come coating my pussy, and I collapsed and lay there gasping as the men kept at me. Finally the guy inside me withdrew and was immediately replaced by one of the others. After he came a third cock was thrust into me, and then a fourth, and while this was going on Paul crawled up to my face, stuck his cock in my mouth and came down my throat. That was round one, and as I lay there recovering the guys were already getting ready for round two.

Later on Paul told me that three of the men there that night were married, but their sex lives were lousy. Either their wives were not into sex, or they had lost their appeal by getting fat and out of shape. The fourth guy was divorced. Some of them had seen me with around with Paul, and had openly envied him. So when Paul saw how voracious I was about sex, and how I needed more than he could give me, he was happy to set me up with his friends, and vice versa. As I rested after the first go-round with the guys I was overflowing with satisfaction. Then one of the guys climbed between my thighs and began fucking me again. I relaxed and went with it, enjoying two more orgasms as the four strangers did me again. They seemingly could not get enough of my tight young pussy, even though it was now stretched somewhat and full of cum. They kept commenting about how hot and tight I was as my hungry pussy took their hard cocks.

After they had each had a second turn in my pussy, I thought they were finished for the night, but after a short rest they all wanted my young mouth, as Paul had. Although I was pretty tired, I gladly accommodated them, and I swallowed so much cum I thought I must have had a quart of it in my body. Finally the guys were exhausted, and I was so tired I was barely conscious as Paul carried me naked to the car. My blouse had been torn off, and my skirt was sponging up all the come that was flowing out of my pussy. I fell asleep as Paul drove back onto the highway, waking from time to time to the blare of a truck horn. It seems that once on the highway Paul had turned on the interior lights in order to show off my naked body to every trucker along the road. This had gotten him so horny that he?d had to pull over and fuck me yet again. I climbed onto his lap and lowered myself onto his huge cock. I rode him till he shot yet another load into me before finally collapsing. That is the last thing I remember about that night as I woke up late the next afternoon in my bed at home with no recollection of how I got there.

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