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The A story

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I'm yearning for warm summer evenings. The kind of evenings that you can go swimming late at night in a lake that has been warmed up all day by the sun. I can picture my campsite. Far away from anybody else so that the only sound you here is the crackling of wood in the campfire. After a good long swim and a few Jack and Cokes later, I'm exhausted and start to drift off to sleep in front of the fire. I'm awakened by the sound of a car driving up to my campsite. The driver steps out of her car. She tells me that she has been driving for hours and can't seem to find her friends that she was supposed to meet up with. Its late and I don't know where it is that she is looking for. She asks if I mind that she sets up camp for the night and in the morning she will try to find her friends again. I of course say no problem and offer to help her. I tell her that my name is Alex and she responds with a handshake. Thank you for helping me, I'm Allison.

I notice that although I was looking forward to some alone time I'm actually glad that she is here. She is a naturally pretty girl, made more so by her friendly disposition. Conversation flows freely between us as we get to know each other. She has a pretty smile that makes her eyes shine. I can tell I like her already.

After we get done setting up her tent I offer her a drink. We sit at the fire on a makeshift seat from a log. The evening air starts to get a bit chilly and her shorts and tank top aren't enough to keep her warm. I offer her one of my blankets and wrap it around her shoulders. We talk about all kinds of different things and she is flirtatious. I can tell that she wants to be kissed. It is sweet, soft and gentle. Her eyes still closed as if in a dream as she reaches for my hand on my leg. I kiss her again, my other hand now holding her face. We are comfortable with each other and you can tell. She takes the blanket from around her shoulders and lays it down by the fire. Her body now a silhouette in front of the fire. She peels off her clothes reveals a silky matching bra and panties set. She slowly dances in front of the fire. I stand and hold her close to me as we kiss again, this time with more passion. Our hands exploring each others bodies.

We lay down on the blanket and I kiss her on her neck. A small moan escapes from her lips when I do that. Knowing that I have found a weak spot on her I expoit it. The more I nibble on her neck the more her body reacts to me. My hand slowly tracing a soft line down the side of her body, past her hip and onto her thigh. My hand moving now in between her legs. I trail my hand slowly up her thigh using my fingernails to barely touch her. Her anticipation is obvious the closer I get to her pussy. I get ever so close to touching her, close enough that I can feel heat coming off of her. I continue to tease her as my hand starts to go down the other thigh. My lips on her neck still driving her crazy, sounds of "please" are now obvious. I too want to touch her now so I move up and through her panties feel how swollen she has become. It drives me crazy to feel her that aroused. My hand rubbing against her pussy with only the soft material of her panties between her wetness and my hand. Her hips rising up to meet my hand and grind against it. Niether of us wanting to stop the momentum, I know stopping to take off her panties is a waste of time. I move them to the side and my hand touches her bare flesh now. She gasps and her hips writh against my fingers. Her moans loud and her body barely able to stay on the blanket. I move my fingers in her and she becomes louder and louder. She is quickly approaching climax and like a wave cascading against a reef she goes over the edge. I can feel the tension of her orgasm ebbing from her body. Her breathing causing her chest to rise and fall still in rhythm with my fingers in her. As I start to move down her neck and kiss her breast her excitement starts to rise again. Sweet wet kisses trailing down her body as my lips get closer and closer to her awaiting pussy. I can already feel my mouth start to water. She tastes so sweet. My tounge slowly lapping up her juices from the bottom of her being to the top. Her clit is so sensitive right now. I circle it with my tongue gently at first and as I feel her orgasm building again I suck it into my mouth. That completely throws her over the edge. She holds my head to her not wanting me to stop. Her screams of passion so loud now. God I love it.

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