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This is a short story of how my day went from great.. to a tangled mess. My name is Kristine, Krissy as my husband Tom calls me. We currently reside in a beautifully wooded suburb of Vermont.

My husband is the owner of a successful tech company and I am a corporate real estate specialist. Having an expert knowledge of real estate has made it possible for us to own several income properties. This Vermont property is a recently purchased one. We purchased this particular property to live in for an extended period of time.

Commitments to work are going to keep me on the east coast for a undetermined amount of time.

I should say the day started out great. First, I slept in and second I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee on the back porch listening to the sounds of nature. I had taken a couple days off work to relax and run errands. My husband is out of the country working on a priority account.

I was not on any type of schedule and didn't have many expectations for the day, other than running some errands and some shopping for myself, treat myself to a fancy lunch and work on my sun tan by the pool. Probably take out for dinner, then Netflix and chill.

"But then It all fell apart!"

During the covid lockdown we upgraded the home with many features for our safety, mainly bacterial precautions. One of those upgrades being hand dryers. Installed in areas that would replace hand towels. After I finished my shower and toweling off, I brushed my hair and laid out an outfit for the day, plus adult toys for the late night activities.

I had seen a YouTube trick showing how to get Hollywood hair styling by using a hand dryer. I had been using this YouTube method successfully for months now, without ever realizing that it could be dangerous.

So there I was, completely nude in front of the bathroom mirror preparing for a me day. I went back to the master bedroom and stopped at the bed critiquing the outfit I had chosen.

Pausing to admire myself in the full length mirror, damn sexy for a 47 year old mother of two. A 5'7" blonde, cute as the devil. A figure that could have walked off a runway. Legs that were somehow long and deceptively strong. My tits are Firm, perfectly shaped, and more than a handful and a toned ass, thanks to yoga.

Uncoiling the towel from my long blonde hair and tossing the towel on the bed. I walked back to the master bathroom. I turned on the hand dryer and proceeded with styling my hair. Everything was fine for the first minute, but all of a sudden my hair got sucked into the intake of the dryer. Pulling my head down forcefully and banging it up against the side of it.

"AHHH MOTHER FUCKER!" I said wincing in pain.

I heard the machine make a binding noise and then go silent.


I rarely ever swear, but this was a special situation. Trying get past the initial shock. I started to comprehend what just happened and my scalp was aching in pain. I quickly realized that my hair was tightly stuck in the dryer and not coming loose. I stood there completely nude, bent over with my head pressed on the side of the hand dryer.

"OMG! wtf am I going to do?"

I panicked, then took several deep breaths and was able to calm myself. I felt around my scalp trying to figure how much of my hair had been pulled in and where the hair is located on my head.

Feeling around, it definitely was a considerable amount of hair right in the middle of my head. I stood there and contemplated what I was going to do. I tried pulling with all the strength I had, my hair only moved about an inch and did not break free.

After a half hour of pulling with as much force as I could muster. I was confident that I was not going to be able to free myself. At this point being nude, bent over with my head bound to the dryer. It was time to think of who to call.

My husband is out of town, and my son and daughter are a distance away at college. 911 is going to be my last resort, considering the current amount of clothing I have on, I didn't want a crowd. My friend from the area was my best bet, and she would laugh about this.

"Alexis call Ashley" I yelled.

I could hear Alexis dial and the phone started to ring.

"Hello" Ashley said

"Hey Ashley, I was wondering if you could come over and help me with a situation?"

"Krissy, where are you? I can barely hear you?"

"At my house In a tough situation"

"Krissy I am out of town with my daughter and won't be back until tomorrow. "

"Ok, well that sucks! thanks for answering."

"Do you want me to call someone Krissy?"

"NO, NO, Ashley I'll figure it out, thank you."

"Bye good luck!"

"Thanks, bye Ashley "

Her response was not good, and with every move my scalp ached with more pain, so I tried to stay very still. We lived at least an eighth of a mile from any other house, but my neighbor Sandy was now my best option.

"Alexis, call Sandy." I yelled

I have only met Sandy a couple times at community events. So the situation I was in, would be viewed by at most an acquaintance. After a few rings someone answered but it was not Sandy.

*Hello" a deep voice answered

It was Sandy's son. I remember him being in his mid-twenties 6'5" athletic build, Brad Pitt look a like and to say the least a popular figure of pretty much all the area women.


"Oh, ah, hello this is Kristine your neighbor, is your mother home?"

"Hello Kristine, she's out of town shopping for the day. Can I take a message?"

"Well shit, no I'll call her back, thanks, bye."

My heart sunk, I did not know what to do and I was at my wit's end, my legs were sore from standing in this position for so long. Now my only option, is to become an interesting story for the 911 rescue crew.


My situation is really embarrassing, I was upset and standing nude with my head locked to this evil hand dryer dreading the group of people coming in to save me. Then I questioned if that was my only option. I could be embarrassed in front of a group or possibly just one person.


I decided to ask Jackson, my neighbor's son to help me out of this situation.

"Alexis call Sandy."

The phone rang and within two rings, Jackson's deep voice answered."Hello, Kristine."

"Hello jackson I have emergency, and was hoping you could come help me with?"

"Yeah definitely Kristine. "

"Alright come to my house enter through the garage service door, it's unlocked and help me out of an emergency situation."

"Yes ma'am " said Jackson

He sounded a little panicked on the other end and quickly hung up. I then realized I probably shouldn't have used the word emergency. Now I was panicking, Jackson is coming to help me, and I am completely nude.

The site he's going to see is a 47-year-old naked woman stuck to a hand dryer, everything hanging out for him to see.

"Thank God I just waxed everything clean."

Now I was hoping to reposition, I slowly swiveled around so that my body was facing the door and I was able to rest my back against the wall, plus I could look at the door. My head was held tilted to the left slightly. I was able to be on my knees, with my feet under my butt.

I could cover my breasts with one arm, and my private area with the other hand. I finally got to a comfortable position facing the door. With very slow movements. I don't know how long it took to reposition and I was definitely not paying attention, because I was surprised too hear a voice say.

"Kristine" Jackson said.

Jackson was already at the door. I was completely shocked at how quickly he got here, my tits and pussy were on full display for his eyes to see. I had no time to cover anything and jerked, pulling my hair and causing myself pain.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry Jackson."

I did my best to cover myself, as I profusely apologized for the state of undress.

"Kristine it's ok, it doesn't look like you have any other options."

"Jackson I am so sorry!"

"Kristine you have nothing to apologize for, how can I help?"

"Can I get you a robe?"

"Yes, it's in the bedroom closet."

"NOOO!" I said a little to loudly

"I'm fine, we are adults and I've already shown you everything.

let's just get me loose from this evil machine."

I didn't want any more embarrassment,

if Jackson entered the master bedroom he would have seen my toys- dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, dirty clothes, used wax strips and the closet door is open revealing much more. I hope to have some dignity after this.

I explained to him how my hair got stuck, He came closer and soon he was towering over me, looking down, he put his hand around my hair and tried pulling it, he gave it two or three really tough pulls and said that it's was not releasing my hair.

"I have to disassemble it to get your hair out Kristine."

We talked about other scenarios, also I asked how much hair was caught, and where it's located on my head. He informed me it was a lot of hair, and it's in the very middle of my head.

"Your hairstyle would be a short bob if we have to cut it."

"So what would you like to do Kristine?"

"Let's try disassembling it first and please call me Krissy, we're definitely past being strangers."

We agreed that if that didn't work he would have to cut the hair off. My legs were numb and my knees were sore. Jackson sensed my discomfort.

"Do you have a stool Krissy?"

"Yes, in the kitchen."

"I'll be right back."

It felt like hours, but was probably less than a minute, when he came back.

He had the footstool from the kitchen and a couch pillow for me to sit on while he disassembled the dryer.

"You're going to have to get more comfortable, it's gonna take me a bit of time to get this apart Krissy."

I had to reposition myself so Jackson could place the stool, that meant uncovering myself. I quickly decided to get it over with and slowly got back into a bent over position, with my head stuck to the side of the hand dryer. I could sense Jackson studying every inch of my body, as I slowly maneuvered up onto my feet once again.

"I'm sorry Jackson."

"Krissy you are absolutely beautiful and from my perspective you have nothing to apologize for."

"Thanks Jackson you just made my day."

Jackson placed the footstool slightly to the side and below the hand dryer and I slowly rotated back into a sitting position, placing my bottom onto the stool. I was able to stretch my legs as soon as I sat down, all the while giving Jackson an unobstructed view of me fully exposed. I stretched my legs, pussy completely exposed and it felt good to have blood flowing through my legs again.

"I'll be right back." said Jackson again

Then he turned and quickly darted out of the bathroom. I wasn't sure what he was doing, until he returned with a blanket from the couch to cover me up.

"You are a true gentleman Jackson, thank you."

I smiled and laughed unexpectedly as I halfheartedly covered my legs. Jackson had a confused look on his face.

"let's get to work trying to free me, ok."

"Thank you for coming to the rescue me."

"Krissy if I had known a beautiful naked woman was waiting for me to rescue her I would have ran faster."

Every part of my body was tingling with arousal. He was blatantly flirting with a woman twice his age.

"Where can I find some tools Krissy?"

"There should be a tool box in the garage."

he nodded and went to retrieve them. While he was gone I put the blanket behind me, giving me a barrier from the cold wall. More importantly I was enjoying the flirtation between us and was excited that such a young, attractive stud made me tingle with arousal. Just a few moments later, he came back with my husband's small toolbox from the garage and started the task of dismantling this wicked machine.

He stood directly in front of me with a screwdriver in hand, removing the screws from the cover of the hand dryer, one by one. I could hear them come out and I wondered how many damn screws are in this thing, as I sat on my stool. My everything hanging out, my legs spread and stretched out. Then my eyes noticed what was directly in front of me. I was looking at Jackson's waist and below that waist, a young man's bulging manhood.

During the moments when Jackson arrived, I had not observed what he was wearing. Jackson was wearing loose basketball shorts, and a tight tee. He probably was relaxing or getting ready to work out before my cry for help. He was breathing heavily when he arrived. More than likely because he ran to my house, but now this towering hunk of a young man, and his bulging cock were inches from my face. As the seconds went by I could hear Jackson making progress, all while I stared directly at a growing man hood in his shorts.

Jackson was completely aroused by this whole situation. Slowly but surely his shorts poked farther out, and crept closer to my face. I was now breathing heavily, realizing my own arousal racing through my body full force. I could feel my slit start to gush. Jackson seemed to be reacting exactly how any young man would seeing a naked woman.

"Is there another bathroom Krissy?"

"Yes, the guest bathroom is at the end of the hallway."

He excused himself and I heard his footsteps trail off down the hallway to the guest bathroom. I heard water running and some noises that were familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The noise I was hearing, sounded to be a young man masturbating.

Was Jackson relieving himself? So he could continue to rescue me. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. After a minute or two, I heard more familiar noises, and then a slight groan. I was absolutely certain of what he was doing. I could hear the water shut off and the toilet flush. Within a minute, he was back in the master bathroom, working on dismantling the hand dryer.

When he arrived, he was completely flush red in the face and breathing heavily with no bulging man hood. My suspicions were absolutely accurate.

"Do you feel better now?"

"Yes thank you, I feel much better."

He started to diligently work on the dismantle, the whole scene felt like hours, but Jackson probably had only been in my house for 20 to 25 minutes. My stare was focused straight in front of me, at what I was imagining was an absolutely magnificent cock, all while my heightened arousal had my pussy soaked thinking about it. I peeked up to see how he was doing, and our eyes locked. With a slight smile, I looked back down, knowing I'd been caught red handed (staring).

I unapologetically stared straight forward. Within a minute, this young man who just masturbated in my guest bathroom, started to grow again, this time his growth was quicker and more defined. It's unbelievable how fast young men recuperate. I tore my gaze away from this young studs cock, which now seemed only millimeters away from my face, to peer upwards. Jackson met my eyes again and gave me a broad smile. My body was completely electrified with arousal, my heart was racing, and I knew exactly what Jackson needed.

"Excuse me Krissy I need to...."

"Jackson, I know what you need. if it's ok with you I want to help you."

Before he could step back, I put my hands on his waist. then I slowly hooked my fingers into his waistband, I peered up at him.

"Jackson you need relief, I can give it to you, let me milk your cock."

"Krissy, I want that more than anything."

"God Jackson, I want to feel your cock in my mouth!"

With my fingers secured into Jackson's waistband, I pulled the shorts all the way down, his 8 inch, thick cock sprung free, at full mast, directly in front of my face. I placed my hand on his hard cock and slowly stroked it, while bringing my other hand slowly up his thigh and cupped his balls. He was still just a millimeter in front of my face. I was unable to move my stuck head, but I pulled him forward until all of his magnificent cock was in my mouth.

"Fuck..oh, fuck! That's incredible. Don't stop. Suck it harder, Krissy."

My pussy was pulsating to the beat of my heart, and now dripping onto the pillow. I pulled Jackson farther forward and fully engulfed him deeper. I placed my hands on both his ass cheeks and dug my nails in, pulling him forcibly into my face, his monster cock was completely down my throat. I sucked as hard as I could, twirling my tongue along the entire shaft. Jackson put his hands on the wall and started rhythmically fucking my face.

"Ahh Krissy I'm going to.."

I sucked hard and dug my fingernails into his ass, I felt him stiffen, his cock was engorged with blood pulsating in my throat. My were nipples hard as diamonds and my pussy was gushing. Jackson thrusted once more and sent spurts of cum shooting down my throat.

"Oh Jesus Krissy, Hmmm, oooh, don't stop!"

I held him tight to my face as his throbbing monster was spewing the last of it's seed down my throat. Jackson slowly withdrew, letting his monster cock pop out of my mouth. Suddenly a noise pulled both of us out our euphoric trance. Someone was clapping in the doorway.

"I am absolutely impressed and that was one of the hottest things I've ever witnessed." a female voice annouced.

Jackson turned his head and stepped to the side, so I could see who was clapping. It was a beautiful blonde that looked to be Jackson's age. My eyes grew big and my face probably looked mortified. Jackson stood next to me his massive cock still at half mast almost touching my face.

"Krissy this is my girlfriend Victoria."

Victoria was every man's fantasy, 5'10" long blonde hair, D cup breasts, small waist and a beautiful face. Victoria stepped into the bathroom a few steps.

"it's a pleasure to meet you Krissy."

Finally after the shock of the situation dwindled.

I said "it's nice to meet you Victoria."

Victoria then looked directly at Jackson's cock, it was leaking small droplets of cum onto the top of my breast.

Her gaze then went lower to my pussy, that had a puddle of liquid underneath it and was still dribbling. She gave us both a wicked smile.

"Jackson I thought your phone location was wrong, but I see it seems to be perfectly accurate."

"Victoria I am so sorry" I said, trying to apologize for what she might have seen.

"Krissy there's no need for apologies."

"I love sucking his cock and I am thoroughly impressed, it usually takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get that monster some relief, and you did it in less then five. "

She laughed and asked Jackson.

"So Jackson what do we have here?"

"I came to rescue a damsel in distress."

He went through the details of what had transpired so far.

Victoria looked over the situation and asked if he was close to having it apart.

" Just a couple more minutes and she will be free."

Jackson bent down to pull up his shorts.

"NO, I like them right where they are, now get back to work big boy.* Victoria said

He moved in front of me, his cock still at half mast, nearly touching my face. A moment later, Victoria took hold of Jackson's hips and slowly push him forward. Obediently I engulfed his cock under Victoria's direction. I went back to slowly sucking her boyfriend for a second time, while she intently watched what I was doing.

I could see that she was enjoying the show, then she disappeared directly behind Jackson, and I had no sight of her. I jumped when a hand touched my thigh, it made Jackson peer down, only to see me looking up. He smiled as I felt another hand on the other thigh slowly pushing my legs apart on the stool.

Victoria's hands slowly traced up my thighs to my pussy, she continued tracing her finger tips, making circles outside of my pussy, then her finger slowly made its way into my soaked cunt, running it up and down my entire slit and then she plunged it inside me.

"Aww Krissy you are so fucking wet."

I couldn't help but have a micro orgasm and I could feel my muscles grip her. She moved her face next to mine and kissed my neck. I froze for a second or three but then continued sucking Jackson. She moved Jackson's leg over and gave herself more access to me. She was so gentle and my pussy felt hot. She moved her other hand to my breasts, suckling on my nipples. I sat there taking in this feeling, a feeling from a woman who obviously swings both ways.

Her hand now working my vulva and clit with an expertise that only a woman would have. After all, she has the owner's manual. I was really worked up and I pushed Jackson away from me dislodging his dick from my mouth.


"Yes ma'am, it would be my pleasure Krissy."

She had me writhing in pleasure in record time. My cunt now pulsing and my thighs were involuntarily squeezing together against her hand. I held my head back as my hands pulled her hand hard into my cunt. I climbed to levels I had not reached before and exploded into a mind numbing climax.


What Victoria was doing was so intense, that it had me feeling faint and I loved it. She raised her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean.

"I love the taste of your pussy, it's addictive." Victoria said with a big grin on her face.

I apologized for the amount of my juices that covered her.

"I will not accept an apology for one of the best sexual experiences I ever had Krissy."

She sat next to me. Breathing heavy. Jackson and Victoria have brought a whole new dynamic to my life in Vermont. Opening new possibilities and pleasure. I still had Jackson's cock next to my face. I grabbed both his ass cheeks and pulled him towards me and completely engulfed it. All of a sudden, a tool dropped and Jackson ripped the remaining parts of the hair dryer apart, simultaneously he withdrew his cock from my mouth.

"YAY" Victoria said.

"Thank God." I said

I was free, well somewhat free, some hair was still entwined in the motor of the machine, but at least I could stand up and walk away from the retched machine. For the first time in at least an hour, I was able to walk into the master bedroom. After the events that just transpired between the three of us, I was no longer embarrassed about my intimate sexual items spread around room.

As we entered the room their eyes bugged out, I watched as Victoria seemed to take mental notes of everything on the bed. She casually strolled over to the bed and moved each item to the nightstand next to the bed. She lingered on couple toys definitely liking what she was holding, One toy she admired the longest, it was a Pink and white fox tail butt plug. I have three sizes, Victoria chose the largest 3 inch diameter, heart shaped plug.

"Krissy you are amazing, I can't even find the words to describe how hot you are."

"Thank you Victoria, that's only part of my collection. The rest is stowed away in the closet."

I laid down on the bed. Jackson laid the motor next to me and Victoria instructed him to let her handle it. She sat on the bed beside me and started to untangle the remaining hair from the flaps of the motor. She was making good progress.

"Krissy do you have any chop sticks or skewers?"

"Yes, in the kitchen, the drawer next to the sink."

Then she excused herself to go find some utensils to help. Jackson sat on the edge of the bed waiting, he was fully erect watching my chest raise and lower with each breath. Victoria returned with utensils, and she was no longer wearing any clothes. This stunning blonde was walking towards me like she was on a run way, I found myself watching her tits bounce and hips swaying in slow motion.

Her large, rounded tits and perfect nipples as enticing as I'd ever seen. I slowly scanned her and I was transfixed on her glistening, damp, bald, swollen labia, her horny pussy was mine to admire. My eyes were filled with her lusty vulva, her small tongue of wet inner lips protruding, her swollen and exposed clit, absolutely a knockout.

She sat beside me dangling her large D cup breasts just above my face as she went back to untangling the remnants of my hair, nonchalantly... like she wasn't completely nude with her breasts delectably dangling above me. Casually she moved from sitting to the of side me, to sliding a leg over my torso, her thighs were melting into me and now her knees clinched my sides making me her prisoner.

Her creamy large breasts and erect nipples hug even closer to my face. As she untangled my hair they deliciously giggled tempting me to suck them. Then extended my tongue flicking out at her nipple. She took a breath in quickly, surprised by my warm wet tongue. I slid my tongue around one nipple, circling it, not quite touching it. A low moan escaped her lips as my tongue finally slides over your nipple. Her hips began to wiggle as my hands then moved to her breasts. Massaging them. Caressing them. Squeezing then releasing them. My tongue flickering from one to the other, both her nipples were hard and sensitive. I ran my tongue down between her breasts and then pushed them together. I slid them against each other, the nipples bumping against one another. I slid my tongue over both nipples at once then I sucked one nipple into my mouth, hard, my tongue swirling over it, making her gasp and moan. Abruptly she pulled away from my mouth, making me groan in frustration. Victoria motioned to Jackson to step around to the other side of the bed. Jackson obediently did as he was instructed. She straightened up and sat on my pelvis, her wet pussy pressed directly on my skin. I could feel that she was soaking wet and she was making small hip movements up and down my pelvis, smearing her cream like a snail trail onto my skin.

"Alright Jackson what do think?" she asked.

"We will have to cut them." said Jackson.

"Krissy we are going to have to cut about 4 inches from the remaining hairs."

"Okay " I said breathlessly looking into her eyes.

"They can be easily blended and unnoticeable." Victoria said in a reassuring voice.

I told her scissors could be found in bathroom vanity drawer. She dismounted me by swinging her leg over my head. In doing so her appetizing creamy slit passed over my face, I don't believe I've ever seen an epic view like the one Victoria gave me. Immediately after they were off the bed, I heard some whispers, then they went to the bathroom, More whisper's, muffled voices and the water turned on.


And something louder, like suppressed yelp. I wondered what these two were planning,

"Is everything alright? Did you find the scissors."

Just then Victoria rejoined me in the room.

"Yes, I got what I needed."

She moved up the bed on all fours till her face was hovering over my gaping wet hole. What I was expecting was the touch of her tongue, but instead she got to her feet standing on the bed with her legs spread and stared down at me. I quickly noticed something between her legs. It was the pink and white fox tail. The look of shock on my face, received pouted lips and a raised eyebrow from Victoria.

"Krissy.... I hope you don't mind, I had to try it?"

she said, while wagging the fox tail. It was my turn to be impressed, it took my hole a considerable amount of time to stretch enough for that tail plug. She was able to insert in less than 5 minutes. To answer her question,

"What's mine is yours Victoria."

She pondered for a second, then asked.

"Anything Krissy?"

"YES, anything!"

The sight of her insatiable young body was affecting me in ways I've never experienced.

"Same goes for you Krissy, anything, anytime and that includes Jackson."

Then she got on all fours and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"Are you ready Krissy?"

I could feel the fox tail brush my pussy and the weight of breasts mashed against me. Jackson who had been watching us the whole time, handed her the scissors and snip just like that I was saved. She handed the motor to Jackson and he sat it on the other side of nightstand.

"Sit up" Victoria commanded

She then slowly ran her fingers through my hair a making sure all the knots were out.

While doing so, she pressed her nipples against my nipples and the wetness of her slit making my thighs damp. This young lady, knows exactly how to treat a woman. She slowly leaned forward and passionately kissed me. The kiss was lustful with a side of seduction, she pulled away slightly to put her hands on my shoulders and lay me down on the bed. She straddled me on her knees and I was a willing to do whatever she wanted.

Victoria looked at Jackson, with a you know what to do look, and she slowly bent over to meet my lips. She was on all fours kissing with a unbridled passion. I could feel Jackson climb on the bed, and I waited for my next surprise. He spun Victoria spun around and then I felt her spread my legs wide for unrestricted access. Jackson moved forward, aiming his cock at her dripping hole, directly above my face and then slowly pushed his glorious cock into her, but only a couple inches.

Victoria was still hovering between my legs, then slowly lowered her mouth to my hot wet cunt and started her assault on my willing pussy. The fox tail was an amazing sight, it was hanging over my forehead slightly tickling me. I knew exactly what she wanted, I was not going to disappoint. She was lowered her beautiful young pussy on to my waiting tongue, as her pussy slowly engulfed Jackson's cock, then with one thrust he pushed his cock balls deep into her.

"OOOOH, AAAAAH, FUCK I LOVE YOUR COCK!" Victoria screamed.

She lost it right there, her body trembled as an orgasm raced through every bit of her body. Jackson and Victoria were riding my tongue, I licked his shaft as it pleasured her delicious young pussy, lustfully licking and sucking her clit and his shaft was expediting thier orgasms. After just a few minutes her body stiffened and she gave me a several spurts of her juices.

Jackson started quickly pumping his cock in and out of her. I was in the middle of a sensory overload, my body was going through a powerful orgasm while Victoria munched my cunt. It was like heaven on Earth to me this position was unbelievable. Jackson was slamming his cock in her pussy and my body continued convulsing in orgasmic euphoria.

Victoria was huffing like a bitch in heat from what we were doing to her. It all ended with a huge grown from Jackson, as he was unleashing his load into the deepest part of her uterus. He pounded feverishly as his balls were filling her baby maker with his seed. He continued slamming hard into her through all the spurts. I thought he would soften like my husband, but he continued to be rock hard.

Victoria had a death grip on my legs as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Jackson withdrew his cock and my mouth replaced it, feverishly gobbling the best creampie I've ever had. Exhausted we all collapsed on the bed panting and breathing so heavy we couldn't talk. All of our bodies... tangled together. Victoria was the first one to move. She rolled off the bed and strolled into closet, as she came out she hiding something behind her back.

"I have to a favor to ask you Krissy?"

"Anything for you Victoria."

She revealed what was hidden, It was a black dildo with straps, retrieved from the closet, but it wasn't a strap-on to use on me. The harness was designed to fit over a woman's head. As she affixed it over my chin and mouth, She then helped me slide to the end of the bed so I was laying down with my legs dangling, she took her position over my head and lowered herself onto the dildo. while Jackson moved between my legs, hoisted them over his shoulders and sank his magnificent cock into me. I've sucked my fair share of cock during my life, but I'd never had a woman fuck herself while over my mouth. Every time she came down, my nose would brush against her pussy while her scent was imparted to my olfactory system. As she began to pick up her pace, her moans became louder and more frequent.

Jackson settled in to a slow sensual fuck, more of a lover than a fuck boy. Then Victoria stopped and spun around so my eyes were focused on her ass and she was facing my body. I grabbed the fox tail and pulled every time she lifted herself. She just laughed and continued fucking herself on my face. Slowly as she built herself up to what assumed would be a quality orgasm.

I pulled on the fox tail with added force each time she raised up, causing the butt plug too slightly pull out and extremely widen her beautiful arse, this caused Victoria to whimper loudly. Suddenly she stopped, pushed Jackson back and leaned forward bringing her mouth down to my pussy. We were basically in a 69, but she was still fucking herself instead of having me lick her. She was essentially twerking on the fake cock her tongue on my clit made up for the emptiness left from the withdrawal of Jackson's cock. Finally I was nearing the climax I'd been chasing since Jackson put his cock inside of me. I was confident Victoria was close as well. I pulled hard on the fox tail and watched as her arse stretched wide fighting the 3 inch plug as I pulled it out.

Victoria raised her head and let go with a primal howl. At the same time, she took her right hand and began rubbing it ferociously back and forth against my clit. Almost instantly my climax followed hers. I'd have to say, she came harder, but mine lasted longer in no small part to her hand continuing to rub me through my climax extending its length. When I finally did calm down, she dismounted my face and unbuckled the dildo. She then slid it into my mouth.

"Always properly clean your toys." she told me as I licked her juices off the dildo. It was delicious.

Having finally cum and cleaned my toys, I thought our time was done. But I was wrong. Instead Victoria reached into my closet of fun and pulled out a collar and leash. She then buckled the combo on my neck. Victoria told me to get on my hands and knees. While that act was submissive, the collar and leash was kinky and I was eagerly waiting to eat her pussy. It was the only thing I wanted at this moment.

I started licking her with vigor, but she told me to slow down and take my time. Victoria held the leash taut making sure I stayed on task, although there was no way I was stopping until I made her cum. All while Jackson stepped behind me and started another pleasurable assault on my sloppy slit.

Eventually my slow and steady tongue action began to make Victoria squirm and she encouraged me to speed up and also to finger her. I was happy that I could bring her pleasure. Her hips began to rotate as she got closer to her zenith. I pressed my mouth tighter on her pussy and tried not to get bucked off. Eventually she hissed that she was cumming. She grabbed my head and pulled it tighter against her sex.

I was really close to my own orgasm. As Jackson started rubbing is cock up and down my slit until I squirted. "Coming to your rescue has been a life changing experience." Victoria said.

Then she embraced me tightly, mashing our breasts together, she was gently kissing me, We all kind of passed out for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Once we started to stir, Victoria and I went to the bathroom jumped in the shower and cleaned each other up. Jackson joined us and we had fun soaping each other up and washing each other.

We stepped out of the shower, toweled off and everyone got dressed. Before they left, Victoria walked up and hugged me tightly, with a passionate kiss she asked for my phone. I obediently handed it to her, She typed in her number and Jackson's number. Then saved each of their numbers under emergency help. We said our goodbyes and they left out the front door.

Just as I shut the door and fell against it, completely exhausted with the biggest smile on my face. I heard a soft knock. I opened the door and there stood Victoria. She wanted to clarify that, she truly meant - what's hers is mine, that includes Jackson. she added.


l told her that I meant what said as well and couldn't wait for them to meet Mr Green - Tom

My bad day turned out to be the best day of my life.

The end

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